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Lanello      June 29, 2009

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
June 29, 2009   8:18–8:28 am MDT
Rejoice in the Freedom of Elemental Life
2009 World Freedom Summer Conference
Big Sky, Montana

My New Handshake¹

onsider the Ritual of Greeting Each Other with Your Raised Hand

            In the stillness of the morning light, I come to energize within you a new awareness of God. As we commune with elemental life, using the faculties of our senses to discern the light of the Holy Spirit evidenced throughout nature, let us, dearest hearts, first also discern within, through a new sense of inner peace, the grace of elemental beingness whereby all that is experienced in time and space becomes rarified by the living light of the eternal One.
            Yes, there is ritual in heaven. And we as the ascended ones afford every conscious Solar one deference, bowing to that light blazing within the fiery essence of God that we see manifest within the crystalline being of each one. So I ask you this day to consider following the ritual set forth by the Master Peter Deunov and the Master Omraam to greet each other with a raised hand, whereby through the focus of the secret rays blazing through your hand you both witness to and emulate the fiery beingness of God that you see manifest within each of your holy brothers and sisters.
            And so as you enter the room, the sacred sanctuary of light where you gather, first give glory to God through the Master Presence focused through the Buddha nature of the All-Seeing One.² Afterwards you may look upon each holy devotee and, through this ritual of pure seeing, acknowledge the Christic-Buddhic light of each one in your midst. This is a reminder of our sacred brotherhood of the Spirit whereby each one receives the divine accolade of reverence. And there is through this ritual the building of a flowfield of light by the acceptance of the godly beingness within all, even the unseen stream of God's being manifest through elemental life, Elohimic life and the great Solar beings that at times grace your lives with their Presence.
           As you enter the sacred space of stillness in holiness through this very simple ritual we will be with you, we will be with you, and every godly being sponsoring this activity as well as each one of your lifestreams will augment and accelerate anew the light within your hearts and within the greater community of light of The Hearts Center.
            We welcome you, each one, in this way this day. We accept you as you are, even as we see you as you are becoming fully the God-beings that you already are.
            In a sense, blessed ones, this is my new handshake. For as this movement grows, it will be more difficult for me to acknowledge each one personally. But in this universal stream, I fully accept and bless you, each one.
            In the peace that passeth understanding³ from the human level, enter the new peace that all know or will know within the Holy City—yes, that New Jerusalem wherein the light of every Solar being is manifest; for each one is known as God.
            Purusha. May your hearts be enflamed with a greater fire of the Spirit. Now go and be those fiery spirits and live as God. I thank you.

1.  Lanello (as Mark Prophet) often greeted devotees of The Summit Lighthouse who came to events with a very firm and strong handshake, usually after dictations or discourses were given to the congregation.
2.  It is customary for disciples of the Master, the "All-Seeing One", to first acknowledge the presence of that one, either in person or within his image if the Master has passed on, and then to acknowledge the divine light within all the devotees of the Master who are present.
3.  Philippians 4:7.

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