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Maha Chohan      May 31, 2009

David Christopher Lewis  Darshan  [Inspired by the Blessed Maha Chohan]
May 31, 2009   8:00-9:00 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Catalysts for Activating the Holy Spirit in Our Lives

Love, Stillness and Communion with the Great Spirit in Nature

            The Maha Chohan says that love is the prerequisite, the major prerequisite, for the Holy Spirit to be active in your life—to be active. You can have the Holy Spirit, but is that Spirit active within your life?
            This is the crux of the matter today for all of us. Many of us have received blessings and boons and graces, dispensations—many, in fact, in the dictations of the masters. Every dictation is a dispensation from the Holy Spirit, because without the Holy Spirit there would be no progressive revelation or a renewal of light in our beings and the conveyance of the energy of that Spirit through the dictation itself. Did you realize this? So without love there could be no new dictation. Love is renewed within the message, within the heart of the messenger and within our hearts as active participants and receivers of the light of the master's message.
            So if you do not have an acceleration of love, you cannot truly receive the message of the masters. You cannot be an active participant. You are not making that message active in your life. But with love, the Holy Spirit can be present within your heart to receive the highest level of the energization of your being through the dictations and through the messages of the masters.
           Love activates the message through your life when you apply the masters' messages. Without love, faith is not present fully, because faith takes the energy of feeling to make that faith a reality in your life also. Love is intertwined within faith and in true wisdom, which is not just knowledge of facts, but the wise dominion of that understanding within your life through its application through love.
            Just as the white-fire energy of the Mother is at the center of every flame, so love activates that energy within each flame, within each color ray, and makes it fresh and new. On Pentecost we can see every ray that we utilize in our life and that we energize through our action ensconced in a certain pink aura, which graces that ray with the power of the Holy Spirit to make it fresh and new.
            We do not just want the knowledge of the past regurgitated within our lives. We want something that is actively renewing us in a higher spiral of light. Do we not? Otherwise, why do we do what we do? We want something that is at the pinnacle of vibration of where we left off the day before to bring us to something that will move us higher. And each of us has to discern what this is.
            We were not ready for the messenger this morning on time. Why is that? We need to discern why we were not ready, why we were not in our seats on time, why the broadcast was not ready to go. I was here. I was ready for the master, but none of the rest of us [were] really in our place ready to receive the instantaneous release of fire of the Brotherhood.
            So each of us needs to discern what it is, as a block in our own awareness and consciousness, that is allowing this energy of ennui, of boredom, of nonrenewal of the Spirit to cause us to be unprepared. Preparedness itself in the heart of Saint Germain is an aspect of the Holy Spirit. And being prepared means to look beyond ourselves, to be aware, as a divine scout, of what we need to do to be present and to be omnipresent, as the Holy Spirit is, to be ready for that Spirit when it comes and speaks to us. If we are not fully omnipresent with the Holy Spirit, we will not be present when the Holy Spirit comes to deliver his message.
            Being on time is a discipline of the Mother and of energy that all of us need to take to heart. [We must] understand that there are eternal cycles, that there are eternal movements of worlds within even the microcosm of the time of our own life and the timetables of the movement of cycles such that if we are truly disciplined in the highest sense, we will anticipate and be in our station, in our correct office ahead of time, meditating and prepared fully for the release of light. So a word to the wise is sufficient, and I won't berate us any longer.
            As soon as we have any sharings from heartfriends who have emailed in, let me know and we'll have them read to us for our edification.
            Every dispensation of a dictation is a grace of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is completely active within the voice of each master, because each master is a part of the Universal Great White Brotherhood, which is one aspect of the Holy Spirit.
            When your chakras are in alignment, when you are healthy and the light is flowing through you in its highest aspect, then you can be a receptacle for and a transmitter of the power of the Holy Spirit. If you are in a diseased state, if your energies are low, if you are not at your peak of performance, then the Holy Spirit is compromised within your life and you need to discern how it is and what it is that you can [do to] allow the Holy Spirit to be present and fully activated.
            There are certain catalysts that allow the Holy Spirit to be active within your life, and for each one of you it may be something different. For some, meditation; for others, exercise; for some, deep breathing, pranayama breathing; for some, a really good round of Astreas and violet flame.
            So we'll go around the room for those present, and you can share what it is that catalyzes you to be at your highest peak performance for God, where the Holy Spirit can be active within you. We'll start over here.

