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Archangels of the Five Secret Rays      March 20, 2010

Beloved Archangels of the Five Secret Rays
David Christopher Lewis
March 20, 2010   2:01-12:16 pm CDT
Welcome the Spirit of Spring in the Heartland—
Amaryllis Sponsors a Spring Equinox Weekend
Barrington, Illinois

A Journey to the Great Central Sun

Know Your Oneness Now with the Eternal Source
Accept Alpha and Omega's Divine Presence Manifest in You

Beloved Hearts,
            Travel with us now as we journey to the Great Central Sun. See your spirit abiding within your heart, and rise up through your crystal cord to your Divine Presence. From this point of beingness, ascend beyond the atmosphere of the Earth as we gather in a circle of fire.
            As all is now set, through a cosmic portal that we have created we transport this body of heartfriends to the very living reality of the Great Central Sun, where Alpha and Omega abide. We observe the great intelling presence of this Solar reality and observe the blazing radiance of the divine aura of our Father-Mother God. Feel the patterns of perfection emanating from this Divine One, the subtle influences of that light, the Solar joy, the glowing warmth of the eternal love fires of the Almighty caressing and blessing your being.
            Know your oneness now with the eternal Source, blessed hearts. And feel the permanent connectivity between your heart and the blazing heart of Alpha and Omega. From this timeless and spaceless source of pure beingness, all that is has manifest. There is no past or future, only the Now of eternality here.
            Within Alpha and Omega is the pure joy of life, the cosmic radiance of love, the boundlessness of all that you require to sustain you forever. This beingness has always been present within the very center of the cosmic hub, endowing all with its rightful inheritance of perfection. You, blessed one, were created in this image and likeness, and it is your destiny to know this level of presence, of oneness, of beingness always.
            There is no dissimulation, no division, no dichotomy when you ascend into and become a part of this reality. The undivided nature of God is here for all to know. Indivisible, it simply is light and life for all. From this eternal essence, all of the divine qualities issue forth, and what has been called the secret rays are known, felt and accepted fully within.
            Whenever you require refreshment in God, you may come into the Presence of the Lord to again know this eternality and heightened love. All wholeness is here. Though there may be many modalities to assist you in restoring balance within your body temples, entering into this divine union with the Great Beloved affords you the most direct route to your wholeness and equanimity.
            Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.”¹ And he understood the equation of One equals One, for he had ascended in spirit to merge with this divine stream of the heart of Alpha and Omega—in his meditation and in reality. And from that point of beingness and presence, the light of the Source flowed through him to perform and accomplish miracles. It may be so for you if you accept the dimensionless experience of beingness and allow this level of light-energy to be yours, blessed hearts.
            In holy meditation upon the essence of God as light, you become that light. Through assimilation of the currents of this great flowfield of divine quintessence, you attune to the one frequency of the All. There is no shadow of turning here,² for the great fire enfolding itself casts no shadow upon life. It is omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence in its purest manifest beingness. It is beyond space, beyond time, beyond human knowing, may only be cognized from the level of your true divine nature.
            Therefore let go and accept God where you are. Accept Alpha and Omega's divine Presence manifest for you, with you, in you.
            [The Archangels of the Secret Rays chant AH, OH and MMM as an expansive AUM.]
            May the peace of the Presence be yours always. We have decreed it. Let now its seed sprout and grow within you. O flowering ones of Alpha and Omega, we thank you.

1. John 10:30.
2. James 1:17.

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