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David Lewis      September 05, 2009

David C. Lewis Discourse
September 5, 2009  8:08-8:31 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

                   The Spiritual Path
Offered by The Hearts Center Movement is for Aspiring Adepts

            The spiritual path offered by The Hearts Center movement and community is for aspiring adepts. An adept is a mystic, a yogi, a saint. An adept is not a medium, a channeler, a psychic; though she may have the development of soul faculties and divine qualities that go beyond those who are entertaining energies of the astral plane, because the adept has gone beyond that dimension into a higher vibrational frequency that is only accessed with a balance of love, wisdom and power within the heart.
            This path of The Hearts Center is therefore not for everyone. It is not for those who simply enjoy basking in the light or hearing the words of the masters or entertaining words that come from another reality. But it is for those who would work and engage in cosmic work, [which] always occurs first within the laboratory of personal beingness within God
's Presence at the very altar of the heart.
Many come and go and may check out what we are offering to see if it resonates with their own spiritual path. And we provide an opportunity for the serious student of the light. When people come to a point on their path where they must have presented a higher spiral of opportunity for conscious living and for interaction with the ascended ones who lead mankind to a new world of freedom, enlightenment, balance and God-centeredness, then we must be ready with our message. We must be available to commend the soul and the spirit of each aspirant to God, first through our inner work and then through the outer contact.
            Those who are truly students of the ascended masters and therefore aspiring adepts engage in daily work which befits them for this path because they are not merely onlookers, fans, but they are the ones who would take up that path, which is often an ard
uous one fraught with trials and tribulations. And there is for the one who has taken up this path a divine engagement, an RSVP directly from the Higher Self, the Buddhic mind, the flow of Krishna light, the stream of the Mother energy that will move that one if he or she is constant and applies the Word into the daily affairs of living, into the reality that is sought in the beingness within God, [which] all may share in through love.
            The spiritual path offered by tThe Hearts Center is a path of supreme love
. And therefore the adept who is a mystic, a yogi or a saint always puts the love of God first—the love of God as the love of the Higher Self, the love of God within the universal, and the love of God as that Presence is manifest within every individual, within nature and within each one's experience [in] their evolution. The medium, the channeler and the psychic do not necessarily engage in the highest form of loving the Divine to the point of having infused within them the power of the Holy Spirit. And often they engage in a quasi-mind experience, which is not Buddhic mindfulness, which is not the miraculous, but a pseudo or false experience that is a chimera, really a mirage, an illusion that clouds the highest experience of godly beingness.
            We will be aff
initized to and magnetize those unto us whose hearts are yearning for the divine experience, for the gentle way of kindness of the age of Aquarius, for the simple way that is beyond the quasi-mental complexities that hide the beauty of God [that can be found] within the most simple and even mundane joy [such as] that experienced by a child, a babe or the childlike spirit of an elder whose years are waning but whose eyes are afire with the love of God.
            Every spiritual aspirant comes to points on their path where they either continue to look without for this experience of God or they have gotten the message and have found the Divine within to the extent that nothing else but complete identification with and love of God will work for them. And from that reference point
, their life becomes one of ultimate sacrifice, surrender [and] service through selflessness in God.
, the spiritual path offered by The Hearts Center is one for yogis and yoginis, Buddhas and buddhi beings, bodhisattvas and mystics who can see truth within every religion at its core without being caught in the outer rituals, the dogmas, the doctrines that are a shell, hiding [from] the weak-willed, the weak-minded and the weak-loving the fruit, the divine experience within the eternal message that flowed and continues to flow from the heart of the true teacher.
            Lest anyone think that this is a
n easy path, ask any adept, ascended master, if it was easy for [him or her] and discern for yourself the requirements on this path. The ascended masters are always there, ready and available for us, but we must reach out and up and in to feel their presence, to know their essence, to understand the reality that they speak at this time, in this space for us.
            A deep rev
erence for nature is central to the experience of the true mystic, the true yogi, the true saint. For God has written within nature a grand syllabus of light. And there is within this cosmic outline, filled in by many creations, the essences of God as each created being plays out its life within the cosmic domain of the universe. And therefore when one penetrates, through an outlook of reverence, the mysteries of nature, when one engages in organic gardening and walks with God outside in the sweet places of light in the forests, in the hills, in the valleys, in the glades and glens, in a park, an oasis, there God is felt deeply because there is—not just for the recluse or the hermit but for the one who looks for God within nature—the divine experience present within the now, within the holiness of simply asking to receive, knocking so that the door may be opened and of praying humbly and singing so that God's voice may be heard deep within.¹
            The spiritual path offered by The Hearts Center is one for artisans of light who are rendering their highest selfhood daily in some work for humanity, for the uplift of the downtrodden, for the healing of those who ail, for the teaching of the ignorant.
The spiritual path offered by The Hearts Center is for the eternal student who is also a deep thinker, a deep lover, a constant worker who is not a hireling just for financial gain, but does the work because within the work is self-fulfillment in God's mission, which the adept makes his or her own. This pathway is one of complete accountability and responsibility for one's life, where there is no more sloughing off of the divine edict “Command ye me”² and [of the responsibility] to be sons and daughters of God, to be perfect, even as the Father and the Father-Mother God in heaven is perfect.³
            We enter in
to the perfected spirals of light through the path of initiation, [which] comes because we have taken that responsibility and accountability for our lives and not given it over to others [or] even put it on a master—any master, such as Jesusto an extent that we are surrendering our own Christhood and saying, I believe on Jesus and therefore I am saved. It is not merely belief, but it is complete contiguous living within the very beingness of the Christ, [which] embodied within Jesus, that brings one to the fount of everlasting joy, the eternality of the Holy City, a life of meaning and worth and value.
            Therefore cons
ider today, what is your purpose? What is your mission? What do you really want out of the experience that you may have within this movement? It's not just one of listening daily to the messages but one of being, one of applying the message in a great way and in a great service to life. Therefore some will shun the message, not [even] knowing what the message of this movement is, because they are not used to taking the personal accountability or responsibility unto themselves for their own pathway. But you who are listening and continue to listen from a point of deep presence know that this voice is true because it is your voice that even speaks through mine, even as mine speaks through yours, and ours speak of God and of divine light, of eternal love.
            This is what The Hearts Center movement is about
. If you resonate with this, you will find fruit within our offerings, our services. And you will put into those services your energy so that you will come out the victor, the benefactor, the blessed and the beloved because you have put God first. You are a master in the making; you are an adept in the becoming. Thank you, blessed hearts, for listening and now for acting. God bless you.

1.  Matthew 7:7; Luke 11:9
2.  Isa. 45:11
3.  Matthew 5:48

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