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David Lewis      September 18, 2009

David C. Lewis Discourse
September 18, 2009   8:08-8:30 am  MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Boom-and-Bloom Concept of Light
Making Room for the Holy Spirit to Dwell within Us

           Good morning, everyone. Today I would like to speak on the subject of the impending boom and bloom rather than the impending doom and gloom. Years ago in another activity we had classes in what's called PMA, positive mental attitude. Today we can choose to move into a field of God-belief, of completely accepting the positivity of perfectionment, beauty, divine glory, radiance, joy.
            When we replace within ourselves every cell that is dying with a new divine solar cellular structure of bliss, of sunlight, of energy and a frequency of boom and bloom, we make room for the Holy Spirit to dwell within us and we set up the flowfield whereby miracles, victories and our divine alchemies may more easily and readily manifest.
            In our personal psychological work on ourselves, we may consider what those elements of our subconscious, [what those] blocks within us are that at times allow us to live in the sense of doom and gloom, of impending evil, rather than aliveness. Evil turned around is live. We can live in God in order to avoid the pitfall of living within the dualistic concepts of good and evil, which keep us bound to duality and mortality.
            So, each day we can consider whether we desire to live in light with a smile on our face, with an attitude of gratitude and positronic love or whether we desire something lesser than that. The ascended masters have decided to live in God, and therefore they embrace the highest level of presence and beingness and an energy field of divine glamourfor they are not enamored in the human, but the divine radiance is all about them. Their auras are charged with the living essence of cosmic light-energy. This is what we may embrace as aspiring adepts, ascended masters in the making. Our prayer sessions enliven us and we enter into the flowfield with each other when we participate in a group action of this dynamism of such transcendence that it buoys us up day by day in order to accomplish the will, wisdom and love of God, our divine plan, our personal and our collective mission as lightbearers, light workers, light sharers.
            There are many movements of light across the Earth, and there are disciplined ones in many religious persuasions. What is it about this Hearts Center movement that makes us unique and allows us a certain divine effulgence that the ascended masters bring to our outer consciousness and awareness, that is the reason why we continue doing what we're doing? What is it about this particular ascended master movement that has meaning for us? You can all answer that yourselves. For me it is the camaraderie of spiritual fellowship in community. It is the sharing that we engage in together whereby each one's gifts, talents and offerings are acceptable in the eyes of each other, in the eyes of God, the God Self within us, and we embrace one another in a sense of brotherly holiness and a frequency of acceptance whereby the God within each one is worthy. We enjoy the company of one another. We seek out the higher learning of Meru University and of our conferences and seminars.
           We no longer beat our chests before receiving Communion and say, “Lord, I am not worthy to receive you. Speak but the words and my soul shall be healed.” Well, our souls are already whole. The real I AM within us is manifesting that glory of God always. And until and unless we accept it and believe in ourselves as sons and daughters of God, we will not manifest that worthy consciousness that aligns us with holy purpose, that gives us a sense of co-measurement with the ascended masters that we are able to ascend and to dwell within that divine glory and radiance.
            When we are in this attitude of gratitude and positivity, the Holy Spirit is there for us and moves through us, lives through us, has its being through us. And everything that we do is energized by that light radiance, that joy, that perspective that God holds for us [and] which we [now] embrace and hold for ourselves, which is that we are co-creators, sons and daughters of the Most High. And we leave off of the dust of the notself, the destiny of ignominy, and we embrace the destiny of nobleness and of complete presence.
            There are many who continuously embrace the doom-and-gloom frame of reference that the world is caving in upon them, that such and such will occur which will destroy the world or bring people to their knees. Is this where we [really] desire to live? We may choose to ask ourselves. Or do we desire to live in the light, as the light, fully embracing and emanating that light?
            I, for one, desire to live in the presence of complete joy. I, for one, with the ascended masters, desire to emanate the highest frequency that I can as a solar being in the becoming. I, for one, desire to accept the manifestation of God where I am, and I desire to embrace it twenty-four hours a day. I desire to live it. I desire to be it. And I don't desire anything to take me away from that positive mental attitude, emotional attitude, physical attitude and the etheric matrix that all is well, that all will be fulfilled. And I hold in the frequency of my four lower bodies the absolute conviction that God is manifesting miracles of light where I am. And therefore I draw to myself, I magnetize to myself the highest outcome, the highest representation that I can manifest of light, of joy, of my divine plan. And I encourage, in the I AM spirit, in the collective spirit of the I AM, that each and every heartfriend do likewise and put aside those hours and minutes and seconds of accepting something less than the boom-and-bloom concept of light, where you consider the worst outcomes, etc.
            There are pragmatists who live a life of simplicity and of presence. But then there are those who are the realists, from the human sense, who draw to themselves their own prophetic pronunciations, and then they come upon them because this is what they believe, this is what they hold real within their mind, within their aura. We create our reality. We know this. Our consciousness is prophetic of what we will outpicture based on our attitude. And so, if we desire greater abundance, no longer utilize words that draw or magnetize to us lack, want, something less than what we deserve as sons and daughters of the Most High.
