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Maitreya      August 02, 2009

Beloved Lord Maitreya Discourse and Darshan
David C. Lewis
August 2, 2009
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

On Our Sun as a Binary Star
On the Geometry and Integration of Twin Flames
On Acing (Not Just Passing) Our Tests
On The Purpose of The Hearts Center
On Living In Presence While Engaging in Our Daily Work

            There is a point in the heavens that is the polestar around which through your vision the stars circle in the night sky. And throughout the twenty-four-hour period they continue spiraling and circling this point from Earth's reference point.
            In Sweden we showed a video titled, “The Great Year.”¹ And this spoke of a twenty-five-thousand-year cycle, which includes the procession of the equinoxes and the cycling of our Earth and our solar system and our sun through the twelve hierarchies known as the zodiac. And each cycle takes approximately two thousand years. So thus the twelve times two thousand is twenty-four thousand.
            It was explained in this DVD that we showed that there is another star that is a companion to our star. And some of you heard this and some of you may have even seen this DVD. I recommend it for all heartfriends because the Master Saint Germain verified that there is indeed another star that is a twin star to our sun that is a part of this binary system. It was stated within this DVD that many if not most stars in the universe are actually binary stars. They have a twin or a companion. And I believe that not only a majority as was stated in this DVD but seventy percent if not more of the stars within the entire universe are binary stars. Some actually have more than two or three or four or five in their families.
            But this speaks to the same dynamic that is true for each and every one of us. For we have a twin flame, we have the other half of ourselves that is the perfect complement to our lifestream. And we were born and issued forth from the same cosmic starfire substance, white fire purity of beingness.
            So the polestar may shift, may change during the cycling of our solar system around the galactic core. And so right now we have Polaris as our North Star at true north. But this DVD showed how there would be other stars that would be that polestar thousands of years from now. And that eventually it may actually return to the point of being Polaris again.
            The polestar is representative of our God Presence and the point of our true reality, which is even beyond our I AM Presence in a sense because the true Us is a polarity that merges into a unity beyond our individual I AM Presence, including the I AM Presence of our twin flame. So although we hold true to and we hold our I AM Presence, our Solar Presence, dear to us, in a certain sense we can from this day forward see the blending and the merging of the I AM Presence of each one of us with our twin flame in a higher plane of being that is the oneness outside of duality of the true Us when we fully merge with our twin flame at the Presence or the level of the I AM and the Solar Presence.
            So there is a point around which both the stars of our binary system spin and turn as they form the pathway that each one of them follows throughout the galaxy because our star system is also spinning around the galactic core. And these two suns have orbits that are complementary. And there is a point around which the two stars, if you could see their orbits, also evolve or travel.
            So that point in a very cosmic sense is the stillpoint around which these two stars are spinning and evolving and growing. And in a dimensionless plane, this is the point that these two suns could hold as their point of origin, just as we hold the point of origin of our Presence with the I AM Presence of our twin flame at a higher level than even our I AM Presence.
            So many of us have not necessarily meditated upon this concept before because we did not understand that our sun is a binary sun. And many of the ancients have understood this. And within this DVD there was a representative of the Self-Realization Fellowship. And the Master Sri Yukteswar, who was the guru of Paramahansa Yogananda, stated this—that it was known by the Vedic teachers eons ago that our sun is a binary sun.
            So when we meditate upon our Solar Presence and when we focus on the great light of our Source—our individual Source—we begin to cognize that when we are fully reunited with our twin flames, there will be a dynamic available to us because we, in our core, will be one at a higher level with the duality of our twin flames and ourselves, merged as one, vibrating in a new synchronicity and as a spinning top with picture-perfect presence as one being—two halves reunited in a perfect flow, in a perfect tai chi that is absolutely beautiful.
            Many of us yearn for communion with our twin flame. And the highest spiritual yearning is actually to be one at this level of holy God Presence whereby an increase in the flow of light may be ours because we have only been half of the totality of our being. And just think of what it will be when the half that we have experienced is fully merged with other true half and there is an explosion of light whereby we go into cosmic samadhi experience in that blessedness of beingness that is beyond anything that we can comprehend from the human standpoint because it is completely and truly divine.
