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Buddha of the Ruby Ray      July 02, 2009

Beloved Buddha of the Ruby Ray Darshan
David C. Lewis
July 2, 2009  7:21–7:49 pm MDT
Rejoice in the Freedom of Elemental Life!
2009 World Freedom Conference
Big Sky, Montana

"How Can Each One of Us Become a Buddha of the Ruby Ray?"

[Explanation by the Messenger:]
            The Buddha of the Ruby Ray desires to have a darshan. And so this is an opportunity for you to communicate a little more personally with the master and the master with you. This darshan will take the form of the master asking you questions. And then the wisdom of those of this movement can answer another heartfriend's question. And then if the master would like to comment on that after that, he may choose to do so. But you are all overshadowed now and within the aura, the greater aura of the roseate ruby heart, the crystal Buddha ruby heart of the Buddha of the Ruby Ray who extends his aura through the entire planet now. And where he is consciously known by devotees, his heart can focus the laser action of that light and ray. And so by your acceptance of his presence in your midst, in your heart, so he is here and within you.   
            The questions that are appropriate tonight relate to the earth, elemental life—the focus of our conference— possibly what we can do for the earth and what he can do and anything that comes to mind in mindfulness that you would like to ask. So we will need this traveling mic[rophone]. We'll take a moment to simply be still and go within. And of course Vajrasattva is also here with us and lends his momentum of light with the Five Dyhani Buddhas. And so you can also address him if you would like.

[Devotee] My question is: "How can each one of us become a Buddha of the Ruby Ray?”

David: So, if you have something to offer, raise your hand.

[Various heartfriends contribute with the following statements:]
“One thing is by practicing mercy and compassion.”
“I believe that there are ruby Buddhas that are in the center of the earth holding the balance. So perhaps helping them out by maybe doing some of our earthquake decrees and helping them hold the balance that can help us to be Buddhas of the Ruby Ray.”
“In Shakespeare's Hamlet, Hamlet said, “Assume a virtue if you do not have it.” So, why not assume the identity of the Buddha of the Ruby Ray?”
“I think one thing is to purify our own expression of love, personally, and to fulfill our own personal mission to be the facet in the jewel of the sangha.”
“By visualizing the Buddha of the Ruby Ray and sending him pure love.”
“My understanding is that the Ruby Ray is the intensification and crystallization of the pink ray of love. So if you want to be a Buddha of the Ruby Ray, or if I would, I would dedicate my life to love in every aspect of my being.”
“The first thing that came to me is to be able to love oneself. In other words, holding the immaculate concept so that then you can love others from that point.”
“I would like to ask the masters if you could engage in his work, to assist him in his work.” 

 David: The question is still on the table from ________, so we're responding and answering.

