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Maha Chohan      June 10, 2009

David Christopher Lewis  [Inspired by the Blessed Maha Chohan, Representative of the Holy Spirit]
June 10, 2009   7:24-7:45am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana 


“Physician, Heal Thyself”

If You Would Be a Healer, Attune to the Holy Spirit
and Make Your Body Temple a Sacred Habitation for That Spirit

            If you would have the Holy Spirit living within your life, you must have joy singing within your heart. If you would have God fully present wherever you are, then you must surrender to the voice of God that speaks within your heart. If you would be healers of others, then you must have the healer present within your heart first. For it was said of old, “Physician, heal thyself.”1 Where wholeness is, the Holy Spirit is present. And where a new healing light appears, the breath of the Holy Spirit breathes new life, new radiance and a new joy into the heart.
            When Jesus said, “Thy sins be forgiven thee,”2 he saw within the aura of the individual the akashic records of the origin of the disease [for which that one had] asked healing. And he penetrated to that situation and held the firm field of divine intent and light through his heart for the dissolving, by the power of the Holy Spirit, of the core of that miscreation. And through all time and space, down to the present of that individual, there was the dissolution of the stream of the karma for that one such that there could be instantaneous realignment and perfection of the body, the mind, the emotions; and that one could walk free and clear, unencumbered by the result of the misapplication of light and of free will that had resulted in that karmic return.
            If you would be a healer such as Jesus or Hilarion, then you must attune to the Holy Spirit in its power and flow and make your body temple a sacred habitation for that divine breath and Spirit whereby, by the grace of God and by the power of forgiveness and the violet transmuting flame and fire, you may be the instrument for the same level of transmutation on behalf of souls and body temples. It is not you that does the work. It is the Spirit that performs the miracle action, which is not a miracle but simply the understanding of the dynamic in the equation of light and of what is necessary for a certain quotient of spiritual energy to descend through the crystal of your being and be transferred to the individual for wholeness.
            Many practitioners and healers are about the world who relieve pain and suffering through various practices; [through] various manipulation[s] of the joints, of the vertebrae; through massage; through the movement of tissue; and through an understanding of chi and the unblocking of these temporary blocks that are within the electronic body of men, women and children [so] that the flow of light may course through them freely. And the energy of that light itself does the perfect work, for that light is the Spirit.
            All of these practices are well and good, and they are necessary. But ultimately, if you would be a master healer, one who understands the highest science of light and of divine flow, you must do as Jesus, Hilarion, Mother Mary, Saint Germain and others have done. And that is to know God so deeply, to love God so reverently that the Holy Spirit abides within your body temple and does its perfect work, unencumbered by blocks within you such that you may simply be there as an instrument, as one who may transfer the power and the energy and the light of God through your hands, through your chakras on behalf of those whom you serve.
            Mother Mary's healing retreat is here and we have received the commission, the admonition, the direction, the word from her of the possibility for great healing to occur here. We have had classes of Meru University where we have studied and discovered aspects of the flow of the secret-ray energies through our chakras and hands and feet and heart. We have felt the energy; we have experimented with the flow of light. And yet we are now at the crossroads to determine whether this property, this land will be available for this mission to really ensue or whether the calling will not be completed and other options [pursued.]
            One aspect of abundance and the abundant life that we all [may] take to heart is [the] get[ting of] the Holy Spirit fully. When we are in that mode of knowing the Holy Spirit and of being the perfect chalice for its flow, then whatever abundance is rightfully ours can course through and unto our being; for there are no blocks within us to stop up that flow of light. And so, in a sense, to be an alchemist is also to be a healer of self. And Saint Germain, as the great proponent of alchemy, most nobly demonstrated God Self-mastery to the point where that light could flow through him with perfection and there could be instantaneous transformation of substance and [the ability to accomplish] all that you know [of] that he has done as the Master.
            We can discern what are those things that we have encumbered ourselves with in terms of our thoughts and feelings, our practices, our habit patterns, the substance that we take up and within our body temples, that which we ingest in terms of media influences, et cetera, that have in some way caused a disconnect from the full receptivity of our hearts to the Spirit Most Holy and to the flow that could be ours if we continue to purify our lives and allow the crystalline energies of cosmic flow to manifest through us.
            There is no judgment of [our] past in this regard, yet a cautious approach and an honest assessment of where we are and of our ability to be able to magnetize light and to allow it to manifest through us gives us pause to consider this equation. And then through heart-mindfulness we can hopefully do those things and make those changes in our world and in our life that will allow us to move forward to fulfill the requests of the Brotherhood and especially of Mother Mary. I believe that if every heartfriend within this movement [is] true to Self in the highest sense that we [can] and that we will magnetize all the abundance required through divine alchemy to fulfill Mary's requests.
            So we need to look no further than ourselves to discern today, right now, what is blocking our own full presence and connection with our Presence. And so let us take a few moments to self-assess, to not condemn ourselves, but to simply allow the Keeper of the Scrolls, the Maha Chohan, the recording angels and Mother Mary to speak within us and to give us guidance and loving support as to that which we can do right here and now to allow for the miracle manifestation of light, the magnification factor of Mary to enter the equation and to assist us in this alchemy.
            So let us meditate in silence for a few moments as we perform this self-assessment [Messenger and audience meditate in silence.]

1. Luke 4:23.
2. Matthew 9:2, 5; Mark 2:5, 9; Luke 5:23.


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