            That which we experience with our mate in this life in the physical can be expressive at some level of the union of twin flames, and yet physically it is not quite that divine experience that we will have when we merge in this electrical and cosmic activity of holy union in the highest sense. But we can sanctify and spiritualize the union with our beloved in our relationships, in our marriages when we understand at a certain level this is as Above so below opportunity to be one and to have and hold that point of total love in our hearts, in our beings for the person who in physical form is representative of our twin flame if that one is not our twin flame. And we can still hold a field of holy intention whereby in this union we are experiencing something of that permanent reunion with our true and universal Beloved who is our twin flame.
            Every time you express love in the love of your twin flame with whom you can commune in your I AM Presence, in your meditation practice, in your prayers, in your mantras, by a twist of the dial you see the pulsation of that one blending and flowing into you, through you and your spirit, energy flowing into, through your beloved. And there is a tai chi experienced and there is this figure-eight flow of infinity even within the nowness of your point of meditation and presence. And the glory that comes to you through all the spiritual work you engage in is now taking place in a field of activity that you sanctify and hallow within the space of your being, holding for both yourself and your twin flame that point of divinity.
            Now if your twin flame is ascended, that one has a great energy field that can benefit you as you attune to the magnificent presence of that one. And that one can naturally draw you higher into a spiral of light whereby there is a gradual increase in your ability to contain light, to merge with that light and to maintain a certain level of that light within your being as you walk the earth even now. The reason why the ascended master path is a path of the guru-chela relationship, has always been and in a sense always will be, is because the guru temporarily holds the field of presence, first for your I AM Presence and in some cases for the I AM Presence of your twin flame until you can gain enough self-mastery and balance within your being to then maintain presence in a field of intent to then merge with the higher field of your I AM Presence and then the higher field of your twin flame.
            So the guru does not permanently supplant that level of light but supports you in your pathway until you are radiating in a higher frequency to the point where you can be in that state of presence and divine unity that naturally magnetizes your twin flame to you and you to your twin flame, until you can unite as one in the highest level of ascended master presence as solar beings. So this is not to say that we put off until we are ascended this opportunity, but we gradually understand the equation day by day as we meditate and pray, as we solar gaze, as we do all of our spiritual practices so that we can engage at a higher level of presence with our twin flame supportive of us and we supportive of our twin flame.
            This is a magnanimous opportunity for each of us. And as I see the dynamic occurring, there is the figure-eight flow as Above so below between us, our soul and the Oversoul of our Presence in one figure-eight. And then there is the comingling of light with that of our twin flame in another figure eight. And it is as if we have a double dorje experience occurring whereby we have the horizontal and the vertical simultaneously in the figure-eight flow. And actually you have two double dorjes because there is the comingling of both of you. The master is showing me that it is, depending on whether your twin flame is ascended or not, like a triangle of light between you and your twin flame at the highest level. There is a figure eight between your I AM Presence and then between your Solar Presence and you.
            So it is actually a slightly different dynamic based on whether your twin flame is ascended or not. But still there is this flow between you and your Source and your twin flame. The twin flame is fully merged with its source and therefore it has become the Oversoul and there is no duality any longer within that level of beingness. But if your twin flame is still evolving in time and space unascended, then that one has the figure-eight energy flow between the soul and the Oversoul of the I AM Presence.
            In the Garden of Eden sponsored by Lord Maitreya, there were twin flames, Adam and Eve. There was the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. And Adam and Eve were told that they could eat from the Tree of Life but not of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. This has been a mystery of understanding. And many have thought that eating of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was engaging in sex. But the master says that there is and should be no shame or guilt in engaging in union with your twin flame because this is the unity that all may and can and should experience at the highest levels of beingness.
            But the point of departure from presence was the error or—if you would use the term “sin”—departure from the blending of energies of being from the highest level and engaging in a spiritual union that is beautiful, that is commissioned by God for all twin flames. When there is a lowering of the vibration to the point of being and living in only the animal nature or in only the lower chakras, then there is the lowering of the energy field and there is not the level of union that there could be when there is love at the highest spiritual level whereby there is this absolutely beautiful union of light and beingness of twin flames.
