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Manjushri      June 17, 2009

David Christopher Lewis (Overshined by Beloved Manjushri)
June 17, 2009   7:44–8:22am MDT

Wellspring Retreat

Paradise Valley, Montana

Being an Adept Is Being a Spiritual Adult

The Buddha Manjushri is a master as he raises his sword in assisting us to erase illusion and self-delusion and to conform with our Buddha nature. He is very clear in bringing to us exactly what we require in order to pass our initiations on our path home to the heart of God. He does not mince words, just as Morya does not. He illumines every situation with Buddha wisdom, wherein there can be no doubt as to the course of action to take, what is at play within ourselves and how we can get out of our dilemmas and live in presence and in the singular point of divinity.

If you are having difficulty self-assessing where you are on the path to the point of not knowing with clarity what you must do; if initiations arise whereby you find yourself in a state of denial or attempting to skirt issues within yourself so that you can have an easier pathway home; or if you do not wish to confront your own dweller, your own Mara, Manjushri can help you. You can call to him to cleave asunder that which has been clouding your vision and preventing you from assuming the divinity of responsibility and integrity that has been vouchsafed to you within the threefold flame that God has placed within you.

People come to the point on their path where they get stuck and make no further progress because they are not willing to do the work on themselves, and we have all done this. And at this point of being stuck at a certain rung of the ladder of initiation, we do disservice to ourselves and to the Buddhas if we ignore their wisdom teaching. Therefore Manjushri can be an intercessor before Lord Maitreya for us to bring about a swift and beautiful point of clarity through the voice of either the master himself or our own higher messenger, our I AM Presence, if we are truly listening. At times that voice may be that of another who sees much more clearly what is acting within us than we at times see because of our blind spots.

The initial tendency of the dweller, of the not-self, is to immediately react to anything that anyone else says that brings to light darkness within us or in a situation that has not been fully resolved, even if what they say is born from a spirit of compassion. What is this reaction? It is an attempt to push God away from within ourselves and to avert or skirt around the core issue that is up for transmutation, resolution and self-elevation so that we can manifest our God-identity. If we can get beyond these knotty points and live in humility, then God will make up the difference for us and we can pass beyond the boulder. And at times we don't have to shatter and destroy that boulder; it can be dissolved by the grace and the mercy of the divine law that we attend to. In other words, you don't have to get out a giant hammer and try by yourself to blast away at this big boulder that is before you. You can use the violet-laser light and a higher knowledge and a higher frequency to pulverize it with the illumination fire that Manjushri, on behalf of Lord Maitreya, brings and offers to us so that we can pass our tests.

I have seen within myself certain tendencies and scotomas when they have been brought to my awareness by others close to me, and I have had to wrestle with some of these for days, months or even years. Our parents are typically chosen by our soul so that at an early age and as we grow up, these momentums from past incarnations can be brought out in communication and at times through conflict within our lives so that we can move up higher, into higher gnosis. And our teachers in the school systems, however imperfect they are, are often there to bring to our outer awareness what we need to do.

Now, you may have passed virtually every test and taken every course on your path toward earning a master's degree in a masterful life, in the spiritual divinity that you are working on, becoming a doctor of divinity in the highest sense; yet there may be one part of the curriculum that you have not fully passed, that you do not understand or that you do not have a momentum on. And this could be the very thing that, if you could master it, would lead to you earning your cap and gown, your spiritual diploma on the path of life. And so you must gird up your loins, take a deep breath and decide whether you really desire that diploma, whether you really desire the attainment of God-awareness. Do you desire to move fully into your Buddha nature or do you desire to identify with Mara, play games and skirt the issues that are before you and attempt to somehow mollify the situation and give in to your lesser self?

There comes a point when God within us must move on and we choose to either live in the playschool arena of life as children or graduate to become adults, fully. There are people who have never fully grown up, at one level of their being, and taken accountability and responsibility for every aspect of their lives to the point where they are really adults and can be counted on, can be looked to by the masters to fulfill certain higher assignments for themselves and for the planet.

You can self-assess to see if you feel that you are at the level of having taken accountability for your world, first, and for the world at large, second, such that you can be counted on by any master to take the extra weight of world karma or to fulfill some major assignment for the Lord. And if you see within yourself an issue that you have attempted to skirt—whether in a relationship, in an assignment or through a debt to life, an individual, a number of individuals or an organization—then go to that situation, breathe deeply and see the potential for great good and for the God-outcome that could result if you do the work and accept your accountability. And live within the moment of the attainment on the other side of the initiation, having passed it. And then call upon Manjushri and allow him to assist you, through the great power of his spiritual being, to do that work and to make the amends or to move through the initiation such that you can greet the great God-boon that comes on the other side of that test.

Now, I'm speaking as much to myself in this matter as I am to any one of you, because we all have these blind spots. And, of course, I have been given many assignments from the masters that are unfulfilled. And ultimately, even though we do not always have the outer resources to accomplish what we desire or the personnel to fulfill certain things, if there is truly a one-pointed focus and a God-determination, anything can be accomplished by the force of love, wisdom and power and by complete and utter abandon of all except God in the process of fulfilling a specific request or desire of the Brotherhood.

