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Godfre      July 13, 2009

Beloved Godfre
David C. Lewis
July 13, 2009  8:08–8:27 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through the Wellspring Retreat


How Far You Go, How High You Ascend is Your Free Will Choice

Be Aware, Be Alert, Be Alpha in Action During This Cycle

Blessed Hearts,

There is a Presence of Divine Fatherliness and Mother love that extends throughout the cosmos and is your ever-present support and the light which may animate and fulfill all within you if you choose. This I AM God Presence is a stupendous boost of divine radiance that few upon Earth fully employ, understand or adore as the individual reality of being that the one, true God has placed in, through and around every conscious son or daughter born upon all systems of worlds.

You have heard the I AM Teachings and yet how many have fully embraced not only the concept, but the very reality and essence of this Godly Presence. I come this day to remind you of who you are. For, blessed ones, even in tiny increments of time and space when something of that lesser self enters the equation of who you are and attempts to persuade you that you are less than this God-reality, you do not even know the lowering of vibration to the extent where you no longer live within that light and all manner of deception and darkness can enter your aura and being.

When you simply stand and proclaim in the I AM name the fullness of who you are, the entire universe of God-radiance wraps itself around you and once more you live in that divine reality and may go forth the victorious one to accomplish your goals, your mission and all that you came here to fulfill. On the eve of the messenger's travel, I come to infuse you with a greater vigor of divine energy whereby that which you have gained in recent days may be sustained and in an incremental manner increased through your conscious attention upon the light of your God-reality.

Therefore I, Godfre, utter the words I AM THAT I AM before you and display before the heart, the eyes and the mind of each and every one the full potential of your God Presence that stands to acclaim you even as you proclaim in God's name all that you are already in that potential which must be fully realized in the Now. Dearest hearts, we have set forth in this cosmic endeavor and activity of The Hearts Center many mindful teachings which when embraced, studied and assimilated can, if you choose, move you into cosmic consciousness and your personal adeptship in this lifetime.

How far you go, how high you ascend is your free will choice. And this occurs each moment within your life. Some have made stupendous progress in tiny moments of total attentiveness to their God Presence. And so, if you wed yourself fully to God take those seemingly insignificant moments—pauses between various projects, or work, or meals, or travel or play—to re-attune yourself with the divine impetus of holy fire. For thereby, blessed ones, a new infusion of God-light may be yours. And this may just be that which tips the scale toward the absolute and final alignment that is required for your ascension, for your victory in this life.

Mindful Moments Manjushri has offered. Musings on the Divine Maitreya has sent to each mindful one. Jewels of Joy the Lord Jesus has delivered unto your heart. And Chrisms of holy light-energy the lady Kristine has anointed you with and much more in recent months and years that if fully embraced could have moved you, each and every one, to the point of that picture-perfect presence of which Saint Germain spoke of directly to me and which, again and again, I sought to deliver to the sons and daughters in America for their holy ennoblement in Spirit and for the victory of the I AM race in every nation.

Blessed hearts, obedience to holy purpose, your higher purpose, is the need of the hour for every heartfriend to consider. And this alignment with Source, as the truing of your soul with Spirit, is such a magnanimous occurrence that when you fully understand the flame of obedience, not to just human institutions, laws or rituals, but truly to that Divine Presence which honors all, which knows all, which loves all then, blessed hearts, you will understand why I took this name and why I am so enfired by this flame that it is my love and desire to impress this great divine energy upon all life in the matter planes.

You see, it is natural in the heaven world to be obedient to the divine impulses, for we vibrate at a certain frequency of light that sustains us in that God-power, wisdom and love always. And without that stream of attentiveness that is the focus upon God and only God, we could not live as immortal beings, blessed hearts. So, I come to magnify light within your chakras, your entire being as you are willing and able to receive [it], call it forth, amplify it and then, through obedience to the holy will of the Holy One, sustain it in your beings.

If you would be God-free as I am know that that freedom comes with a price: sacrifice unto the Allness, surrender to the Oneness, service to the Allness and selflessness in all things as your initiations flow and as you truly know that it is only by God's grace that life is sustained within the body temple, that all tests are not only passed, but aced! For, blessed ones, one definition of an adept is that that one seeks not only a passing grade, but an “A” on every test. Therefore, study the “A” of Alpha as the point of initiation of all this is, of all that was and ever shall be. For in the beginning and in the ending the “A” of Alpha remains. And even in the name Omega the final letter, as that “A”, signifies the return to the Father of All.

O Alpha and Omega, we are one in holiness and love in this hour. O Alpha and Omega, we stand, we love, we live in thee. O Alpha and Omega, come forth and impress upon these through the flame of God-obedience your light, your love, your presence always. [This paragraph was chanted by the master.]

There is a stirring in the ethers above Scandinavia in preparation for a great release of light, teaching and holy love. Be aware, be alert, be Alpha in action during this cycle and know God with a newness, a oneness and a holiness such as you have never known, except in those moments of complete quickening in the divine stream.

I AM Godfre. I ray forth that flame throughout all of the great and vast kingdoms of the Lord's holy realm. Be true to yourself in obedience and ascend O noble ones. I thank you.

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