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Maitreya      November 28, 2009

Beloved Lord Maitreya

David C. Lewis

November 28, 2009  11:00-11:18 MST

Paradise Valley, Montana

Broadcast through The Hearts Center of Sweden

The Science of Being as a Life-Long Study

Is the Quintessential Science of the Buddhas of Light

Fellow Travelers Along the Buddhic Pathway,

            The science of being is the most important subject that you can partake of. But truly, as you know, it is a lifelong study that expands beyond even the three-score and ten into a world transcendent beyond the veils of time and space. This science is the quintessential science of the Buddhas of light.

            And this day I invite you to enter into a more in-depth study of your own Buddha Nature. For it is a vast storehouse of divine knowledge and wisdom, that when accepted and understood will allow you a greater sense of the love of living within the joy of being.

            I am Maitreya. And it is my joy to emanate the victorious sense of the path of initiation for all those who would overcome the lesser self and abide within the greater God Self. Each Buddha is a particular manifestation of the Godhead as the essence of fully-realized wisdom whereby the light of the crown sends forth rays of illumination so that every soul may receive something of this spiritual science and be able to apply it practically in his life.

            Dear ones, that which you see represented in the Chart of Your Buddha Nature is a pictorial image, but only a very thin slice of the allness of who you are in many dimensions of being, in a multiplicity of cosmic consciousnesses through which your Solar Source emanates and streams forth the radiance of the God-ideal of who you are. There is locked within the seed identity of your holy blueprint the fullness of your Buddha Nature which is individualized as a cell within the greater cosmic All-Buddha manifestation of the Eternal One. Your particular lifestream is indicative of that which the Creator emanated as one individual ray of light. And your life, fully embraced within the totality of the Great I AM Buddha Oversoul is clearly a unique and beautiful manifestation that you are meant to fully realize through a self-observant life lived to the glory of the All-in-all, the great vibrating one who stirred the ethers to create all that is.

            This cosmic mindfulness of presence is all about you within every particle of the material universe, within every vibration of etheric substance and the energy field of illumination's flame as conscious awareness. Without free will and the ability to have movement, there is no involution or evolution, no individual representation of Buddhahood through personal beingness. Yet the Lord of all life has bestowed this opportunity for the free expression of your eternal nature in the context of your life. And therefore you have the capability to manifest consciousness, presence, life within the dimensional realm and the sacred space of your domain.

            Blessed hearts, Buddhic mindfulness carried to its fulfillment is completed within the full enlightenment, the overshining of your being by the Great Oversoul of the Spirit. Each time you enter into the Silence through stillness you can access a stream of brilliant radiance of this Buddha-ideal that can be for you the key to the ultimate God-Self realization in your life of your essence, your heartstream, your field of activity in beingness. Every Buddha has accepted this level of life lived to the fullest. And therefore you may draw upon our wisdom teachings and the stream of our cosmic consciousness as you invoke our light through mantram, through mudra, through movement within the cosmic sea of the Self as that Mother Light moves through you in a higher stream of activity that I call loving-kindness.

            Maitri, Maitri, Maitri, Maitri. O Love, do not let these, your Buddhas-in-becoming go until the blossom of the AUM within the heart has fully manifested. Buddhi, Buddhi, Buddhi, Buddhi. O luscious light of self-transcendent awareness in divine bliss, grace the minds of those who desire greater awareness through presence of their own Buddha Nature.

            Through loving-kindness and every Buddha virtue, especially patience with yourself in the process of this Self-realization, you may enter this bliss state of God-identity within the Great Silence, dearest ones. Still the mind. Still the senses. Still all that still vibrates not within the one essence at the stillpoint of being of the Eternal One. Quietude and the calm emotional body allows you to move within the Mother's heartstream to discern the Father's mindstream of beingness.

            O Buddhas five who teach the path of the quintessence of the Solar radiances of the Dhyani path and way, I support your movement, your sacred dance of the hours within Meru University. Let all know that even as the science of the Buddhas of light is fulfilled within each one's study, that I also am there smiling behind the scenes, urging each one through loving-kindness to be attentive to the ray from the heart of the Great Buddha—the Sun behind the sun of all.

            Yes, dearest ones, let your Buddha Nature emerge, let it shine forth and let the stream of your identity outside of ego be that sacred truth that you embrace this day, each one in love-wisdom with God and with the Buddha Nature within all.

[Maitreya intones the AUM for ten seconds]. It is fulfilled within the seed of your soul as Buddha.

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