“I want to learn what the work of the Buddha of the Ruby Ray is so that I can emulate him and thereby become one with him in his work.”
“By meditating on the Buddha of the Ruby Ray's heart and the octagon crystal which he has instructed us to use.”
“To me, if we continue to practice the virtues of this path, the very definition of what we do every single day in co-creating with the angels, the elementals, the masters and cosmic beings means we are becoming the Buddha of the Ruby Ray, by definition.”
“Be ruby love in action, and that is for every person to find out.”
“When we come to our total divinity, when we live only in divinity one hundred percent, I guess that is when we become the Buddha of the Ruby Ray.”
“The path of the ruby ray is the path of service, sacrifice, selflessness and surrender as love in action.” 
David: One disciple said to assume the identity or the presence of the Buddha of the Ruby Ray. And the master would augment that we can be subsumed into the very living energy field of that ruby love by so identifying with first, the Buddhic path, which is the eightfold path, and then qualifying all that we know of this path with the culmination of all of these elements of that eightfold path as the perfectionment of right livelihood, right choice, right speech, etc. and to meditate upon the foundation of what Gautama has laid, which every subsequent Buddha has also had as a foundation upon which to build, we can have a new culmination of presence as our own individualization of that Buddhic path.
            The Buddha of the Ruby Ray has so qualified love through accelerating his own understanding of that Buddhic path that he has concentrated love in a very high frequency within his being. And he does abide within the center of the earth holding that balance. It is a great sacrifice. It was a commission, an assignment. And he also identifies directly with Sanat Kumara and the ruby path, has studied the life, the words, the energy of his divine guru, the great Kartikeya, Sanat Kumara, and has emulated him and that Venusian frequency of love to an extent that he is actually drawing forth from Venus the love fires of Sanat Kumara and Venus in a concentrated action. So though you may not realize it, this is his commission, to actually bring the greater Venusian ruby fires and concentrate them within the earth such that the light of Aquarius, which is also a love-energy field, may fully manifest within and upon the earth.
            Now he was given this assignment quite some time ago. And part of his commission is to hold that field of Aquarian love with such intensity that the Earth and all evolutions upon the Earth can begin to understand what Aquarian love really is and then to formulate a new level of life living in God-love in order to sustain and then build upon what the Buddha of the Ruby Ray has lovingly done for all of us. 
            As you meditate upon his heart you will be subsumed into a greater level of service, sacrifice, surrender and selflessness if you choose. But it is not an easy path and often you will be derided by others if you live in this intensity of love which few upon Earth can currently bear within their body temples. And that is why he lives in the center of the earth, because when that level of love abides on the periphery or the surface of the earth, great hatred comes up out of the subconscious of individuals who cannot understand or fathom that level of God-love that this one holds. It is like the intensity of the blue ray that people react to. But consider how accelerated the ruby fire of love is that it wipes clean the heart fully from those iron filings of anti-love of every level of slight hatreds and slight mild dislikes and all that we know that is antithetical to love. And it cleanses that heart so that it can abide fully within the heart of God.
            So if you desire to be a Buddha of the Ruby Ray, you must not only know the highest of human loves, but the deepest of Godly virtues as holy love in its purest form without a shred of guile, animosity, any of the martian energies which are all anti-love energies because anger and the martian energies arise out of a direct confrontation with the love of Venus itself.
            Therefore you must study love in all of its essences and anti-love in all of its subtleties that have been outpictured in your own life, your psychology. And when you can get a grip on your psychology and what has been the stumbling block for you, relationship after relationship, lifetime after lifetime, whereby you have sought outward love but not truly the inward love of God that subsumes and supplants all human lesser loves, then and only then can you begin to understand the nature of the intensity that this Buddha holds for all life and for each one. 
            If you would be a Buddha of the Ruby Ray, study the lives of those who have received the stigmata to see what level of bearing planetary karma in your physical body was required of them to sustain that ruby ray physically within their form. For the blood flowed and the passion of Christ was manifest day after day after day within their four lower bodies. But they had enough love to bear it and yet to move on to continue praying, to love God and never to curse God for this sacred gift, and yet in a sense, almost a curse upon their form.
            So study the lives of the saints who have borne the piercing light of the Christ, the Buddha that immobilizes all within your heart except that which pulsates with the heart of God. It actually is a ray that stupefies the human completely. And as many of the mystics have experienced who see Mother Mary or the visionaries who have seen Jesus and the saints, their physical bodies are immobilized but at a higher level they are experiencing the divine world. They go into a nirvanic, blissful state that is not human bliss, but born of the intensity of God's holy love fires that only the cherubim and seraphim normally experience, but which those which have accelerated love to a high level can rise into before the very altar and throne of God. This is not a simple equation although it may seem like a simple question. It is a lifelong work; it is a disciplined work. It is not for the foolhardy or the weak of heart or spirit, but for those who would put aside all except the burning love of God.
            Many of the answers [you gave] are indicative of ways that you can attune to the presence of the Buddha of the Ruby Ray or understand a little bit more of his personhood. But ultimately, in the final equation, you must know yourself. You must love yourself fully as God. And then and only then can love sing at a higher level of vibration and Godly power that allows you to be a Buddha in concurrence with the heart fires of the one who has made the ultimate sacrifice of himself. Thank you.
            Within this answer you have also heard at a certain level and felt within your being what is the work of the Buddha of the Ruby Ray. It is not so much outward acts or physical labors that are required of him, but a very high level of attunement in stillness with the very heartbeat of God. He is always attuned to the heartstream of Sanat Kumara and beyond Sanat Kumara to Alpha and Omega. He listens to that heartstream. He discerns the qualification of love, holy love within that heartstream. He so identifies with the very essence of that heartstream that he draws that very stream through his being to coexist with his spiritual bloodstream. He becomes the very body and blood of Sanat Kumara. He drinks from the sacred cup of life as pure love. He eats the very flesh, the divine substance of the great Eagle as the thoughtform of Sanat Kumara. His work is completely spiritual in formulating with the Earth Mother at every moment what will assist her in balancing every energy field, vibration, correcting disturbances within the earth body. 
            One aspect of his mindfulness is always in contact with Cuzco and those divine scientists who study a higher form of geomancy, the very structure of the earth, the vibrations of all of the continents, the peoples, the karma involved in the outplaying of planetary karma and disturbances that the elementals bring about through their outpicturing of storm, etc. And so there is a very high scientific understanding of energy itself as God and its flow within the earth through the body of the Earth Mother that the Buddha of the Ruby Ray is attuned to, knows. Because he, like Gautama and Sanat Kumara have the perfect love of the Mother Light and the highest form of the raising of the Kundalini within themselves, which is to sustain the energy of that Mother Light not only in their crown but through their entire being. For once you raise the Kundalini to the crown, then you have the ability also to suffuse it through every chakra, to reenergize those chakras at a higher vibration and to qualify through the eighth ray an evolution in the DNA of your own being to a new Buddhic realm.
            Many of us have felt the raising of the kundalini for moments of time. Consider what it will mean when that kundalini is fully raised within you at all times, such that nothing, no disturbance whatsoever can alter the focus of your attention in perfect love upon the Divine Mother within your body temple. But few have the discipline, the patience or the longsuffering to learn to sustain this level of light within their entire being. It takes a gradual level of increase of the sacred fire within you through all that we have received of the disciplines of higher adeptship to bring this about. And a few among you are making inroads through an intense discipline of your faculties to live at this level of intensity that is nothing about a mental activity, but all about an accelerated heart activity that brings you into that highest gnosis of the Mother herself, the Divine Mother.
            The final word of the Buddha of the Ruby Ray is to so identify with the Cosmic Mother that naturally she draws up that energy within you and sustains it through your being in a cosmic spiral as you give deference, love and support to her. This is why from the very foundation of this movement we have included the Golden Buddha Rosary and other rosaries in our daily devotions and prayer services. Because if you truly know what is occurring as we give these prayers, it is first the gradual raising of the kundalini, and then after you have built a momentum, the sustaining of that light in your upper chakras and in all of your chakras.
            You are only limited in your ability to sustain the highest love by your own conception of what love is. So the Buddha of the Ruby Ray says raise your own concept of love to a new level of what divine love is and then he will teach you, he will tutor you. He will pass on elements of the heartstream of Sanat Kumara as you apply yourself and make yourself available and ready to receive the greater intensity of that love.

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