Participant 1:  I feel like I need Astreas and violet flame. I feel like I definitely need heavy exercise, running. I feel like quite often when I feel most burdened, a letter to Kuan Yin. And sometimes that actually starts the process to free me enough to take the next step, either on the physical or in the decree session.

Participant 2:  For me, it's a strong set of Astreas, thirty-six, and also exercise in the morning, the Five Tibetans. And I do a lot of walking, actually, and gardening.

David:  OK.
Participant 3:  For me, I do my best and I'm feeling my best and up at my peak when I can get through my normal morning ritual, which includes some meditation time, some exercises. I also do the Tibetan rituals. I have a certain set of prayers that I like to do, and call blessings on all kinds of things. And that sets me up pretty much during the day. I also try to live more and more in the Now.

  OK, it's not about trying. What has gotten you at your peak? Think of when you were at your highest peak. That's what the master wants us to meditate on and think of. And it's not just doing these things, necessarily, that's going to get you there. Think of when you have been at your highest and best for the Brotherhood and for your Higher Self. Go to that place and that space, and in a few words tell us what has gotten you there.

Participant 3:  Being focused.

David:  Focused. Excellent.

Participant 4:  For me it's being very still and quiet and really calling on my reserve and calling to the masters.

Participant 5:  Being aware of my Presence all day long.

Participant 6:  I think connecting with other people and writing helps me, and sitting still, being present with myself.

Participant 7:  I think it's important to get an early start on the day and to be active, active in preparation, because it's in preparation where you have a foundation for the inner attunement and stillness.

Participant 8:  I ask to be in the present moment and connected all the time, and stillness really, really helps me with that. But I never know from where it's coming, from a dictation or from seeing something in nature. I never know, but it's being open as much as I can that's important for me.

