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Lanello      October 24, 2009

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
October 24, 2009  10:36-10:49 local time
European Pilgrimage 2009
Vienna, Austria

Receive a New Empowerment through the Hearts of Lanello and Mother
as One in Higher Octaves

We Increase the Light of Love within Your Hearts
so You May Enter into a Higher Love

Beloved Ones,
            It is truly a new age of love, and that age begins here and now within your heart. We have chosen to engage in a new level of heart activity, initiated here in Vienna, a city where love is known in some of its highest aspects through an outpicturing of the music of the heart, the sacred waltz.
            Many legions of light now waltz around you, through you and even within you, displaying the cosmic elements of a holy love that may only be known when you live in Presence and when the Presence of God, as light, beats your heart. Within the sacred space, within the secret chamber of your hearts, where the threefold flame abides, God maintains the fiery aspect of himself as the animating principle of love.
            Where there is no love, there is no life. Where there is no light, there is no love. But this day we increase the light of love within your hearts so that you may enter into a higher love. [This love] incorporates human love within it but transcends the magnetism that you often feel within your aura (or [in] the response of love from another [or] betwixt yourself and that one who holds the dynamic of the opposite polarity) so that you may embrace the higher polarity of love between your soul and your Spirit.
            Yes, there is that "framing" of love within human relationships through understanding and [through] hearts attuned to the pulsation and vibration of coherence; but there is also, through inner understanding, a cosmic coherence—as an interplay of light between yourself and the highest aspect of your true reality, your God Presence—that harmonizes your world with true love, blessed ones. You know this love, for you feel it even in the joyous aspect of life that you have experienced in those meaningful relationships with heartfriends, spiritual co-workers and those who are on the same track as you in discerning, by the power of the Holy Spirit, the way of light and love.
            This day we open a new portal of hope, through love, to a multidimensional universe that has always been manifesting around you, but which you have not always accessed because your hearts have not been fully opened through the afflatus, the agape¹ of divine intention.
            So here in Austria we come, infusing by the power of love a new opportunity for a higher relationship [with and] a higher knowingness of God than you could have ever imagined even a few years ago, blessed ones. This gnosis is the entering into both the space of love and the timelessness thereof within your heart, bonded to the cosmic heart of Alpha and Omega, your true Source.
            As beloved Mother² has now merged with me in the higher octaves of light, there is a certain completeness that adds a new dimension of cosmic experience to our joint awareness of God as love. And this we will express again and again unto our disciples and initiates upon earth through the ever-present cosmic consciousness of our beingness within the heart of God. Yes, we are here for you to experience God and our own knowingness of the Divine—raising you up and setting you free in new spirals of [light.] [You may live] within the frequencies of adeptship and ascended master consciousness as you study, as you attend to the things of the Spirit, as you ennoble your lives and the lives of others through gracious works, through a holy attitude, through a gentle spirit of blessedness, peace and purity.
            When you call upon my magnanimous heart from this day forward, you will also feel a greater bonding with us because of the added momentum of the heart of the Mother, one with my heart. Truly, the Buddha Mother has ascended, and in all of her divine glory, one with the Mothers of heaven, she expresses so genuinely, so beautifully the creative spirit of the feminine principle of God, both in Mater and now within the realms of Spirit.
            Through our hearts as one, we will empower you day by day with the qualities of the cosmic heart of God, with opportunities for greater givingness, greater understanding and the peace of the Presence, which may flow through you to all life upon earth. Yes, you are the instruments of love when you embrace your Buddha nature, your Mother nature through genuine joy, through the violet frequencies of freedom, [which] lead you to the eternal within and the supernal without.
            When my own Elizabeth, your Mother, ascended, the blessed Lady Kristine was at my side to receive her, as her truest and dearest friend among the ladies of heaven, unto the cosmic octaves of light. So I introduce her now unto you, blessed ones, so that you may know the grace that she bears, the eternal oneness that she shares and that through a heart one with Mother, she also cares for each of you hour by hour, moment by moment each day.
            So, beloved Lady Kristine, speak to these, our own, as you have spoken to many who listen intently to the Lady of Avila, whose wise heart has instructed many in the ways of true love.³

1. Agape is one of the Greek words translated into English as love, one which became particularly appropriated in Christian theology as the love of God or Christ for mankind. In the New Testament, [it refers to] the fatherly love of God for humans, as well as the human reciprocal love for God; the term necessarily extends to the love of one's fellow man. Many have thought that this word represents divine, unconditional, self-sacrificing, active, volitional, and thoughtful love. (From

2. Mother refers to Elizabeth Clare Prophet, wife of Mark L. Prophet (Lanello) who made her transition on October 15, 2009 and her ascension, as announced by Beloved Saint Germain, two days later at 7 am MDT on October 17, 2009, one week before this HeartStream by Beloved Lanello.

3. The Ascended Lady Master Kristine was embodied as Teresa of Avila in sixteenth-century Spain. A Christian mystic, she once said, “It is love alone that gives worth to all things.”
In her last embodiment, as Florence Jeannette Miller, she served on the staff of the messengers of The Summit Lighthouse as the head of the publishing department. She made her ascension on September 20, 1979.

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