We can return to the Garden with Lord Maitreya and reexperience this highest level of union and holy love that brings us back to our core and to the point whereby we may again take from the Tree of Life the true fruits of the Spirit that lead us to that holy oneness with our Source where we live and move and have our being within only light. We can live in this holy Garden and experience the fruits of many opportunities to glorify God, to live fully within the love of God and have that love nourish us in all ways.
Through a certain sensitivity that comes through spiritual practice, each and every one of you is refining your being to the point of being able to live on light and only light. For in your solar reality you live on fiery light and do not need the physical substance of the earth to sustain you.
So those who practice yoga and those who engage in pranayama, those who have striven to have a more rarified and refined diet, eating less and less of animal foods and more and more of those foods that are charged by the sun, experience this refinement of character, of being at all levels. And [you] naturally rise in consciousness to partake of this higher level of living in your true reality as you let go of certain human and animal attachments and live in the light fully.
This does not mean that you ignore nature, that you do not love the animals, the birds, the blessed beings of nature but [that] you understand that there is a higher nature of Selfhood in God that as you evolve leads you out of these lower realms of experience into the higher realms of angelic and solar beingness. You honor, you love all life free in all realms of being. And yet you can even experience within the dimensional planes in which you live upon earth a level of beingness of all creatures in a certain sacred circle of sanctity and presence and holiness as Saint Francis and other saints have done. And in this level of presence and of oneness with nature you are naturally drawn into the highest level of being as a solar being that you can evolve into.
Recently we heard that as aspiring adepts we are striving not to simply pass each test but to ace each test. And to ace each test, we must rise into our Alpha beingness, the I AM Presence of light to understand as God understands to think and cognize as our Solar Presence does, to experience light from that level of presence, of pure knowledge of gnosis and divine beingness. And from this level we know all because we have merged with that All within the mind of the All.
Every answer to every question is known within if we are simply still. Every question is self-answered within us even as the question arises. You have access to the universal mind which instantaneously fulfills your desire to know something by presenting the allness that wraps itself around that question of the mind of God and graciously offers it to you as a divine fruit.
Many times we relegate to others our questions. And even within these darshans I believe that people can through meditation draw forth the answer from their own God Presence and Source instantly. And some of you have had the experience of having that answer revealed even before a master spoke the words outwardly and you knew inherently and by a certain sensitivity to your soul and spirit the exact words of the answer even before they were spoken because you entered into that presence and state of beingness that was one with the master and from which the answer naturally flowed.
I know that a number of you have had this experience. And some have even had the experience of knowing the words of dictations instantly before they were outwardly spoken. You had risen in presence to be one with the master with such a tremendous union that the master's vibration was manifesting through your being, your presence and you were feeling the Word and the vibration of the words that flowed through the words even before they were spoken by the messenger.
So this is a point that we can all strive to attain through sensitivity, through leaving off of certain mundane, experiential habit patterns that keep us from the highest level presence that we can know and experience. Now on one level we are living and moving upon the earth, and we must also remain grounded. We cannot simply live in the clouds and not live a practical life. So the dynamic here is one that is interesting for many disciples because at times people have a tendency to go so far in one field of activity that they desire to simply live in bliss and do not do those practical things within their lives to maintain harmony and stability in relationships and jobs in a community, et cetera.
So what Maitreya says today is—in your spiritual practice, go into the highest level of living that you can in your I AM Presence. But when you are required to engage in very physical activities, remain tethered in the Now to who you are. And as a being evolving in time and space in your physical body, be present in your body. Do not relegate your consciousness to another dimension and plane of being when you need to be engaged with others in work and in service because this can be a cop out and can split you in certain ways and be problematic for your spiritual evolution.
So the masters, as practical beings, have given us practical things to do that keep us tethered to the earth such as physical work, such as having jobs that keep us anchored in the earth and yet through the disciplines of our spiritual practices allow us to prove our true spirituality through our service to life.