             There have been many sermons uttered, lectures given, talks pronounced [by many spiritual leaders] that are in this vein, and yet because of the dust that is settling upon us of our karma and of planetary darkness, at times we accept this level of egocentric living rather than moving higher and continuously aspiring to manifest the grace, the blessedness and the wonderment of that Holy Spirit in our lives. And so we must be reminded, and the ascended masters come again and again to reinvigorate us, to reempower us with their light and their frequencies of solar joy. It's simply the dynamic of the Kali Yuga and of this age that we must have this fiery presence of their light-energy to goad us higher. Otherwise we would sink again and again into that mortal state.
            And so this is why this movement was initiated, sponsored and manifest[ed]. It is a movement of encouragement, of initiation, of empowerment of every heartfriend to do our best, to glorify God in all of our work. Putting God first in our lives sets up the cosmo-magnetic frequency whereby all that we require is instantly at our fingertips to employ, to utilize in our sacred work with each other. We have teams, and in a team spirit we work together in community to accomplish the ascended masters' vision, mission, goals, objectives that they inspire upon our leadership and upon each and every one of us. And when we engage in this team spirit that wraps itself around our minds, we enter into an ascended-master alliance, a master-mindfulness and heart-mindfulness alliance that moves us into this field of all possibility to occur.
            This is living in the miracle state of beingness. When we embrace this level, this frequency of light, one by one and together as a team we move forward the plans, the dynamic activity of the ascended masters upon Earth. Some have asked, “What is our particular voice within this movement? What is it that we stand for?” We stand for God. We stand for the God within each and every one of us. We stand for the highest outcome for the Earth—a golden-crystal age. And if you desire to review what our vision is, look at our Declaration of Spiritual Freedom again and again and remind yourself of why it is that we gather together during these sessions, why it is that we have come to Earth, why it is that each and every one of us is called to be God and to be our highest day by day.
            Yes, the ascended masters have brought to our outer awareness various teachings through the Anastasia books, the Ringing Cedars book series, through the Master Omraam
Mikhaël Aïvanhov and the previous activities whose teaching we have studied. But these are simply tools for us, each and every one, to be in presence, to live our divine plan, to fulfill our mission and to enter into the community of God-believers who accept the highest and most glorious outcomes for the Earth, for ourselves and for all life.
            We are a positive movement. And in a great swelling of a wave of divine energy and light, we ride the tide that the ascended masters create as this movement and frequency of cosmic energy. The ascended masters are accelerating and calling us higher as adepts—no longer simply to make our ascension at the close of the embodiment but to ascend daily and to live in presence at a level of vibration that is becoming of those who are moving into the Aquarian love fires, the love-wisdom fires of the new age.
            What are these frequencies? They are the frequencies of heart-mindfulness. They are the frequencies of the raised kundalini and an understanding of the Divine Mother and of the feminine principle of God, of solar awareness, of higher consciousness, of complete identification with our Source and knowing that each and every one of us has a God Presencethat that is our goal, that is our ideal, that is what we live and move through and have our being in.
            Put aside all concepts of limitation, of dire prophecy. Accept Anastasia's challenge, if you have read the books, to move beyond the plots and strategies of darkness that keep us bound to dogmatic approaches and religious concepts that no longer have meaning in the context of this age of divine reason.
           We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal in the eyes and in the beingness of God. Do we hold these truths to be self-evident within ourselves? I hope so. All men and women are created with an equality of divine beingness within their Presence, [which] we must embrace. All cultures, all nations, all peoples can live in harmony and peace when all of them hold these truths, these divine principles and values, to be self-evident and they put them first and foremost in their livesthey live their truth, they walk their talk, they know who they are because they accept each and every one as God.
            I will be leaving a week from today to go to the heart chakra of America and deliver on behalf of the ascended masters teachings, spiritual fire and holy Brotherhood sharings with those who will come. I look forward to this divine engagement of the Spirit with those of you who live within the heartland of America and those who can participate in this experience online as we are able to broadcast it. Saint Germain has much up his Merlinic alchemical sleeves for America that is yet to be fulfilled. What will he share with us? It is for us to listen and discover. I look forward to Mother Mary's sharing on the heart. She will give a teaching on the heart, not this Sunday but next Sunday. And I await her heart of love, [which] speaks so tenderly to each and every one of us. And I await mighty Victory's cosmic fiery deliverance of a new victory spiral for Chicago in the heartland.
            So I encourage all of us to pray for America, for the heart [chakra of America—Chicago] and the hearts of all lightbearers throughout the world, that we may work together in a spirit of holy brotherhood and sisterhood and that we may always embrace each other with heart centeredness, with true love, respect and the highest vision of God within each other.
            Thank you, blessed heartfriends, for your listening ears, your listening hearts and all that you do each day to make God real in your lives. God bless you. Have a wonderful weekend. Bye bye.

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