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Sanat Kumara      July 04, 2009

Beloved Sanat Kumara
David C. Lewis
July 4, 2009  5:34–5:52 pm MDT
Rejoice in the Freedom of Elemental Life!
2009 Freedom Conference
Big Sky, Montana 

 The Dilemma of the Imbalance within the Elemental Kingdom 
Can be Mended through Love
A Sealing in the Forehead of the 144,000 by the Regent Lord of the World

Gracious Ones,
          In a spirit of love, we come. And trailing wings of glory with the Holy Kumaras present among you, we create a ring of ruby fire around this company of living saints. You have been raised into a new awareness of the love of elemental life. And this is for the purpose of preparing your consciousness to embody more of the very living love of God. For God created the worlds and embedded within the signature of every being the holy essence of himself. And when you can seek and find within nature something of that essence, it instills within you a new respect and level of integrity that moves you far afield from the drama of human living into the elysian fields of divine bliss in God-love.
          You have shared that love this week in many ways and you have felt the cosmic electricity of Cosmos himself who has raised you anew to a new vitality in the Divine. Now, blessed ones, it is up to you to fully embody and self-realize the highest essence of which you have partaken and to spread far and wide through your hearts this new understanding of elemental joy and of divine bliss within community.
          The camaraderie that you have witnessed is what we feel all the time upon Venus in our holy sessions and in our ongoing work on behalf of the evolutions of all planets within this system. And as we bear that love flame for all as an example of true God-harmony in love, our Buddhic awareness is suffused throughout these several worlds and beyond. And even when you look upon Venus in the early morning or early evening light, if you are attuned to our hearts you will feel that special pulsation which is the essence of Venusian love for Earth, our sister star.
          The dilemma of the imbalance within the elemental kingdom that Earth has succumbed to through non-awareness of God's Presence within nature itself and all realms can be mended through love. And we trust that having risen to a new level of compassion and understanding through a new language of love, that you will go forth from this place to infuse the Earth with that level of godly intent, bringing new Buddhic awareness to all heartfriends everywhere.
          The gifts and graces that many angelic and elemental presences have brought before you and endowed within your soul are almost innumerable, blessed ones, compared to what the ordinary individual living upon this sphere realizes in hundreds of lifetimes. Therefore, your effort and your sacrifice in traversing the Earth to be here physically in these mountains has been worth, as Morya says, every inconvenience, has it not? [Audience responds, “Yes.”]
          Therefore, for those physically present, I Sanat Kumara, will touch the third eye of those who have not yet received through the hand of another messenger the sealing action of light given unto the 144,000. And the messenger ascended and that one still remaining will stand at the side of this messenger, on my behalf, to also witness to this initiation to those who are deserving because of their constancy upon the walk of the path of the ruby ray as love in action.
          Therefore, I ask that holy oil be brought unto this altar such that the messenger may anoint those who have yet to receive this blessing. And ye saints as witnesses, both in embodiment and those of heaven here, sing the praise of the Almighty: “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, great and marvelous are thy works, ye king of saints, O Lord of life!” And as my keynote is played during this blessing, I ask you simply to open your hearts anew to the ruby love that the Holy Kumaras, whom you have heard this day, are as the Elohim for Venus, the creators for our home star.
          Therefore, begin the music now. And if perchance one among you has an essence of rose or violets or honeysuckle or any divine ointment, bring it now to this altar, blessed ones.

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