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Queen of Light      December 13, 2009

Beloved Queen of Light
David C. Lewis
December 13, 2009   9:30-9:48 am MST 
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through Bergvik, Sweden

                         A Crystal Chalice of Light is Raised Above Scandinavia
  Assist Me in Keeping it Raised and Glowing Bright Through Your Prayers and Songs

Gracious Children Who Would Embody Greater Light within Your Lives,
            I come to raise the earth in light. I come to accelerate consciousness and the hearts of those who through attentiveness to the Spirit have and would continue to engage the Divine in the holy alchemy of manifesting light. You know that light is the alchemical key, blessed ones. And where that light abides and is fulfilled within your work, there God is, there love lives and there I am to support you.
            On this day throughout Scandinavia and other nations, many sing to me and procession in light,¹ reveling in the joy of the spirit and the symbology of the maidens dressed in white (and one with candles upon her head)—each one carrying that candle of light symbolizing the eternal flame that blazes on behalf of all who look, not to me, but to the Lord to sustain them.
            Truly it is the flame of purity, the essential light of the ascension, that is the key to maintaining harmony, balance and a world graced by the presence of the Spirit everywhere. When you see light within yourself, when you know that light, when you feel its radiance and its powerful effects to transform, to harmonize and to raise all, then, blessed ones, you are living within the sacred realm of light of the Queen of Light who I am. For there is no darkness, no shadow of turning,² no enmity with the Divine, who is light, when you embrace that glory, that beingness where you are.
            Yes, you are fulfilled in your essence when you drink in and assimilate the light fully within your being. Every cell is sustained, every aspect of Selfhood may be divinely expressed when light is at the center of all of your spiritual practices, your meditations, your prayers and your musings upon the Divine. Light is the core of your being as the frequency of the Eternal that co-creates again and again who you are in each moment, blessed ones. Light is the saving grace that is within compassion, kindness, love and all the virtues of heaven. Light moves all unto the greatest possibilities of divine achievement, victory and the ultimate attainment of the ascension for the soul. Light itself vibrates, sings, moves through the cosmos in all realms, dimensional planes of awareness, levels of life. For without light there is nothing but the void of the uncharted, the unknown, the unexperienced. With light you are renewed, you are energized and the active principles of the Divine are ennobled within you.
            I send forth rays in all directions, in all dimensions unto those who would be free in the light this day. And a particular piercing ray meant for you, you may receive, you may ingest, you may assimilate as opportunity to increase the vibrational rate of your being, blessed hearts.
            Each one of you has a wave pattern that is your frequency. But did you know that this may not always be static or the same day by day, year by year? For the light within you may be increased and shine forth with a greater effulgence. And when this occurs by conscious choice, then you begin to merge into a higher dimensional stream of awareness where the Great Ones attest to the new awakening of the Spirit within you. And you begin to blend your energies at a new and higher level of presence, bringing greater and greater possibilities for the light to flow through you, through your heart and being.
            I now raise a chalice of light above Scandinavia that all may see and feel. And with crystal clarity it is a sign of the coming dawn of a new age of enlightenment, joy and self-transcendence. You may assist me in keeping this chalice raised, blessed hearts, ever and always. Just as the Goddess of Liberty has her torch raised on high and holds that flame for all in New York's harbor, so I will sustain this focus for Europe and for the world.
            As you continue to sing and pray daily, the light within this chalice may glow more brightly, illumining all, blessing and gracing those who are stepping up on the initiatic spiral of light to be who they are as sons and daughters of the light, as knights and ladies of the eternal flame of beingness in God. I will continue to support each and every one of you who bears that light in your individual way with grace, humility and presence. [Queen of Light chants "Luce" for thirty-seven seconds.]
            To my beloved upon earth, I send a ray of light in gratitude for your constancy with your human beloved in calling to me daily, in revering the light. And I crown you in spirit with a crystal crown, even as each one within our domain receives a ring of light that they may wear upon their right hand in honor of our joint mission to bear and to emanate light, light, light! I thank you.

1.  December 13th is Santa Lucia day in Scandinavia and in other nations. Santa Lucia was an embodiment of the Queen of Light.
2.  James 1:17

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