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Lady Violette      May 05, 2009

Beloved Lady Violette
David C. Lewis
May 5, 2009  1:06–1:24 pm local time
Cape Town, South Africa
2009 Africa Pilgrimage

A New Link between the Continents of Africa and America
A Greater Flow of the Greater Mission of the Brotherhood Has Been Created

I am Lady Violette, and I speak on behalf of my holy brothers and sisters who have ascended from the American continent and yet whose heritage and ancestry goes far, far back in time to the heart of our holy brother Afra, whom we revere, whom we love and whose message of today we have taken to heart fully.¹
            We have been in council and in communion with your hearts, especially when you have participated in your weekly vigils. When you have called our names, as revealed to the messenger in your preambles, we have been very grateful because by keying into our names, you have also keyed into the light that we bear the Earth. And in some cases we still have karma to balance, and by naming our names you have allowed us to do so through the work that we are then sanctioned to do by your leave and by your call. Each of us honors each of you this day for taking a stand for the light, for truly fulfilling your personal role as knights and ladies of the fire and as holy brothers and sisters of Afra, whether you are embodied within the black race or the white.
            Dearest ones, the pressure of the light that has come upon this continent as a result of your work has been tremendous. And we call upon those who abide here in Cape Town to take up that torch that you have lit so brightly after you complete the cycles and the rounds of this mission and return to America, but that you also stay in communication with each other on a regular basis; because this new link between these continents has created an opportunity for a greater flow of the greater mission of the Brotherhood, which includes and contains those who have evolved through other streams of activity and other teachers, such as Rudolf Steiner, [whom] few of you in America know much about. The harmonization that can occur and the inclusivity that you have demonstrated, both in accepting these five here into your holy work and in the five themselves offering their time, their energies and their love to participate with you, has truly been a divine example of what we mean as brotherhood.
            This has been noteworthy in the heaven world amongst us, and we are working at inner levels to contact others of various activities and in certain areas of the globe who can also benefit from this same type of relationship and communication. So when you call to us, we will work assiduously on your behalf for the sparking of souls, for the anointing at times that must occur and for new avenues and streams of light to be brought forth and presented such that the messenger along with a number of you may continue to travel to do this type of spiritual pilgrimage and make great inroads into the work at hand of the Brotherhood in many nations.
            Should those of you in this region consider organizing a greater opportunity for us to do our work within your homeland—extending the reach of this work throughout other nations of Africa as opportunities are presented—and [move forward with] plans between you all within the next three years, we see the great God-possibility of continuing the assignment of the Brotherhood to complete the trinity of light by traveling to western Africa [and] by anchoring the light of the pink ray there in a greater measure. And when this is fully accomplished and this first greater mission fulfilled amongst your hearts, then we will consider new possibilities of releasing the sacred fire through ongoing concourse and discourse upon this soil.
            You have nobly begun this preliminary work and have taken the torch to a high new level, blessed ones. And the Divine Mother and many mothers of heaven are grateful that you have been capable of fulfilling, even before the twelve o'clock hour, the anchoring of this great light here and in Johannesburg and Pretoria. A portion of ourselves and the light that we bear must continue to work within the United States with those with whom we still have karma and dharma, and yet, by the grace of Afra and our work with the African Council,² we are also able to move mountains of energy within this dimensional plane and continent through your calls to us. It is a push-pull action, an Alpha-Omega interconnection of peoples within these two continents. And when more in America realize—as you who have traveled here now have—the burdens upon these peoples and their nations and the possibilities of what can occur to assist them from their descendents within America, greater inroads can be made toward the fulfillment of the greater mission and vision of the Brotherhood.
            So the work has begun and will continue through your hearts of fire and others who have not been able to be here fully but resonate with your mission. We look forward to the visitation [to] the sanctuary and the sacred space set aside at Ralph's home for your services this afternoon with the messenger.
In the etheric plane, each of us has placed talismans of light where you have walked and traveled. And in some cases the work that we have done with you as you have invoked our names has been at a deep level of the astral plane, whereby tens of thousands of entities have been removed from the scene and from disturbing lifestreams. Mass entities have been cleared by the power of Arcturus and Victoria and your wielding of the violet fire. A certain alignment has occurred within nations as you have called their names. And this alignment is a spiritual alignment that is causative in nature, of great potential for secular freedom as well as spiritual freedom to ensue. All of this has come about by your conscious choice and application of the laws of God and the science of the spoken word, your visualization, your hearts' intent and your holy motive to serve sentient beings.
           The talents that we bear and that we bring to the African Council table will continue to evolve and be utilized as best as the Master Afra sees fit as the leader of this council. His great wisdom and his heart of gold you have felt in this darshan, have you not, blessed ones? So you see how joyously we serve this great being, along with the Master Saint Germain, along with our holy brothers and sisters, or, as one tour guide has said, our comrades.
           Dearest ones, consider for a moment how close you are to our realm, some of you feeling the great swirling of the currents of the sacred fire that have blessed you during our time together; others of you touching the hem of the garment of God, seeing beyond the veil the vibration of angels and masters and great spirits of light. Continue in the way of this holy work in some way each week, together as you are able, for you are making a great God-difference in the affairs of mankind. And if you could truly see as we see from our realm, you would smile always and be happy within that seventh-ray fire of joy to understand what we know as the oneness of all worlds and the joy of living fully within the Spirit.
            In violet joy we radiate our hearts' fire to each and every one of you and extend our great God-gratitude for all that you have done to be here in this place upon this land in this hour. May every possible blessing of grace, of holiness and of divine presence be yours, dearest ones.
           And now the Maha Chohan comes, placing his Presence of fire within and around you, each one, and garnishing greater God-light from the heaven world as he seals this new community of light!
           Purusha. Purusha. Purusha
           Ye are anointed in fire. Ye are sealed in violet light. Now go forth, blessed ones, and be that light to a world wheree'er you walk, wheree'er you talk and wheree'er you fly. With the legions and the angels of Afra, I thank you.

1.  Refers to Afra's earlier darshan with the pilgrims.
2.  Lady Violette is a member of the African Council, a spiritual council of ascended masters that oversees the divine destiny of Africa
3.  Purusha: Sanskrit for “soul” or “spirit.”

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