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Victory      July 04, 2009

Beloved Mighty Victory
David C. Lewis
July 4, 2009  5:54–6:01 pm  MDT
Rejoice in the Freedom of Elemental Life
2009 World Freedom Conference
Big Sky, Montana

One for All and All for One!
      From This Day Forward This Includes the Elemental Beings

Rejoice in the freedom and the victory of elemental life, blessed ones! [Audience cheers and applauds for 15 seconds.] I am Victory and I have waited for this day for quite some time. For I have seen the light glowing upon Earth within some who have acclaimed the light of Victory within their lives. I have seen it beginning to grow. And this day it is fanned into a more fiery spirit, is it so, blessed ones? [Audience replies, “Yes!”] Therefore I ask you to form a ring of victory around this room as you hold hands together.
            I announce to you that you have indeed accomplished 99.9% of what we set forth as to be accomplished during this class, blessed hearts. [Cheering and applause for 5 seconds.] And I expect that by the end of this discourse, that last 0.1% will be fulfilled through your hearts. Do you believe it? [“Yes!”] Then let it be so as you repeat after me now with your arms raised in a cosmic ‘V.' [Audience repeats each line enthusiastically after Victory:]

I am Victory!
I am the victory of elemental life!
Nothing will keep me from my devotion to these little ones
or my daily walk with God,
and with the precious elementals
whom I revere,
whom I love,
and with whom I will pray
each day
for the victory of life,
for the victory of love,
for the victory of earth,
and water,
and ether!

            Blessed hearts, because of your acclamation, because of your devotion, because of your fiery hearts, you are now surrounded each one by a full complement of my legions who also now raise their swords of fire. And as we touch our swords together, let us say One for all and all for one! One for all and all for one! One for all and all for one! One for all and all for one!
            And from this day forward, this includes the elemental beings, do you see? [“Yes!”] For heretofore, you thought it was only for yourselves. But truly now, blessed hearts, you must pray for and acclaim that victory of the light for the beings of earth, air, fire and water, for you have seen the demonstration by these precious children.1 And embodied within their very beings was that light of the elementals. Or did some of you see them hovering, singing, dancing and joying in their little drama? Truly, if your eyes were wide open, you would have. And there were many chuckles and joyous tears even amongst the angels and the devic beings who support these precious ones.
            Now mankind, know that victory is within your heart, is within your reach because God is here! God is within each one! God is the fiery spirit of the allness of being which I acclaim as Victory! [Audience repeats, “Victory!” together with Mighty Victory for 15 seconds]
            100%. It is beautiful, yes? [“Yes!” Cheering and applause for 15 seconds.] And in the presence of the Holy Kumaras, I, Mighty Victory, wish to thank each and every fiery being who is here this day for your love, your support, [and] all the work that was accomplished [through] the givingness of each heart. Let it be magnified and returned unto you each one with untold victorious blessings.
            I now seal this conference in the light of pure love. Live in that pure love. For blessed hearts, it is the key to your victory! I thank you.

1. The children performed an original play depicting the elementals.

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