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Cosmos      July 03, 2009

Beloved Mighty Cosmos
David C. Lewis
July 3, 2009  8:29–8:49 pm MDT
Rejoice in the Freedom of Elemental Life!
2009 World Freedom Conference
Big Sky, Montana 

A Journey upon Maitreya's Clipper Ship
Through a Starry Cornucopia of Numberless Galaxies

Most Gracious Hearts,
            We would take you on a journey this evening upon Maitreya's clipper ship into the farthest reaches of the cosmos. And so first we liberate you from the bonds of karma and gravity for a moment in time and timelessness. And as you are all assembled upon his sacred vessel, we rise now above the Earth beyond its atmosphere into the great void of space which is not void of God. For God lives and moves and has his being within all space.
            We traverse past Venus and observe the great fiery love of many solar beings thereupon. Now we arrive near Mercury, the messenger of the gods—the planets of this system—in its speedy quicksilver orbit around our sun, your sun, now past the flaming being of Helios and Vesta.
            As we gain speed and fly beyond this system, we hear the strains of the music of many spheres, both planetary orbs and star systems in their eternal longing to manifest their essence as creations of the One God. And we feel the vibration of all life upon these sacred centers of civilizations known and unknown as we pass and whoosh by each one with the speed of mindfulness.
            Out past the farthest reaches of your galaxy we soar and observe through the miracle lens of the All-Seeing Eye of God the starry cornucopia of numberless galaxies, each one unique, each one an aspect of God, a facet of his being, a cell within the great cosmic body of the One.
            Some of you have seen the photographs from [the Space Hubble], that instrument in space outside the Earth, and you have marveled at the uniqueness, the coloration and the beauty of these worlds beyond worlds. But now, blessed ones, you see them up close, as it were, through the eyes of Cosmos, who like Cyclopea, sees all, observes all and in the observation and the holy witness to light, knows all. This is no mere sensory experience from the vantage point of you as a human being, but it is that which can be known from the vantage point of your Presence any time you choose to soar in awareness into cosmic heights with me and know God within the creation from all vantage points at once.
            Now there is an explosion of a great nova before us! And you see the solar essence diffused out into infinity as we accelerate this process and you observe the finality of a specific sun that has completed its evolutionary cycle.
            You also see off in the distance the gathering of many fiery clouds into a vortex which is the creation of a new star system. And you witness in awe the handiwork of the Divine One and of great Solar Lords who with holy intention manifest the Word, “Let there be light!”1 And there was and is light.
            Now we traverse many galaxies unto what you have been told is the Cosmic Void itself from which all emerged in the beginning through the first thought of the One. From this point all of the cosmos sprang forth. And within this dimensionless realm you feel not a spiritual void, but the very womb of the Mother herself in her desire to fulfill the will of the Father through all creation.
            Breathe in this essence of that Mother energy now and know the first equation brought forth as the geometry of divinity, the mystical rendering of life itself, the emergence of all that was and is and ever will be the source code of being.
            As you accept this eternal essence of the One in its unmanifest state, there is a repolarization of your being with a new godliness. It is as if, blessed ones, the cosmic Starry Mother downloads within you a new divine program of divinity, but it is truly only a remembrance of what is already contained within your core within the eternal beingness of
God that already resides [there]. Therefore it is an awakening by the power of Cosmos to that who you are.
            As the work of many solar beings is now fulfilled within this experience and this journey, we carry you swiftly on cosmic winds back to your solar system. And gently as you descend through the atmosphere of the Earth again, there is the deep knowing of a new mindfulness of Cosmos, of God, of holy beingness.
            The ship alights here and you disembark in your starry solar bodies which now merge with your mortal forms again. And you open your eyes to observe a new cosmos before you. For it is enlivened by the sure knowledge once more within you that you are God, you are Cosmos. [Cosmos chants for 60 seconds.]
            Our angels have dressed you with new garments of light with divine sequins, gemstones and holy facets of light energy. My only command, blessed hearts, is that you remember your Source and live with me as Cosmos.

1.  Genesis 1: 3 (King James Version)

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