David:  Good. The Master wants us today to consider our peak performance. And this is an aspect of the Holy Spirit  that allows us to have the highest energy field in our aura. The planet needs an acceleration, and the Holy Spirit is a focal point for that acceleration.
            Think of when the Spirit came and the winds blew through that Upper Room and the cloven tongues descended  [and] there was a new energy that these apostles had not felt before. It was a new activation. It was a new energization. They did not necessarily expect it. They were praying, but when it came all of them were amazed. And then those five thousand and more received the message that day—many of whom were converted, if you want to use that term, by the power of that Holy Spirit—[and] they were amazed. So amazement in itself is a result of the movement of the Spirit, with its power to transform our lives.
            Sometimes this takes more than just stillness. It takes this focus that was mentioned. And the focus is a collective focus of a group that is so energized by the activating energy within the ray that [they] are all focusing together toward one purpose. They were all of “one accord in one place.”1
            Now, that one place was not just a physical place. It was a space of divine love that was created by the flowfield of their collective auras as they sat together in stillness and in oneness and in holy prayer and in song. In “one place,” of “one accord”—they were of one accord, harmony. Their minds were merged; their hearts were fused. This accord literally created a new chord of radiant energy as a divine song that allowed the Holy Spirit to come, because that cord was created that linked them to the divine world, embraced them and tied them together as a sacred cord of light, and then the Spirit came.
            Within our Hearts Centers, within our heartfriends groups and even over the broadcast when we commune, there can be the same energization of our work by the power of this accord and this oneness of purpose when we put our energies, our hearts into what we do at the highest energy level that we can focus through. But it takes an activating power and principle, which is love, through our hearts to make it so.
            Stillness is also a precursor, just as love is a precursor and a catalyst. For through stillness you can listen and hear the voice of God within you. But at a certain point the stillness is no longer still in silence, for the wind and the power and the rush of that Spirit enters your being and moves you to action.
            So for our peak performance, spiritual performance, we must have the power of the Holy Spirit activated within our lives. When you are moving and accomplishing and doing things for God and you have your lists that you check off and you are happy because you are accomplishing that which you have set, through your intention, [as] the course of your day, do you not feel buoyed up and happy? [I know that] when [I] can accomplish [my] ten [or] twenty items each day,  I have worked hard and I have striven, and it's by God's grace that the Spirit has moved me to accomplish these things. It is not of my human self that they have manifested, although there has, at a certain level, been this striving of activity and desire, a great desire that is transformed into work and power in the transformative, locomotive energy of that Spirit.
            We all need to at times get kicked in the rear end to get off of our seats and to be mobile, active and to move. Mother Mary has asked for a workathon at Wellspring, and plans are ensuing, although we have not communicated all of the details yet. But I can tell you that what is at the core of this request is that we move and that we work and that we are active, because that is when the Holy Spirit can speak, can work through us, can mobilize us, and that is when things happen.
            We should not always wait for requests from the masters through their dictations, but anticipate what it is that we can do that will move God and the Holy Spirit through our lives to perform miracles and to do those things which will transform our Earth, our society, our civilization. Those who anticipate and who are visionaries and who desire to move mountains set forth, through their intention, their plans and they are the catalysts for divine action to occur in the world of form. And these receive the great God-benefit of being those who, through a thrust for a purpose, catalyze others to act and earn the good karma of being those ones.
            So the Master says today that if you want to balance a load of karma, think as the masters think; advance as a general would his army by anticipating the moves of the enemy and being in place before it is necessary. When you are there in your sacred station ahead of time, then you have time to meditate, to anticipate and to pull back the bow so that at the specific moment that that arrow needs to fly, the tension of the pulling back of that bow is already manifested and the arrow is thrust forth, charged forth with light to meet its mark. 
            At times we become lackadaisical, we become lethargic in our spiritual work. We must anticipate every form of opposition to the coming of the master, the spiritual work that we must accomplish and, as one said, arise early. I was up early this morning, went for a long walk in nature. God spoke to me through the birds and through the sun and through the plants and the trees and gave me keys for today in my meditation as I prayed and walked for probably forty minutes I came back and did the Five Tibetan Rites and then showered and prepared for this morning.
            So whatever works for you works for you, and you know what that is. But the Holy Spirit says today to ramp it up and to arise early. This is a great time of year for many of us when we have this greater light of the sun for more hours of the day, at least those in the Northern Hemisphere, and especially in the North. And we can utilize those rays of the sun in our work, in our lives to activate and energize our work.