You may be stuck for lifetimes at one specific rung of the ladder of initiation. And, of course, our beloved Mother (Elizabeth Clare Prophet, now the ascended Claire de Lis) spoke about this. Many people, when they reach a certain level of karma balancing, as she stated when the staff of The Summit Lighthouse and Church Universal and Triumphant were receiving their karmic readings, get stuck in the 45 percent area, and getting beyond 50 percent is very difficult. What she stated at that time was that often many of us require a boost by the guru or by our higher gurus and the fiery intensity of initiation as a goad, as a reminder. Sometimes we simply require the fire branding of the divine Spirit to burn away the unclarity, the maya, the illusion and self-delusion around ourselves so that we can get beyond that and really soar with the Brotherhood.

You can ask your Holy Christ/Buddha Self where you are on the path and meditate with Manjushri today to determine what it is that you are stuck on and what will be required of you to get unstuck and move on. You and only you can determine, with the Brotherhood and with your own Higher Self, if you are willing to make the leap—the leap of faith—over the chasm that you have created yourself by unconsciousness and by inattentiveness to your own inner divinity. These chasms have been created over lifetimes of our nonrespect toward God, of leaving off of our attention upon God within us. We can narrow those chasms by devotion, by daily practices of spiritual attentiveness to the Divine. And at a certain point, when the chasm is narrow enough, we can make that leap. Though for some, the chasm is so deep and wide that they don't think that they can leap over it without help from another, and it may be so.

The masters will narrow that chasm as you employ the gifts, the talents, the graces that have been bestowed upon you day after day after day, and you build a momentum whereby you fill in that chasm by your love. And eventually you will get to the point, if you are constant and true to self, where you can make that leap. And it won't be the leap of an Olympic long-jump man; it will be one that even a child can make through joy and a certain level of faith.

We will give the mantra Om Ah Ra Pa Ca Na Dhih a few times to invoke the presence of Manjushri before he continues. [David and participants give the mantra twelve times.]

A point at which almost all of us get stuck is the eight o'clock line, when something is brought to our attention and we have a sense of injustice about it. This sense of injustice is actually a deep core of hatred—of God and of our own Higher Self. If you ever feel a sense of injustice welling up within you about anything, and it doesn't matter what it is—that someone has wronged you, that circumstances in your life are not what they should be, anything—you can choose to step back, meditate and pray.

Get on your knees if necessary and ask God what it is that is really acting. And realize at that point that from the human level, you will never get the victory over this sense of injustice and this issue that has cropped up, which is so big and looming in your world that all of the ire of your not-self has come up to the surface and you feel that you have to get it off your chest. You feel that you have to tell someone, email or call someone and say: “You have done this injustice to me. I don't deserve this. Why are you doing this to me, to me, to me?” And then it becomes all about the other person rather than about you and your choices to take God-control of your life. If you have at any point attempted to place the responsibility for your life or for your world outside of the circle of yourself, then you are in that state of injustice. You are not riding the monkey; you have allowed the monkey to be on your back.

So how can we get out of this sense of injustice and move on to the nine o'clock line of God-reality? Manjushri helps to clear this perversion of the Mother on that eight o'clock line. It is an earth energy within the water quadrant that mires us in the muck, which results when water and earth are combined. It mires us in that muck of the sense of injustice. And we are actually not just hurling and slinging mud to others; we are going deeper and deeper in the mire of this sense of injustice until we don't even know that we are in that mire. We are simply blind to the situation.

So Manjushri takes his sword and the mud dries and he slices it away so that eventually we can get out of that mire. Then we must remain clean and walk on the Earth as fully conscious beings and not get stuck again and again. I have seen people waffle, go back and forth and back and forth. At times they are elated in the light of the Brotherhood, and then the next day they are wallowing in self-pity: “Woe is me—my problem. Others have done this to me. Oh, I've got all these entities that are taunting me.” Why is this? This is a spiritual form of a psychological dilemma. These people have become spiritually bipolar. They go through high highs and low lows, and there is no basic platform of stability in their lives whereby they know themselves, whereby they know who they are and can always live in that integrity.

If you find yourself having these high highs and low lows, Manjushri can help you, along with Kuthumi and other masters, to resolve these core issues in which you wallow with a sense of injustice about what others have done to you rather than taking full responsibility for your life, for your mission, for your finances, for everything. I have a tendency at times to let my desk go to pot and have papers piled up, and so this is one of my blind spots. And at times I have to just stop everything else, organize everything and put it in files, et cetera.

My initiation in this regard is to take the extra time so that that pile never gets to the point of being what it becomes at times. Of course, when people have many responsibilities and they get interrupted all the time, there's a tendency to not take that extra time at the end of the day or throughout the day to be so organized that there is a place for everything and everything has its place. So this is one of my scotomas and I have to work on that. You may have similar issues. Whatever it is, you have to get beyond it. And the time for self-mastery in this regard is now—at the end of the cycle when we move to summer solstice.

