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Hercules      July 03, 2009

Beloved Hercules
David C. Lewis
July 3, 2009  12:43–12:57 pm MDT
Rejoice in the Freedom of Elemental Life!
2009 Freedom Conference
Big Sky, Montana 

 Understand within the Labor Itself That New Possibilities Arise

As These Assignments are Fulfilled

Servitors of the Sacred Fire,
          I come before you this day to inaugurate a new cycle of godly power utilizing that which El Morya has spoken of, which is the New Blue fire of the Divine. It is a context of godly knowing wherein you enter into the sacred space of Alpha and Omega and of the Cosmic Void behind and within the Creator.
          Last year Alpha came and knelt before you each in the great humility of his being, worshiping the threefold flame within you and drawing you higher through his fire. He brought the New Blue unto you and yet you have known it not fully yet. This energy is the very shift of which many have spoken that is occurring within this system of worlds. It is a new opportunity for God-Self development, whereby you access that new stream of cosmic possibilities that brings you to a heightened awareness of presence, not in a virtual sense but in an actual reality where you are.
          It is one thing, blessed ones, to speak of spiritual matters. It is another to have in actuality within your being known and experienced them. Therefore we have qualified servitors who take to heart our directives as those who are leading the charge of this new light brigade in this hour. And yet these humble ones go before you only as servitors, as those who lead through a humble mien and through the direct gnosis of God within.
          You may intellectualize God for the words that we bring forth by parsing them to your own devices. But suffice it to say that inherent within the fiery stream of the Word is our beingness as God. And therefore, look behind the message to who I AM THAT I AM. Look within the message to perceive even within you that opportunity for the immobilization of all that is unreal and the emulation of that full essence of godly intent.
          I have come during previous cycles to offer you new labors of light. But the Lords of Karma and the Solar Lords have not afforded me in this hour that opportunity to lay before you something new because that of which I have spoken has not yet been fully realized, namely those assignments given within these last three years.
          And therefore I ask you in this hour and in coming days to review my discourses to you. And one that I bring forth and highlight in this hour is the requirement for a servitor of light to step forward who would lead the efforts to publish the Word delivered through this activity of light. And for the leadership of this movement to consider rearranging, if necessary, the outlay of your resources in order to support the fulltime efforts of this individual, who I say will be a right hand to the messenger and El Morya himself to publish that which we have already released, which in many ways is sufficient for disciples of the spirit for many years to come.
          It could be, although I do not declare it in this hour, that there will come a time when there will be less of the live messages through this orifice if the publishing work is not accomplished and fulfilled to the extent that we have called it forth to date. Therefore work and understand within the labor itself that new possibilities arise as these assignments are fulfilled. We look not to the past any longer, blessed ones, but to the future within the Now. And [we] ask each and every one of you to consider supporting in some way, financially, through prayers, or albeit for one or a number to step forward to offer yourself in this endeavor as that team leader who understands the nature of the Word, a little about the industry itself and of the requirement especially to maintain a consistency of service until each and every called forth text is delivered into the hands of the lightbearers themselves.
          From my retreat over Half Dome I send forth the ray in this hour that is as I know it the fulfillment of this call. One or a number of you may feel the impulse of that fire within your breast. It will not be an easy task, but we are not taskmasters in the old sense but simply those who move worlds in order to shift the gears of planetary evolution into a new cycle of divine light and fulfill the same in the microcosm of your world and being, blessed ones.
          Amazonia now comes with her great nurturing spirit to support the words of El Morya this morning. And with the great fire of her heart and with the permission of Alpha and Omega themselves, [she] seals your throat chakras in a new presence of holiness. Let that which you speak be wholly divine. Let that which issues forth from the orifice of your throat chakra be pure from this day forward, blessed hearts. We have taken to heart the message of Gautama to master conscious speech. And we trust and we pray that each of you will fulfill your dharma in a more glorious way by speaking only and always of God.
          I am Hercules. We are the Elohim of divine direction and of the holy will of the Almighty. And we also bow before the light of the living God within you, each one.

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