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David Lewis      June 27, 2009

David C. Lewis Discourse (Inspired by Maitreya)
June 26, 2009  8:08–8:30 pm  MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through The Wellspring Retreat


The Purpose of Our Throat Chakra Is to Utter the Voice of God

Be Mindful of Your Thought; Be Mindful of Your Speech

           Today I would speak on our legacy of light as prayer and the science of invocation. Within the Hearts Center movement, one of the very first assignments to me was to put together a full compendium of new prayers that anchor the new frequencies of Aquarius within the world and within our lives. And so, many of these prayers have been dictated by the ascended masters themselves. Some have been inspired. Many of them have needed slight adjustments, and then many heartfriends have also offered their inspirations and through their own attunement, blessed prayers, mantras, songs of the Spirit.
           So we have a most wonderful compilation of these new energy prayers of the Spirit, [which] we use daily. And you can feel, if you are sensitive, the wafting of these Holy Spirit and Spirit-inspired currents flowing through your chakras, emanating forth to the planet as the worded matrices of these prayers (which are cups of light) are spoken by intent, by love by devotees as we come together and nurture the planet itself through our voices.
            Now, what the masters want to reveal today and what Lord Maitreya says is that the purpose of our throat chakra is really to utter the voice of God and to invoke light and to issue forth prayers. Have you considered that every word that you speak is and can be a prayer? You can bless every individual with whom you speak with words of kindness and intent and a certain divine radiance by the intonation of vowels and consonants in words that uplift, support, uphold, nurture and bring life and energy to everyone and to all life.
            So consider this day that whenever you speak, it is the voice of God that speaks through you, your own Higher Self. For the gift of speech is actually a miracle manifestation of opportunity from our Divine Presence to engage the stream of light that flows through our beings through the crystal cord, [which] harmonizes through the strings of our vocal chords energy patterns and then sends them forth as waves of light and energy to the Earth.
           Recently I received a teaching about the Z-ray and how it is a buzzing [vibration] that actually is an action of sound that bridges the gap between sound and light. We have within the spectrum of vibration sound waves, but you don't normally think of sound waves as emanating light. But at higher frequencies, sound becomes fully light-energy. And so the Z-ray invokes a certain vibration that is the bridge between dimensional planes and fields [of] sound and light.
            Now, in the “I AM” Activity, the Saint Germain Foundation, a number of dictations through the anointed messengers spoke of the light and sound ray. And so at a higher frequency when you invoke the words that the ascended masters dictate, which hold energy patterns as cups of light, they do invoke light. And along the stream of the sound ray, light frequencies and higher patterns of crystalline perfection flow through the sound wave that goes forth throughout the cosmos and impresses, by vibration, its essence throughout the ethers.
           If you consider what it is that you do in these sessions that is powerful, it is the intent of your mind, your will; it is the sound that streams forth through your throat chakra as the blue chakra. It is the feeling that you emote from your heart and from your solar plexus, and it is the visualization that you hold within your third eye that energize and activate these waves of fiery energy that are co-creating the universe anew each time you speak with intent, with blessedness, desirous to bring greater grace and harmony to all life.
            You know this at your core and that is why you participate in these sessions, because not only are you blessing the Earth and all life, but the activation of sound within your own chakras and within your centers of light recreates you anew in the image and likeness of God that is your Higher Self, that is your divine Buddha Nature. And so you are harmonizing yourself with your true nature each time there is the stirring and the vibration of these strings of your vocal chords, because they are your personal instrument, which is a beautiful instrument that not even any human musical instrument can quite copy or simulate. The sound vibrations that go forth when trained singers, who understand the divine science behind music, invoke the higher thoughtforms of the Spirit when they sing (and the emanation of light and the frequencies that are emitted through the sacred channels of their own being that resonate) are truly amazing and powerful. And you can hear in voices the heart's intent to bring love and energy to life.
           Now, there are those upon the Earth who at their core understand this science but have twisted it and turned it and therefore wail and howl in a very dark spirit. And these you hear in many of the current rock bands and others whose harmonies are not true to the divine worlds and who do not invoke the music of the spheres, but the darkness of the netherworlds.
            And so, it is by a spiritual pathway that we can either use this instrument for great light, or it is through another choice that our very chakras and our sacred throat vessel can be used to invoke energies out of the pit. The choice is yours every day how you will utilize this great God-gift of your throat chakra to either ennoble life or to decry or defame life. So, be careful how you utilize this sacred vessel. And if you desire greater God Consciousness, greater God-mastery within your being, then you will always see the crystalline and pure stream of light issue forth through your throat chakra as you speak with intent, with kindness, with mercy and grace words that uplift and support and uphold others.