So at this time the master would like to open the discussion to any questions or offerings or anything that you would like to add to this darshan experience from your experience or things that would augment what the master has spoken. If you have something to share you can email it to And if anyone in the room would like to share or ask a question that would augment this, please feel free.

Devotee #1: I have a question that may augment what the master has given. I would like to have a better understanding of the mission or purposes of The Hearts Center, the messenger, heartfriends in general and our morning services.

Lord Maitreya: There are many purposes wrapped within the one purpose or mission of The Hearts Center. But the primary purpose is to assist spiritual aspirants in reconnecting with their Source and maintaining that connection through the various spiritual activities in which we engage through our offerings and in reinfiring devotees to fulfill their personal mission[s] through the empowerment that comes through these spiritual practices and opportunities.
The masters deliver teaching and light. It is up to us through the use of our free will to receive that teaching and light and to then implement it through practical means and through service to life. As we assimilate what the ascended masters present and offer, we rise higher on our personal evolutionary path within the antahkarana of the universal stream of the Brotherhood of Light and we raise all evolutions.
The messenger is here simply as a spokesperson, amanuensis and a vehicle for the ascended master teachings and light to be delivered and really nothing more. The messenger is a reminder for us of what can be, for the teachings presented, a life lived to the glory of God in selfless service.
Heartfriends' missions are unique. And yet together through a synergy of holy activity, we collectively are here to raise the awareness of all mankind through the blessings that flow through our hearts, through our services, through our activities, through our love. Where heartfriends resonate with one another in close proximity, Hearts Centers and Heartfriends Groups may be established to augment this work. Where heartfriends gather collectively through the virtual community established through the network of light through our website and all of our offerings, the antahkarana is sustained by our oneness through this stream of presence that flows unabated through our prayers and services.
The importance of the morning service cannot be overstated in its offering not only to heartfriends but to humanity in general in terms of the spiritual light that is released and that flows and that nurtures the planet itself, all beings upon this planet. And when there is live discourse from the ascended masters and the release of their light and teaching, the grid is reinfired through that offering on a daily or weekly basis. This nurturing that comes directly from the hearts of many ascended masters is a grace and a boon to all. But it is only a grace and a boon if it is first listened to, meditated upon, accepted for its intrinsic value and assimilated at whatever level of being the spiritual aspirant is comfortable in imbibing and utilizing it.
For those who have stayed tuned to the Word that flows through this dispensation and have attempted in many ways to continue the opportunity to receive these teachings by honoring the presence of the masters, by working to prepare a chalice for the release of these teachings, these have benefitted greatly, have earned the great, good karma of allowing through their work and service this grace to flow to humanity.
Those who have not been true to themselves in their own spiritual practice and divinity cut themselves off to the flow of light and grace and blessing that comes almost unabated through this dispensation. But it is always the free will of the individual aspirant and heartfriend that is honored by every ascended master. And therefore there is no judgment of individuals from our realms. We simply offer opportunity to live in the light, to experience that light and to grow in the light.
Those who have given receive the full grace of God that instantaneously in a responsive chord returns to the heart of the giver as blessing and boon, as divine inspiration, as a holy charge of light. Therefore it is the keynote of this activity that all heartfriends move into a personal sense of responsibility as servitors of humanity. For in service, you are also served by the divine realms.
Those who have served without remuneration have received the greatest blessing and boon to their beings. For in volunteering there is the added impetus of holy fire that descends unto you and through you by your free will gift to the universe. Therefore this activity is primarily composed of volunteers. And in their sacred work, the universe itself is sustained through the love shared in that selfless service. Your payment for your volunteer work is light.
The mission of every heartfriend is unique and beautiful. Many will come and go through this activity and movement, receiving here and there blessings and boons and graces and then taking them out into the world and fulfilling their own personal mission within the greater mission of life itself that is God through all of God's creatures. Therefore no one should be judged, reprimanded or labeled or stigmatized who for a time seeks the nurturing love of the ascended masters through this movement and who then moves on to other offerings or dispensations or teachings.
Just as we offer freely the Word to you, you should offer freely the Word to humanity as a fount of light. This does not mean that you may not have practical measures to secure the resources that you require to sustain the outer organization, but the teaching itself flows from this eternal fount as offered to all, blessed hearts. Thank you.

David: I want to note to the council that Maitreya's answer through me on the purpose of this movement is my answer and my offering to you in our discussion on the mission statement. It may have been a little longer than what some desire to be a mission statement but I think it spoke exactly to what our mission is. So do we have any other offerings or questions?

