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Servatus      July 01, 2009

Beloved Servatus
David C. Lewis
July 1, 2009  8:31–8:44 am MDT
Rejoice in the Freedom of Elemental Life!
2009 Freedom Conference
Big Sky, Montana

Through a Loving Friendship with the Elemental and Angelic Hierarchies
You can Increase Your Abilities to Deliver the Sacred Fire

Gracious Heartfriends of the Elementals,
            I come to infuse you with an increased action of the healing ray so that you in turn may be more radiant in your work on behalf of the nature spirits. Although the Earth, as a sphere upon which many lifestreams are evolving, maintains a certain harmonic balance in order to stay the course of its flight and life around the sun, you have observed the imbalances upon Earth caused by mankind's lack of reverence for the Mother.
            After having witnessed the wondrous message of the blessed Mother Mary on behalf of the Holy Spirit to you this morning, in communion with the Hierarchs of the Elements who are sponsoring this class, Hilarion and I come to bring to bear our own awareness of the natural cycles of wholeness into the sacred equation of all that is to be accomplished during this conference.
            All healing flows from your divine Source. And when through an action of prayers, dynamic decrees, songs and the flowing movement of spiritual energies through your awareness you are brought to a heightened level of personal wholeness, it is then that you may be the instrument for greater planetary transmutation and enlightenment. The ancient adage, “Physician, heal thyself,”1 was actually inspired by me, dearest ones. And so, Hilarion and I work to inspire physicians and those in the healing arts to first know their own spiritual integrity before they apply the science of wholeness within their chosen modality.
            When you reach a certain level of spiritual integration it is virtually axiomatic that certain divine frequencies are naturally drawn to you that are causative of an even greater elevation of consciousness, dear hearts. You have observed in your life how this is so. And thus there is a certain spiritual synchronicity in heaven's affairs where those who are striving for greater health and well-being through the use of many natural means and resources are drawn closer to the angels of healing whose work with Mary, Raphael and others I direct.
            Although there are many streams of conscious thought and applied wisdom through which the divine science of healing is manifest, let us call to your attention this day the methodology whereby through the joy of living a simple and pure life within the natural world you very easily will receive the added benefit of the ministration of elementals who will inspire you in many ways to unlock their divinely magical secrets. Various healing masters such as Jesus and Gautama have risen to a masterful level of working closely with the elemental forces who wield great power that from the perspective of most people is miraculous.
            But understand that it is and was precisely because of their deep affinity with the nature spirits as well as their humility before God and his tiny servants that these masters were able to control the fire, the air, the water and the earth during their lifetimes upon Earth. When you come to the point of identifying those specific natural forces that can aid you in your work, including the mighty devas whose auras often encompass vast areas of the Earth, through a simple loving request you can bring about a major shift in weather patterns and even in the cyclic return of mankind's karma.
            Through a knowledge of and a loving friendship with the angelic hierarchies, you can increase your abilities to deliver the sacred fire into specific arenas and planetary affairs where light swallows up the darkness of the evil ones. Adepts living and applying the light at this level of alchemical work will never misuse this divine power or become a sorcerer's apprentice to black magicians who have turned this science to their own evil devices. And so a warning to all is required here. Yet, many of you are rising to the level of holy beingness where you can be entrusted with a greater spiritual authority to command elemental forces for the greater good of mankind and for the liberation of all peoples from age-old concepts that have held them in bondage for centuries.
            Blessed ones, there is a robot creation that attempts to simulate God in his creation, but which can never fully accomplish this because it lacks the living flame of God within it. This anti-creation must be eradicated by the power of the archangels and their legions in answer to your calls.
            Therefore, blessed ones, I ask you now to stand and to repeat the following fiat of light with the replica of my emerald, crystal sword which my angels place within your hands as you raise them now and say:

[Conferees repeat the following prayer led by Servatus, line by line:]

In the name of the one true God, Creator of all that is good,
I call forth the light of my own God Presence now!
And with Servatus, Hilarion, Mary and her beloved Raphael,
I command their legions of healing angels 
to go forth North, South, East and West now 
to consume and eradicate the forces of darkness 
that oppose the balance within Mother Earth today!

I call forth the light of the Elohim 
            who are the authority for all worlds in the matter cosmos, 
            to deliver the light of the Logos 
            into the very teeth of the robot creation of the Nephilim             
            for the utter consuming of their evil ways and means! 
            And for the complete freedom of all elemental life 
            from the impositions of these anti-Gods, 
            from their hexes, curses and execrations, 
            from their dark incantations, 
            their evil chants 
            and all black and satanic rituals! 

            Let the light of God flow forth this night 
            from this point high in the Rocky Mountains of America 
            for the liberation of every conscious soul, 
            for the freedom of every sentient being 
            and for the light of cosmic joy to be anchored here,

            So be it! 
            By the authority of the Word who I AM,
            So be it! 
            By the light of God that always prevails, 
            So be it! 
            By the authority of the Buddhas above and below, 
            So be it! 
            By the virtue of the Cosmic Virgin Mary, 
            It is done! 
                     It is sealed!           
           It is finished! 
            By God's grace! 

            By your word, the emerald lightning of the Elohim has gone forth. The emerald fire of my angels and of every ascended being has radiated forth from this place within the three kingdoms of God's holy creation. And that light has descended through all planes of being and is manifest now in time and space as you have called it forth, blessed ones.
            I am Servatus. My allegiance is to and I serve only the one Atom of the universal Spirit of God within all life. And I thank you.

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