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Serapis Bey      May 05, 2009

Beloved Serapis Bey
David C. Lewis
May 5, 2009  7:08-7:17 pm local time
Cape Town, South Africa
2009 Africa Pilgrimage

Granting of Ten Seraphim To each Disciple of the Cosmic Disiplinarian

An Open Invitation to Attend Sessions on Inner Planes at Luxor

            Just as Saint Germain has held you close to his heart, so I claim you as my own, for I would see every one of you within my retreat at the close of this lifetime, dearest ones. Do you believe in this possibility and accept its potential reality this night? [Audience responds: Yes!] Then with a steely determination I assign ten seraphim to each and every one of you for the remainder of your lifetime to guard, guide and direct the coursing of your life for the fulfillment of your personal victory, which will also result in planetary victory for those whom you represent.

            The stream of your life has been coursing through many civilizations over the eons of time in which you have incarnated upon this planet. And therefore you represent much more than you know in terms of the various civilizations and peoples and nations in which you have embodied. And the very soul essence of these is contained within your life record, your aura and your personal book of Akasha. I open that book this night to reveal who you truly are as holy ones robed in white, merging with those saints above whom you revere as the ascended masters. For you see, blessed ones, you walk so near unto them in consciousness, that at times, it is as if there is no difference between you and those already ascended in the light and free.

            And so it is my honor to respect with the full integrity of my office that which you have fulfilled to date and that which I see each of you fulfilling in your holy and sacred calling and mission for the remainder of this, your last incarnation upon Earth, unless you choose as a bodhisattva to return. Thank you for your longsuffering and patience. Please be seated.

  [Within] the sacred schoolroom wherein the final initiations of the path of the ascension are given within my retreat the silence is often deafening in the terms of the sense of sanctity and holiness that those who are about to step upon that dias come to know when they contemplate the sacred fire and what it will mean for them when that flame fully takes possession of their being. This is a sense of holiness that I ask you to have for one another that will allow you to help fulfill the command of Jesus to love another as I have loved you.¹ For you see, blessed hearts, I add the momentum of my fiery love to that equation in this hour. Yes, my love is so great that I am called the cosmic disciplinarian. But that discipline is not for the chastisement of your God-reality, but [for] the carving away of that which is less than the true you which impedes [you] and is no longer necessary for the fulfillment of the Real You in the Now.

            Therefore, let us contemplate this new level of love that we together have experienced in these hours together and how we can maintain it, expand it and spread it throughout the world so that all may know the sense of being and of what it means to be, in integrity and in honor, a disciple of the ascended masters of the Universal Great White Brotherhood. You have caught fire truly. And I honor that fire that I see blazing within your being this night, dearest ones.

  The invitation is always there in the ethers for you to ask to be taken to Luxor in your finer body when you retire at night, accompanied by these ten seraphim that you now have, who will swiftly take you by the hand and wing their way with you in tow unto our sacred chambers. Therefore, I look forward to each of you receiving those initiations, passing those tests and fulfilling every mark upon the divine portfolio that will one day say “Summa Cum Laude”, a chela par excellence, who graduates with top honors from the schoolroom of Luxor.

            Blessed ones, my love is always within the center of your being and within your fiery love of the Mother, whose light may always grace your being.

1.  John 13:34

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