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Lanello      July 06, 2009

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
July 6, 2009   8:21–8:32 pm MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

A New View of the Higher You
Keep That New Blue Frequency of Higher Resourcefulness

Gracious Hearts,
            I come this day with one aspect of the New Blue that you may not have considered—and that is the new view of you. As you ascend the spiral of light to the summit of being, you can view life from the Higher Self that you are entering into and becoming with greater clarity. And so the old man is cast off, and the New Blue you is fulfilled. But this only comes, blessed hearts, when there is a surcease from a certain sense of struggle, whereby you have held onto age-old concepts of yourself and of others that no more benefit your being.
            This new view of the higher you will manifest miracles in your life if you accept the integration through a new resourcefulness of the Spirit of the Universal Great White Brotherhood in your midst. Each and every one of you has the capability. For I have given it to you, blessed ones, to fulfill your reason for being in this higher ennoblement of the Spirit, [which] comes from this greater perspective of life through your Source.
            For those who have attended our conference in Montana, you have felt the shift in awareness through the sense of joy of a camaraderie of the Spirit in community, have you not? And you have deep within your core this new cosmic element, which is almost [as] a burning tungsten, fiery wire that illumines your entire being to give you this new perspective, this new view on life. Through a simple but very subtle shift in your consciousness, all life is now illumined and rarified from a higher and more beautiful and wondrous view. And so I simply come this morning to remind you to view life, one another and yourself from the perspective that we hold for you, which is perfection, nobleness and that higher truth which comes from trust in your own God Presence.
            A wise one said, “Trust no man.” But, blessed ones, there will always be the after-statement as the corollary: “Put your trust in God, your God Self, and even the God Self of your heartfriend.” Do not defile that which God has vouchsafed as the highest within each [one] through viewing that one or yourself from the lower climes of life, but have that Himalayan perspective whereby the sun, in its coursing around the Earth, is almost always within view in this higher view, blessed ones.
            This is my short and simple message unto your hearts this day. Keep the faith, but also keep that New Blue frequency of higher resourcefulness.
            I now seal the third eye of each and every one who is attentive to this new perspective, this new view of the higher you. Blessings and graces, with the sign of the heart, the head, the hand and the All-Seeing Eye of God this day.


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