            But even in your e-mails or your communiqués—which [are] a static form of your voice and your chakras conveyed electronically but not directly through your throat—there is still the sending forth of the vibration of your being. And so if you send criticism or condemnation in very subtle ways because you have not harmonized your thought and feeling world in balance, then be careful because these vibrations go out and do their work and in some cases do their hurt to other lifestreams.
            Now, our mind is also a resonator. And when we think and send forth thought patterns, these also create waves at a higher vibration and a very subtle vibration that cannot be seen except by the adepts, who can instantly transpose these thought patterns into images and know with a surety what it is that you are thinking, because when you think, images are sent forth. And so imagination is a higher process of vibration and the emitting of rays, [which] actually is a creative process. And when you understand it, you can utilize the science of mindfulness and of thought imaging to create exactly what you desire in the etheric plane and the mental plane, and then eventually it precipitates in the physical.
            “As a man thinketh, so is he,” William James said, and others have also echoed.1 As you think, you create. And in the higher worlds, thought is a creative activity, instantaneously precipitating that which you think in manifestation in that higher vibrational plane of the etheric world. So to be an ascended one you must master your thought as well as your emotions. And therefore the master Saint Germain has often chided the chelas to be careful of and to master their thought and feeling world because he knows that you cannot think dark thoughts in the heaven world as an ascended one because it is antithetical to the very nature of God-beingness to be at a level of vibration less than the Christ Consciousness, the Buddhic awareness.
            In mindfulness, we sing, we speak, we decree, we pray with a holy intention to be an accessory to God. And through the activation of light through our chakras, we as co-creators are doing that which God originally sent us forth to do, which is to multiply ourselves and be fruitful. So consider every word that you speak and allow the Spirit to move you first before you speak. Those who ramble on senselessly, nonsensically as talking heads, do not get it and do not understand that this sacred gift of speech through our vocal chords is one that we must not take lightly, but garner the energies of the Spirit and speak with holy intent.
           If you find yourself speaking and speaking in a torrent, be careful because you have engaged often through mindlessness in a lesser stream of the lesser self and not the higher stream of the Higher Self. And therefore stop and fast from speaking for a cycle, because it is prudent to be still and to observe our thoughts. Have you considered being still in order to observe your thought patterns as emanation and waves of energy?
            When you can objectively observe yourself and the patternings of energy that flow through your awareness, your consciousness, then you can begin to enter into the science of self-mastery at a higher level, whereby with the lamas, who have understood this science, and the Tibetan yogis and others, you can enter into a higher mindfulness with Maitreya that brings forth Buddhic awareness in its core essence.
            So first we observe our speech and we are more silent. Then we begin to observe at a higher level our thought patterns. And when we have mastered thought to the point of entering into no thought, where God is still within us, then and only then can we become masters of precipitation at the highest level, where through no thought, the divine thought enters the equation and the ideation of the cosmos and the Cosmo-Creator of God himself streams through us, and we are simply a crystal emanator of that divine thought, which vibrates the strings of the mind of the entire cosmos to conceive of all that is, all that will be. And in this state of no thought, we can be the co-creative ones to bring forth that divine genius of new creations that have always been held in the awareness of God's Divine Mind but which only through a very subtle activity of that Mind can we access and then bring forth.
           The new instrumentation of Aquarius as newer discoveries that ennoble mankind and bring forth greater consciousness and awareness are always brought forth through a greater subtlety of higher mindfulness. And it is through the divine science that we enter into this higher mindfulness to access these higher streams of subtle activity of the supermundane worlds.
           In your meditation practice, when you can access the light of solar radiance, then the process of self-discovery is truly complete. You know who you are, you know your Source and the source of every divine emanation and creative principle. And accessing these, you move forward on your path as a messenger of light in your own domain, the realm of being in which you live and move and have your being. And within that auric pattern of perfection, everything that flows through you is divine, is holy, is beautiful and gives glory to the one and only God of all.
            This is our message for today. Be mindful of your thought, be mindful of your speech, and allow the Spirit to move you only and always.
           God bless you. Have a wonderful day. I look forward to greeting those who are participating physically in Big Sky at our conference. And if you have not registered online, if you are not able to make it physically, I urge you to do so today and to listen with intent [to] all that many hearts, especially the ascended hosts, have prepared as their sacred discourses of light. For they have been writing these, preparing them for us, in some cases, for eons and within the timelessness of the now.
           In holy virtue, may your love increase, one for another and for the Almighty One. God bless you. Bye-bye.

1. William James was alluding to the biblical passage in Proverbs 23:7: “As he thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

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