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Clare de Lis      December 04, 2009

Beloved Clare de Lis
David C. Lewis
December 4, 2009  8:08-8:18 MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

                                  To Remain Heartcentered Is the Aspirant's Aim
                                  The Chela's Challenge, the Devotee's Directive

Fruitful Heartfriends,
            It is imperative that you find your center and maintain the equipoise of beingness in that creative core throughout your daily life and in all your affairs. To remain heartcentered through thick and thin is the aspirant's aim, the chela's challenge, the devotee's directive. To retain the essence and light of your Presence streaming through your awareness, even as you are engaged in worldly activities, is the crux of the path.
            Not only does the state of listening grace assist you in avoiding karmic entanglements, it also allows you much greater fruitfulness in your creative endeavors. When the peace of a stable mind and the calm of controlled emotions are pooled and engendered though focus upon the divine light and its inner directives and blessings, your life may be lived with renewed joy and meaning in great God-delight.
            From this inner realm of gentle conscious awareness of the sacredness of all life, you begin to experience greater clarity, a type of crystalline vision and the ability to enter into the miraculous where amazing synchronicities occur because you are in the zone of your highest potential. Events seem to occur which bring all of heaven's graces into play. What yesterday seemed impossible is now known as highly probable because the stars of a new world, through your own super consciousness, are aligned with the polestar of your own Higher Self.
            Every true spiritual achiever was able to access the glorious intention, the eternal love fires and the divine theosophy of the Creator intermixed in a glorious array on a palette of light. From this cosmic resource the initiate was then able to co-create at a much higher level or frequency through little outer strain, but with a great degree of attunement and an attenuated focus. For many hours, days, weeks and months the true yogi may be engaged in Godly living that seems outlandishly radical to most humans, but which is the beginning of true Self-mastery and adeptship. This experience is quite the norm for every liberated being, every enlightened Buddha, every ascended master.
            You have, through all your studies, attempted in some way to rise into this level of conscious living within the subtle boundaries of heaven's domain. At times you have humbly and willingly entered this realm through a leap of faith, abandoning all preconceived notions of selfhood outside of God that have previously held you back. The rub is to be able to return to this level of presence at any time through a simple but conscious loving desire, without the stress of human willing or the anxiety of attempting to attain, achieve or demand by force what is God's great joy to offer you.
            A childlike spirit of appreciation, gratitude and laughter is one of the best catalysts for the divine doors, the precious portals to higher gnosis and illumined living, to be opened. Often it is when you are in an open-hearted, open- minded state of beingness through joy that you are able to travel on wings of light to the etheric octaves and touch the hem of the Silent Watchers who can convey increasing levels of cosmic consciousness to you as you are willing to accept and receive them.
            Dearest ones, every appearance of an ascended master through the various HeartStreams that you are graced to experience is an opportunity for your entree into the heart of their Solar Presence, the essence of their divine beauty and glory. Yet, for those who have known of these communiqués for years and decades, it is often the case that you take for granted the great light that we bring and the portal that we open to your own Higher Self through the teachings and love that we bear. You have heard how even one dictation or discourse, fully assimilated, can be the gate or the goad to your ascension. Within each message is an initiatic kernel of light, that when full internalized, will grow to create a bountiful tree of life and love with many colorful fruits which you may enjoy for years and decades to come on your path home.
            I am Clare de Lis. I have been assimilated by God because I placed his will, wisdom and love first in my life over many incarnations. And he answered each prayer with the greater opportunity to serve and to know the illimitable light of his grace and the supreme joy of his loving Presence. I invite you to witness and to experience this same divine afflatus as often as you can, as you allow your Buddha Nature to shine. I thank you.

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