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Micah      May 05, 2009

Beloved Micah
David C. Lewis
May 5, 2009  8:19–8:30 am local time
Cape Town, South Africa
2009 South Africa Pilgrimage

A Dispensation from the Lord God:
Twelve of Micah's Band Are Called to Take Embodiment
within Twelve Nations upon the Continent of Africa

“The Flame of Unity Begins Here This Day"

Beloved Sons and Daughters of the Most High,
            I come this day wielding the sword of the Spirit to claim you as my own in the flame of unity. And I place the signet of unity as a banner of light above each and every one of you as my representatives of the flame of God-unity for all mankind.
           When you communicate with the angelic hosts in a way such as you have done this morning,¹ there is a mighty cosmic activity of light unfurled upon the Earth in many quarters and in many dimensions of being—multidimensional, I must say—that creates a sacred flowfield of light whereby souls may be inspired to rise up into their own God Presence and harmony within the field of unity that is the allness of the Universal Great White Brotherhood, worlds without end. For you see, blessed hearts, it takes a spark in order to move people from where they are in consciousness to a new level. And we the archangels and the angels of the Spirit provide that spark, but it must come at the behest of some who know who we are, who call to us and who will deliver by the power of the word the sacred fire into many avenues and streams of mankind's consciousness in order to raise them fully into the light.
            You would see greater unity among the spirit of mankind, of brotherhood, of nations, of peoples, and I hold that field of intent on behalf of those who, to date, have not yet quite risen into an understanding of the brotherhood of mankind. There are many ambassadors of unity, those trained in communication of the spirit, who are attempting to create new bonds of brotherhood among the peoples of the nations of Africa. And we the angelic hosts see the need for some to be born within these nations who are actually embodied angels of our bands, because to date there has not been the unification of the divergent streams of the various tribes and peoples to an extent that they can lovingly express one to another the harmony that will bring about the kingdom of God among men.
            And therefore this day a dispensation is granted by the Lord God, for he has called a certain twelve of the legions of Unity from my band to actually take physical embodiment within twelve nations upon this continent. And I ask you, blessed ones, to pray for these who will be born within the next twenty-four months, for the attack of the godless ones will be great upon them. And yet when their mission is fulfilled, you will see a great upsurge of the light of the presence of God amongst these nations and peoples.
            You have heard the story that Mary, the Mother of Jesus, herself was already an angel in the heaven world and that God called unto her to descend and incarnate among the evolutions of mankind in order to bear the light of that Christ within her womb for the salvation of mankind. So these twelve spirits divine, the Lord has also called to physically incarnate such that a ring of fire may be established, such as you have formed this day around me, for the holy and noble purpose of this unification of many, many, many hearts toward the one purpose of planetary freedom.
            Therefore I now raise my sword of the Spirit. And I create a cosmic vortex of light over this place as an ensign to the people that the flame of unity begins here this day through your hearts and that these, those of the East and the West, will continue to pray and hold this field of divine brotherhood such that these twelve may have all that they require to fulfill their mission upon Earth. As opportunities are presented to them, they will come into a knowledge of their mission and purpose at inner levels, though outwardly they will not fully know the totality of what they have been sent to Earth to accomplish until they are in position to make the difference for these nations and peoples of Africa.
            Therefore pray to me, for I myself am holding the immaculate vision of the fulfillment of this mission. Yes, it is an experiment of light, and yet we the angels of heaven are willing and always able, by the grace of God, to fulfill that which the Lord God delivers unto us as cosmic assignments. O noble and holy ones, this dispensation could not have come forth without your physical presence upon the soil of this continent. And therefore we the angels applaud those among you who have called unto us for many, many months and those who also have given weekly this Rosary of Faith, [which] invokes my presence.
            In a spirit of familial love, I have come. For you see, blessed ones, I consider each and every one of you a member of my family. I anoint each and every one of you with the light of the Christos, of the Buddha and an angelic spirit of grace.

1.  Before Micah's heartstream the pilgrims recited the Rosary of Faith, calling unto the archeiai of the seven rays and their consorts, the archangels, for peace and brotherhood within South Africa and in all nations upon the African continent.

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