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Clare de Lis      February 17, 2010

Beloved Clare de Lis #20 of 33
David Christopher Lewis
November 30, 2009   2:22-3:13 pm MST
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast orally through the Wellspring Retreat 
February 17, 2010   8:08-8:17 am MST

Ruby Love Accelerated for the Earth and the 144,000
Entering God's Heart of Ruby Love for Your Cosmic Renewal

Beloved Heartfriends of God,
            I come to invest a specific action of the ruby ray of accelerated love into the Earth and into the hearts of the 144,000. As you know, Sanat Kumara beautifully exemplifies the true nature of selfless love, having given himself fully to the evolutions of Earth many eons ago in service through his sacrificial offering, his surrender of his home and divine station on Venus to save sentient life here. I was grateful to be able to receive his teaching on the path of the ruby ray during a key moment in my messengership. And I consider these as some of the most profound that were released through the Summit.¹
            Within these teachings are keys for your soul's progression along the path of Buddhahood. For in following the path of the ruby ray you also enter into an understanding of the ray of integration, of enlightened love as a bodhisattva. Sanat Kumara is the preeminent bodhisattva of Earth's history. For without his loving gift of Selfhood, this planet would not be in its orbit today around your own sun.
            Dear ones, embracing your Buddha nature is key to the mastery of the initiations of the ruby ray. Following the thread of Buddhic mindfulness to the heartstream of the Ancient of Days, you can investigate, intuit and interpret the inner mysteries contained therein, which are vast. Within the causal body of this Venusian leader and master are refined jewels composed of the purest love that can be known by any lifestream within this solar system. For the heartbeat of the Regent Lord of the World of Earth is fully in entrainment with the heartbeat of Helios and Vesta.
            As you are compelled higher each day to love beings, all life and the entire creation itself with a greater and purer love, you naturally come in contact with the ruby fires of the hearts of the great lovers, the celestial beings of Venus, who have perfected love as a great art and science. Yes, there is a science to love. For when you meditate on its essence and cognize its laws and repercussions, there is nothing so grand nor replete with a depth of understanding as the nature of love. You find its effects manifest in all creative acts and processes in the natural world. You see its continuing glory outpictured in the loving and life-giving rays of the sun. You begin to comprehend its mysteries in the very design of the cosmos and of the sacred fire breath of God that animates all life.
            To enter the stream of the ruby ray is to surrender to all that is even as you are fully Self-realized in God. To know its ways you need only meditate on the ever-changing divine fractal of love that is dancing and singing and continuing to co-create new spirals of life-giving essences each moment. To follow the ruby ray's dynamic meter and hear its unique timbre, you must be able to discern its fine gradations upon the crystalline, scalar staircase of holy love that ascends directly to the throne of God, who is Pure Love.
            Life is love. A life lived to fulfillment is a life lived purely for love's holy purposes. A life following the ruby ray is never bereft of the daily challenge to love on, regardless of all that comes to knock on love's door as the misdirection, misunderstanding or misappropriation of love's wisdom way. Each sacred experience you have while moving in the eternal stream of ruby love is wholly captured and recorded on the subtle filaments or akashic substance of your soul where you feel and know God and where God feels and knows you.
            To love the Eternal is to enter the heart of ruby love through the sacred door of sacrificial giving, selfless service and absolute surrender to the All by leaving aside all else but unmitigated love. Love in its undifferentiated state is born of the Cosmic Void, the center of all creative impulses. Love brought to its full fruition is embodied in the wisdom of ruby love, which is always magnanimous and Higher Self-serving.
            Volumes have been written, spoken and recorded of the expressions of love. As a Buddha being in becoming and an initiate of the ruby ray, seek to penetrate love's causal essence before it is manifest. For once you begin to fathom its pure state of divine radiance, then every active expression will come from your own beautiful ruby heart of love.
            I am Clare de Lis, ever a student of God's light to help illumine your world.

1. Sanat Kumara - On the Path of the Ruby Ray:  The Opening of the Seventh Seal by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Mark Prophet. Published by Summint University Press.


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