            The sun rays themselves are activators. Did you realize that? Look at what happens in the morning when the sun comes up. Are not all the birds singing? The plants turn toward the sun; they open up. They begin their daily work anew. And it's the same with us as sentient beings. All sentient life, all feeling life is activated by the rays of the sun. Even before they peep over the horizon, the Earth itself feels them and our bodies feel them because they're penetrating through the Earth and activating us before dawn.
            A long time ago [when we had our pilgrimage] in the Far East, [Mark Prophet, our] Lanello, asked each person to explain what type of meditation practice they had. After all had shared he said, “Whatever works for you works for me.” So the same is true of these catalyzing activities and sacred spiritual practices that each of us has, whether it's journaling, [being still,] as one said, [or] trying to always be present and live in the Presence, which is also a prerequisite for the Holy Spirit, just as love is.
            We must do these things in order to fulfill our reason for being. We must take preventative measures and we must concern ourselves with a greater activity of world service. If you have mastered yourself and your life to a level that you are comfortable with, the Master says [to] get out of [the] comfort zone of your own self-mastery and work for the planet and [for] planetary God-mastery. Work for the Brotherhood in a wider range of activity. Consider the highest possibilities for good-karma-making by serving through a sacred organization of light, such as the Hearts Center or one of your choice, donating your time, giving beyond the measure where you have felt comfortable giving to date.
            Expand your awareness. Expand your consciousness into greater cosmic awareness and cosmic consciousness by becoming, [with] Jesus and Kuthumi, World Teachers, world servers. The fast track to Solar attainment is to expand your point of responsibility and your sphere of influence. That's the fast track, but few are willing to make the commitment.
            As we heard yesterday, those who were present [here] and those listening, the bodhisattva path is one that can be daunting when you consider that some have made the vow to stay until all sentient beings are free. But there really is no time and space, and the vow is a sacred catalyst for your own activation of higher energy fields within your own being, from your Higher Self.
            Did you know that when you make a vow, there is a seed of light that is deposited into the vessel of your being from great God beings who hear, recognize, see that vow made and offer themselves at a certain level of divine expression to energize the stream of light that that vow has created between you and God? And seeds of light descend to you because of this vow to nourish and sustain you in fulfilling that vow. 
            Many think that [if they] make a vow [it will be] difficult to accomplish it. But the energy field of joy, [which can help you in the fulfillment of the disciplines of the vow and its] accomplishment, surround[s] that vow [and is] there for you, deposited by the heaven world right within you, because of your vow.
            It's the same principle that's active when you visualize something that you are, through alchemy, trying to precipitate. The clearer you are in your vision, the more you hold that field of intention in the specific space [and] place. And the more you clothe your vision with [the] specific substance of that alchemy, the [more] the universe can activate it. So do not ever underestimate the power of the universe to fulfill God-desire through you when you have [partnered] with God to accomplish miracles and [have] take[n] these vows of divine service for the master and the Brotherhood.
            I'd like you to call up the song to Shiva [that Carol wrote] that's on the website Shiva is a force to be reckoned with. Right? Has anybody reckoned with Shiva? [The Bible] talks about [Jacob] wrestling with the angels.2 If you  attempted to discern who Shiva really is by employing Shiva in your life to the point of feeling who [he] is and what [he] is all about, this would be quite a challenge. I don't know that any of us [has] come to terms with who Shiva really is fully. Otherwise we would [have] probably ascended long ago. [So] let's sing the song to Shiva, song [number] 45 in our songbook.
            While they're doing that, I'll read one email that we have from a friend in California: 
            “Dear heartfriends, I have not practiced Helios' [meditations] as much as I would have liked since we have had overcast conditions lately. But when I have, it [has been] very energizing. I can feel the fiery quality of the air, breath coming in through my nostrils. When I make the spherical motions with my arms around myself, it seems as if I am enlarging my aura with the overshadowing Presence of Helios and Vesta and Alpha and Omega. I can also visualize much more clearly and effectively because I feel that I am using the light of the sun to image forth what I desire to create.”
            So thank you, Cheryl Bench, in Carpinteria, [California].
            Does anybody here have anything to share on that sacred ritual that we were given by Helios?
            For many years in the previous activity we gave the Solar Ring. And we would draw a ring horizontally around us. And when I did that I could feel the energy of that flowfield around me. And now that we're also told to do it above us and create a sphere rather than just a two-dimensional surface area, a ring, it is much more powerful. And I see the sphere of light. I actually feel myself entering Helios and Vesta's domain. From their domain, I feel that I have access in a millisecond to Alpha and Omega's domain. It is as if, in a sacred chamber of light on the sun, I am thereby able to access the sacred heart chamber and the lung chambers of Alpha and Omega, where they breathe out, through the manvantaras, the light of their Presence to all of life.
            So we'll sing to Shiva. 

