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Padre Pio      July 02, 2009

Beloved Padre Pio
David C. Lewis
July 2, 2009  7:20–7:27 am MDT
Rejoice in the Freedom of Elemental Life!
2009 Freedom Conference    
Big Sky, Montana 

The One Quality of God that I Ask You to Consider
Emulating and fully Embracing is Humility


            I am Padre Pio. And I come early in order to sanctify you in ruby love of God. And with my daughter Gemma so clear, so radiant in the beauty of the kiss of heaven's desire to know the love of God, I express unto each one something of that secret ray quintessence of the Spirit that for you individually may be a key to your pathway of light.
            Yes, I have read the record of your soul with permission from your God Presence and the Keeper of the Scrolls. And I offer each one a short scroll this morning with a record of where you are on your pathway home to the heart of God and of what are the possibilities for greater acceleration through ruby love whereby the trajectory of your soul may soar to newer and greater heights.
            The one quality of God that I ask each and every one of you to consider emulating and fully embracing is humility. As you have witnessed the lives of the saints, there is a common thread and stream of God-awareness within them that is this subservience to the divine will always, not as a human petitioning through ego but simply a pure knowing that it is only God as light, as love that can fulfill selfhood in the Source. And therefore, if you would not only pass each test, but ace each test, then let accelerated love as ruby fire enter the equation and let that highest point of presence, of Alpha-centeredness emerge from within you as God-humility in all things.
            When you come from a point of seeking only to serve the Divine, then every decision is trued to that one point of Godhood and you cannot stray from your pathway home, dearest hearts. But this takes a new intent to eradicate fully the interference between soulfulness in God and your Source. This level of transmutation as transubstantiation may only occur by an enflamed heart whose only desire is to love God.
            At a certain point on your pathway, you so identify with only God that your heartfires blend with his. And your human heart is no more, but you live within the very beating essence of God's fiery heart. You see, blessed ones, this comes from humility where there is no other identification of selfhood outside of your heart beating one with God's. From this level of being you may enter that perfect mindfulness that comes because the heart is wise, the heart knows all, the heart fulfills God's desire through all means, through all teaching, in being.
            Therefore, for those who will accept this level of holy love, Gemma and I will come and teach you of a new path of soulfulness in God whereby through complete surrender ruby love will live within your heart. Holy prayer, a time of silent contemplation and a willingness to be God-taught within the silence will avail you much, dearest hearts.
            And so we urge you to set aside that time both early in the morning and just before retiring when you can be only with God. Being only with God may be a lifetime quest, but its fulfillment comes daily by setting aside in stillness those sacred moments when nothing else will suffice for you but to align your being fully with the Divine One.
            This was the course that Gemma and I followed. And though we took our vows and lived within our monasteries and sacred communities, you are not required to do the same outwardly. But it is only through a twist of the dial that you may still access the holy stream of the Universal Brotherhood of the Spirit in those moments when you are fully present with the Divine within your heart.
            Therefore, put aside the various distractions that you have allowed into your world to therefore allow the only true attractive power to fulfill your purpose, dearest ones. The power of love you may know in these silent sacred spaces of devotion whereby God perfects your heart. You see it is not up to you to do this, but the Lord himself will accomplish it. But you must give him permission and the time for it to occur.
            I have brought with Gemma an opportunity for you to enter into the perfected heart of Buddhic ruby ray love this day. Let love sing within you. Let love ring anew the celestial song. Listen now and hear the voice of angels as they sing and praise your name, the I AM name, of your soul, soon to be fully wed with God. O Love that would not let these go, hold them ever in your embrace and let them live in perfect grace in time and space here. I seal you. We seal you in the perfect love of God.

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