Devotee #2: Going back to the original topic at the beginning of the darshan, it seemed as though a central theme of the release was integration and resonance with different parts of ourselves. And integration is something that I feel that I work on a lot. It almost seems like at some point years back my master showed me a picture on the inner of what it looks like for the seven bodies of a person to be integrated and then told me a few exercises that would help bring that about and said, now go do that. And it seems like I'm still working on that. I can't imagine what mastery really means. It's just something you continue to get better at.
But the basic tools are the faculty of the attention and what you put it on and then your feeling, which creates resonance and a flow of energy between the waking consiousness and that higher body or the I AM Presence of another even. I loved the way he [Maitreya] talked about it because it expanded my horizon. But I can honestly say that with some work, with some disciplining of the attention you can place your attention on your I AM Presence or your Christ Self or your causal body and come into great resonance with that and then even place your attention on and do the same exercise with the I AM Presence of your twin flame and do what the master said.
I've experienced that and it takes practice so [that] you can hold your attention still and create a bridge of awareness so that your waking, conscious awareness can get it. We know that we have all kinds of experiences, like for instance when our bodies sleep. But the trick is to bring it back to conscious awareness. Well, the same is true for meditation. We are awake when we are meditating. But how much information from the soul's journeying into these very rarified areas of your own being gets translated back into your waking consciousness? And that's something that benefits from practice.

David: So the master says it's not a trick, it's a treat.

Devotee #2: It's absolutely the prize because it's so inspiring that it becomes the best part of your day when you can do those things and you look forward to it. And not only that, the feeling for me of those experiences is what helps me stay in presence when I am doing my mundane, daily tasks at work or doing things that we do need to have our attention on. I only learned that very slowly. You don't want to have your head in the clouds all the time.
You want to be very present when you are working in your physical work. But you can also carry the feeling of that resonance with the light pouring from you at the same time. I think you gain the benefits of being present in the physical plane and really putting your attention on things and blessing physical matter but all at the same time being constantly a bridge for the light of your I AM Presence and your master and your twin flame. So those are my offerings.

Devotee #3: I just appreciate all this discourse and everybody's comments and your comments right there because I feel the connection I make. I understand the figure-eight connection to a certain degree. But I feel it's even more than that. I feel for me it's every being and every part of life at every moment, and it's hard to put into words how big that is for the connection.
I guess what I'm wondering is—if the sun is binary, there are two suns and the type of energy I don't know if they are going to unite at some time or if they are always going to be individually or what. And if we look at twin flames at being male and female, is that going to be limiting to some degree? What my concern is is that we are such dynamic beings right here, right now. And I'm always concerned of any limitation I might put on myself in any way.
My question is—would it have to be male and female for twin flames? I feel complete as it is and of course in my relationship, but I know that I am so much more than I am now. I feel so much more than I am now when I'm really in presence. And I feel that I connect on so many more levels [that] I can't even put it into words it's so big. So what I am saying is—I don't know.

Maitreya (and David): We can move into an androgynous state of being within ourselves that is wholeness where we are not necessarily living in the duality of a male or a female body. And some yogis experience the male and female parts of themselves in a totality and oneness. I recently saw in a book that was offered to me about Babaji his expression of himself as totally female at one point. And I believe it. I think that he had the ability to be expressive in a female form to those who may have needed that rather than just how he normally would appear to people.
So will the suns merge as one? They may very likely. That could be possible. Is each sun only male or female? I think the suns are complete in themselves. Our sun is composed of the light of Helios and Vesta who are twin flames. But there is a union within them that creates this solar essence of our sun. And who is to say whether the binary suns of our system are twin flames or whether they are just like individual, androgynous beings who complement each other in their spiritual pathway? It's something we can meditate on and discern.
But the key for all of us is wholeness and integrity within ourselves and that's what [devotee #2] was alluding to. And the master was saying, maybe not outwardly, [that] that is the goal—union with God right where we are. And this integration doesn't have to be put off to some future where you say, I'm going to be reunited with my twin flame. The whole purpose of this discourse in my opinion is to bring us to this sense that we can have this union now rather than, as some people do, put things off to the future.
So it is about integration. It is about oneness within ourselves. And can we experience God as this unity within ourselves? Absolutely. We don't have to identify with the male or female parts of ourselves necessarily although I personally do not condone or recommend sexual relations with the same sex. I don't think you were alluding to that. I think you were talking at a higher level of beingness.
But in terms of relations, I think that you get to the point where you, even in marriage or a union, are living as a complete being in and of yourself. And when you experience that and when your partner does, you do have a union as a higher union of wholes rather than halves. So it's like two wholes that unite to have a greater wholeness. That's the way I see it in our relationship, and I think what the master was also saying is that you can bring that wholeness right to your relationship with your twin flame. You don't have to wait.

1.  The Great Year by Walter Cruttenden, Narrated by James Earl Jones. Produced by GOAL Productions. © 2006 The Binary Research Institute        Color/46 minutes

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