Today is the seventeenth, so we have four more days. Take these four days to really self-assess where you are with those things that you know that you are avoiding, the people that you have not resolved issues with, the situations that keep cropping up, and especially the financial ones.

What Manjushri would like us all to know is that if you do not have the flow of abundance in your world that you would like, it is because you have not fully entered the integrity of your Presence and resolved the issues of a sense of lack—a lack of a sense of self-worth or a lack of integrity and intention that keep you so focused on your mission that a ray of light goes forth from your third eye and clears the way for you to have what you require to fulfill it. At some level you have left off of your integrity and have not become fully integrated with yourself. You have allowed your powers to be given to others. Or maybe you have not taken the reigns of that power and determined that you will have every resource that you require to fulfill your mission and do the work, no matter what it is—even humble service like cleaning toilets, cleaning rooms, or whatever—where you sweat and do that work in order to earn the money. I have seen myself avoid physical work. Haven't you, such as when you knew that you had to pull weeds or do something that was required in order to have clarity in your environment?

So for these next four days, let us pull those weeds. Let us get down to the brass tacks and clean our toilets—the toilet of our lesser self—and really decide that we will have a better resurrection, a better freedom conference because we're going to do that work that is required today and not put it off. We're going to clean out our basements, clean out our attics, organize our lives and not put off until tomorrow what can be done tonight, even if it means that we have to stay up a little later.

When you work hard, you go to bed feeling fulfilled. Haven't you felt that when you've given your all throughout the day and you haven't whiled away your time watching TV, doing senseless nonsense or reading stuff on the Internet that has nothing to do with your mission—reading what everybody else has said about this and that—and instead you have stayed focused on the most important thing in your life that is needed right here, right now?

We divert our attention through all manner of things in this day and age, especially electronic media, don't we? We read about what everybody else has to say about this or that. Well, what is your Holy Christ/Buddha Self saying to you right now that is essential for you to grow up and to fulfill everything in your holy office as son or daughter of God? Yes, there are beautiful things on the Internet too. I'm not saying all of it is junk. Yet I know, because I've seen it within myself and within other people who spend so much time emailing and doing this and that, that they're not fully focused on the spiritual work, the highest work that they can do.

So let us all, individually and collectively, take this accountability, take the reins of our God-power, not by human might—by an inner God-determination to fulfill the most important thing that we can do to move upward and onward on our path of initiation. I guarantee you that if you will self-assess and dig deep into the inner spiritual resources and reserves of your being and give forth the effort, God will help make up the difference for you. When he sees that you are making that effort and trying with everything that you can possibly bring to the table and to the equation, then the angels will come and help you.

Haven't you felt this at times, that when you have given your all, somehow God made up the difference and a miracle ensued and you were able to have your victory? Maybe you did not even take the first step for fear, for a sense of lack—for fear of what it would mean if you did do the work, such as write that first page of your spiritual autobiography. If you did not prepare the altar and a place for the Lord—setting the table with the dishes, the silverware, the napkins and the glass—then you weren't even ready for the Lord to come.

As I said, I'm speaking as much to myself as to any of us today, and I take to heart what Manjushri brings in terms of his fire and his God-determination that each of us will make it. Morya has given us so much, over and over and over, in terms of his love that comes through his fiery branding with the blue-ray fire to goad us to move higher. Yet today Manjushri takes his sword and clears that mud around us so that we can move out of a sense of injustice into God-justice with Portia and then on to the physical quadrant of reality, vision and victory.

I think that if we get to know Manjushri a little better, we will have such a boost and a sense of joy that overcoming will become much easier, and the seemingly huge things that have been boulders before us will become like molehills. We've made them big in our mind, yet really they're not so huge, are they? Have you noticed how sometimes you have made things into a mountain by thinking about and revolving them, by letting the energies of your feeling body wrap themselves around the situation as you revolve it and revolve it and revolve it and it becomes such a huge thing? All it takes is a shift to realize it's not such a big deal. Just make a phone call; just pull some weeds; just clear your desk. It goes faster than you can even imagine if you just get out of the miasma, the maya, the illusion. Take the reins of personal accountability and make it happen. As Morya says, “Just do it—now!”

So I expect and I pray and I hope that each of us will pass our tests in these next four days. I can guarantee you—because I've seen this dynamic year after year after year and know the law—that something will come up that the Lords of Karma, in conjunction with your Holy Christ/Buddha Self, bring to the surface for resolution at the summer solstice cycle. You may have already seen it happen. It may be glaring right before you today, or it may be very subtle. Yet I can guarantee you that something will occur, if it hasn't already, that will bring to you the opportunity to grow up and be a spiritual adult and adept.

Manjushri says today that being an adept is being a spiritual adult; it's the same thing. If you don't have your adeptship, it's because you've been living as a child—not in a childlike spirit of godly surrender, just being childish. And so if you desire to be an adept, then grow up spiritually and be that adult that you truly are already—accept it and be it. So be it.

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