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Hercules      May 05, 2009

Beloved Hercules
David C. Lewis
May 5, 2009  7:56–7:08 pm local time
Cape Town, South Africa
2009 Africa Pilgrimage

A Labor of Love
Compiling a Compendium of Ascended Master Knowledge on Africa

Precious hearts, we arc the light from our retreat in Yosemite to the heart of the retreat of Arcturus and Victoria,¹ creating a rainbow effect of power focused through the seven rays such that this new covenant established this day between heartfriends in America and in South Africa may be firm and strong through your hearts!
           And that light now is arced to those of you here, for you have been called to be representatives of the peoples of your nations in this hour, an ensign to the people, those robed in white who would defend the Lamb and the Woman clothed with the Sun with Jesus.
            Your mission is nigh complete, and in a short while you will see within the heavens themselves the fireworks of God manifest through the mighty seraphim and the legions of Mighty Victory. And these will be proof positive that God exists and hears the cries of those who understand the science of the Word. For have you not spent many hours on these chairs, blessed ones, almost to the detriment of your physical bodies? And yet your souls are grateful for that which you have called forth. And we, the ascended masters and the Elohim, are grateful! For we have heard every word. We abide within the Word and we utter forth the words that create worlds, you see.
            And as Saint Germain has declared that a new world has been birthed, even in your midst, so we affirm it!² So we declare it! And we sanction that which the Master of Aquarius has set forth through his heart's intent and through the God-love pouring through that heart, [which] will ultimately manifest in the victory of the light within this continent and her people.
           You have stepped forth to fulfill the mission of Afra. And therefore, the Elohim all thunder their approval in this hour, blessed hearts! Therefore, stand and applaud yourselves, even as we applaud you. [applause] Thank you. Please be seated.
            Some of you know that I am wont to give labors to my chelas. Would you enjoy a new labor? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] For you see, every labor must be partaken of in joy and not a sense of drudgery or burden for the fulfillment of its purpose to manifest. This is the key. For have you not sung that song in the past, “The Joy of Self-Mastery”?³ Truly it is through joy that you gain your self-mastery in all things. And it is by joy, and by Jove,4 that your victory will manifest when you are ready. And I say that I see that many of you are ready this night for this victory consciousness and for this new labor.
            So unto you, by your word, is given this labor of love and that is to compile all that we have given regarding and upon the continent of Africa through this dispensation of light into a compendium of knowledge that can be shared in a number of ways with the sons and daughters of God throughout the world. For we must say that we are pleased with that which has come forth because of your determination, your will to be God in manifestation and your willingness to rise in consciousness, spurred on by the Master Morya El, Archangel Michael, Surya and Cuzco, Micah and others of the blue-ray masters, including none other than ourselves.
            Therefore, beloved ones, if and when this body of cosmic believers fulfills this assignment in joy, then you will see after this understanding is released into the marts of mankind an upsurge in an understanding of the greater mission of Afra and Saint Germain to save not only Africa but every nation upon Earth. You will see souls who are ready to understand fully the gift of the violet light and its laser action. You will see the beginnings of the end of abortion upon this planet. You will see an increase in the capacity for mortal minds to cognize, as the angels and cosmic beings understand, the cosmos itself. For the light of Elohim will stream through every word that is spoken, that is in print and in visual form.
            And when those who we will send unto you to receive of this word are captivated by its message, the agency of Holy Spirit change will simply manifest within their worlds to the extent that you would consider miraculous in this hour. Did not John write that in the twinkling of an eye these worlds would be transformed into the heaven world? You see, the eye of which he spoke was our eye, the eye of Cyclopea, the eye of every Elohim. And so when we twinkle upon humanity, within our eye cosmic change is wrought within the very physical octave of light, for it is the law of the cosmos, you see.
            Therefore, beloved ones, communing with our hearts with great God-intent, much has been vouchsafed unto you in your time together here in South Africa. And we the ascended masters have noted within our retreats a cosmic glyph of light upon the electronic globe of the Earth that we hold to see what is occurring among humanity and especially in the lives of our chelas. And this glyph will become a wave of cosmic import if we have anything to do and say about it.
            And so you, too, must understand the nature of that responsibility of which the Great Divine Director spoke. And therefore by your word, you have taken on this responsibility this night. Let it be so. Let it be fulfilled. And in joy, you will see the continuing fireworks within our realms manifest such that those greater works of which Jesus spoke may manifest—yes, are manifesting through you and you and you.5
           Now I give leave unto the master of ascension's fire, who has come with the seraphic hosts, having visited the Great Central Sun. See him come, dripping with the eternal fires of ascension currents in this hour. And stand to give honor to this holy one, blessed hearts.

1.  The etheric retreat of the Elohim Arcturus and Victoria is over Luanda, Angola.
2.  Refers to Saint Germain's hearstream in Johannesburg on May 1, 2009.
3.  Hercules' Joy of Self-Mastery is the title of a song composed by Dorothy Lee Fulton and published by Church Universal and Triumphant.
In Roman mythology, Jove, or the god Jupiter, was the father of Hercules. “By Jove” is an expression that denotes agreement or surprise.
5.  John 14:12


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