Shiva, we love you! Shiva, we claim you!
Shiva, come forth today!
Everywhere Shiva! Dancing on demons!
Dancing the darkness away!


Shiva, Shiva to the right! Shiva to the left!
Shiva over and beneath! We are not bereft!
There he dances in the center of our very being!
Shiva! Shiva! Live in us that our hearts may sing!

Shiva, the blissful! Shiva, the giver!
Dance on our doom and gloom!
Everywhere you step, leap, jump and twirl now, watch!
There the flowers bloom!

O Shiva, action of Spirit Holy!
O Shiva, blazing fire!
Come, crack your flame whip! Come, hurl your fireworks
Into our unreal mire!

Shiva, destroyer of all illusion,
Open our eyes, we say!
God is the goal and God is the all!
Be all of God today!

            Shiva! Shiva! Shiva! Shiva! Shiva! Shiva! Shiva!

            Do we have any other sharing on the subject at hand, or any other things that come to mind when you think of the Holy Spirit?
           Yeah, go ahead and read it.

Participant:  Okay, this sharing is from our beloved Lisa Delaney:

            “Unfortunately, I was not physically present for Helios' dictation at Easter. When I heard the dictation later, I realized that I had and was continuing to receive the essence of Helios' message, that of breathing in the Sun and the Sun of my God Presence through my daily spiritual activities and hourly musings. As a result of the new level of connection with my God Presence that has grown since Easter and before, I believe that there has been an acceleration for me, physically and spiritually, and I am profoundly grateful.”

David:  Thank you, Lisa. We're going to turn our attention now to the Holy Spirit as the Great Spirit, as the native peoples of this land and of many lands have called to the one God, the Great Spirit.
            When you walk in nature, there is an activation of higher nerve centers within your cells because of being out in the natural world, where the sun, even if it is not visible, visibly shining, is still there, present beyond Earth's atmosphere. When you place your feet upon the Earth, you are connected to the Earth Mother. You are really an antenna of light as you walk, where energies from your being and from your Higher Self are flowing through your awareness and penetrating the Earth [at] every point where your feet touch the Earth. Even the swinging of your hands in a gentle motion as you walk creates currents of energy. Did you know that?
            The Earth feels this. The plants feel it. The sylphs in the air feel it. And when two walk together who are beloved [of] each other, there is not only a doubling but a quadrupling of this effect of light and energy that the Earth feels and that blesses all life. When you are connected in love and when you discuss holy matters and you make observations of what is occurring within nature, there is a new connectedness with the Great Spirit each time, and a new understanding may come to you. In fact, if it is not coming to you, there's a problem. There should be new divine revelation every time you walk together in nature or you walk even [by] yourself.
            The Holy Spirit is offering itself to you to [have something] revealed to your heart, to your mind every time you walk in nature. Are you listening and are you observant and are you still enough to hear that revelation that is personal for you and is doubly personal for the collective yous of two of you when you walk together?
            When I walk with my beloved in nature, we always have something new that we discern, feel or that is revealed to us by the Great Spirit. It is simply a law, because nature is constantly in motion. The birds, the plants are in a different position or different point of reference each time we walk because we do not take the exact same steps each time. And the sun may be at a different point in the heavens. It's a different point of time in the natural cycles, whether it's spring, summer, winter or fall. And so the universe itself, from this new positioning of itself, has something, a message, to reveal to you that can assist you on your spiritual pathway.
            And as Mona said earlier, when you do open your heart, then you are able to cognize and to understand what that message may be.
            There have been those who have gone before us who have listened intently and have done great studies in what nature has to offer. And so they have written books and offered their wisdom through things such as the Bach flower remedies, such as the signatures within nature, the meaning of colors, the meaning of crystals, the meaning of various plants and herbs and their benefits to our physical body and to our emotional bodies as well.
            We had a wonderful speaker come to Tucson and again later to Phoenix who has written books on the essences of desert-blooming plants. And she is a messenger, truly, for these plants through her own attunement and discernment. It was a beautiful presentation that she offered to us. This is a beautiful soul of light.
            So each of us can discern from nature this wisdom and bring it to the world in some way through [our] gifts and  talents. And the Master, the Maha Chohan, encourages all of us to in some way discern, through our walks in nature and our talking with nature, what we can bring to the planet and to humanity from this sacred time [spent communing] with the Great Spirit.
            The Great Spirit encourages us to take that time, hopefully daily, but if not daily, then often, to be in nature, even those who live in the great cities. There are often parks nearby that you can get to in a short period of time or that you can walk to. Even just a quick walk in a park can do wonders for your spirit, for the inner spirit of your soul and your being,  [and] can add great benefits to all of your spiritual work because nature will tell you things. The plants and the animals will tell you things that they know because they live within this world and they are constantly communicating with each other and with the Mother Earth. They have discerned great, great wisdom, but we do not always listen because we are not connected as much with the natural world as the natural world is [connected] to itself and with all life.
            We have been studying in Meru University much on permaculture and gardening and [last week on] growing plants and treesIn this coming week, actually tomorrow, Marion Davidson will be sharing with us a lot of the wisdom that she has gleaned from her studies and her direct knowledge [of] gardening. And direct knowledge through experience is some of the best knowledge that we can have, isn't it? It's not just from books. It's direct, where God through nature speaks directly to you, and you have gleaned this wisdom by direct personal participation. It's more powerful than just hearing it from another. And even this class, at a certain level, is meant as a catalyst for us to get out and to do things ourselves and to learn by our direct experience these wisdoms that nature will teach us by our attunement.
            So we'll go around the room one more time and have a time of sharing briefly. And you can just discern maybe one thing that nature has taught you in this life that has been a key for you, something that the Great Spirit, the Holy Spirit, or some plant, animal or some experience within nature has [done to] [move] you into higher consciousness and [and leave] a lasting impression upon your lifestream in this lifetime.
            We'll each take about one minute. We don't have a long time because of what the Maha Chohan wants to do at the end, but about one minute each.

Participant 9:  Well, we live in Eugene and we also have very beautiful nature there. We have a lovely yard. And we have these beautiful sparrows at the window and in the flower bushes. And it reminded me of when I was small, my mother was a great gardener and she used to love the birds and now I understand why.

Participant 10:  I think for me, living where we have for the last five years, working with roses, feeling not real competent in the beginning, but year by year seeing an improvement every year and trusting what the plants are sharing with me on where to cut, how to cut and [then] see[ing] the results, which I'm grateful for.

Participant 11:  I've always liked being in nature, but recently with all this emphasis on gardening and getting back to nature, like the Anastasia books and gardening classes, and so forth, I've been introducing myself to my backyard a little bit more, getting to know and talking to trees now. There is a nice cherry tree that I'm encouraging. And I know there's a flower plant out there, a rose, and about two or three years ago it had the most beautiful single rose on it, and it was just a great aroma, fragrance. And then the last couple of years it hasn't been doing anything. So I've started talking to that. I go out and I pet the trees, I touch them and try to introduce myself to them. I get a feeling that there's some connection coming back. And there are bugs all over that rose bush now and I'm talking to the trees. We have a plum tree. We have a cherry tree. We have a crab apple tree, and I'm asking them for some nice produce. And I'm loving them and I'm kind of feeling a response. So I'm trying to grow a little space. And it's a great feeling. I'm hoping we're all going the right way.

Participant 12:  In my walks in nature I am just connected to my source and energy. And it just enlivens my spirit and really focuses me on what I'm working on. I just have this amazing connection with nature.

Participant 13:  I've gotten into the habit of loving nature more, loving the elementals. And when I love them I feel their response, and it's a very strong response because I do it so much now. And I not only love the elementals in nature, but the same elementals compose my being, my body and the bodies of other people. So by loving the elementals—the salamanders, sylphs, undines, gnomes, the powers in nature everywhere—you love them in the person that you're also standing before or talking with, and that also invokes a response in them. So I derive much joy when I love the elementals, especially when I love the very air that I breathe before I breathe it. I feel the response.

Participant 14:  Well, I took care of somebody's house in Eugene, and it was a split-level house and a beautiful place and I'd never been in a place like that before. So it was expansive in the morning. And the air was fresh. I think the air for me, the freshness of air, is like a touch of God. I think that's the closest, in some ways, I come to God, just the smell of wonderful air. And I also took care of her dog. She had a dog like Marley, the golden retriever. And I took her down to the Willamette River and we splashed together and I threw—this dog just had this great pull to go there and experience it in a way that most people don't have. She has this phenomenal enthusiasm and great energy. So I appreciated that very much. I think also walking in the grass in bare feet helps me, just getting out and doing that.

Participant 15:  We have kind of an expansive yard, and so over the past few years I've planted roses, a few each year. And they keep growing and growing, and when I look out in the morning and see them, it's just really beautiful and I feel really connected. It really helps get a sense of your aura, your consciousness. It raises your awareness and it kind of cleanses it because it's pure. This year I started a garden. Everything kind of connected. Well, it came together. The landlord provided the right rototilling to dig up the yard a bit. So after reading the Anastasia books, it really helped. And also, actually while we were in India, I had won a drawing for a Reiki class, so I was able to take a Reiki class. And one of the things we did was hug trees, big trees. I could really feel their aliveness and feel and almost see the streaming energy up and down the trunk.

Participant 16:  Nature is teaching me to listen. It's taught me to listen in the past and to be observant, and it's still teaching me that now. I really appreciate nature because it connects me to my God Presence and it allows me to carry that feeling and that moment that I have throughout my life, to stay there. And whether I look out the window and see a little bird and that particular bird is sitting on a stone and just looking at me and I'm looking at it for an unusual length of time, it creates this welling up, this feeling where my heart is just opening. And I'm just extremely grateful for that.
            Lately I've had a lot of messages from different animals that have been crucial for me [in] following my path in my life. I'm finding that when I'm on my path—even [with] the foot zone balance treatments we receive from my friend, one week before she said that I was kind of confused, I guess maybe a little off my path, and the next week she came and she said that I was really, really on my path. Well, I had an incredible thing happen with nature, where I had gotten some messages from a mouse, a persistent mouse, who wouldn't leave my house. So it's interesting, when I got the message that I needed to move and to create that space of love and to do more gardening and to take more action in my life, the mice haven't needed to come back. So I'm very grateful.

David:  Well, I got a message from a giant mosquito-killer fly that was in your house this morning, and it was a great message. So that just happened within the last hour, hour and a half. But I have to say that the focus from Anastasia and all that we've been doing has created a greater sensitivity of my heart to receive the message of nature, which is ongoing and just beautifully expressive and joyful and giving and resurrecting. And just being in nature to me is an experience of resurrection, because there's a resurgence. You look at the word resurrection and resurgence; it's almost the same thing. I just feel a resurgence of my spirit when I walk in nature and breathe and am moving and active and just being present and still and listening, being in that receptive mode where my heart is open to receive and not so much to give, but just to receive and be open. So it's been beautiful for me too.
            So if there's anyone on the broadcast who wants to email your perceptions or your sharings, please do so.
            We'll sing “Spin in the Violet Flame” to close out this service today. The Maha Chohan has been present throughout the service. He has given his message to us in many ways, and not just in a “dictation,” but in all of the sharing today. So we'll send our love to the Maha Chohan and to all of elemental life as we sing “Spin in the Violet Flame.” We'll do this a cappella. Song 20.

Elementals, laugh and sing! (3x)
Spin in the violet flame!


Spin, spin, violet flame! (3x)
Spin in the violet flame!

Gnomes of the earth, jump and run! (3x)
Spin in the violet flame!

Sylphs of the air, dance and fly! (3x)
Spin in the violet flame!

Undines, swim high and low! (3x)
Spin in the violet flame!

Fiery salamanders, blaze, blaze, blaze! (3x)
Spin in the violet flame!

            Ho! Ho!

1. Acts 2:1.
2. Genesis 32:24; Hosea 12:4.


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