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David Lewis      May 04, 2009

David C. Lewis Discourse
May 4, 2009   10:30-10:40 am  local time
South Africa Pilgrimage

Creative Approaches to Becoming a Member of the Holy Order of Lord Zadkiel

            Consider that you have 24 hours in a day and what one-and-a-half  hours out of the 24-hour cycle as a commitment could mean to the acceleration of your being and of the planet itself for the fulfillment of Saint Germain, the Great Divine Director, Zadkiel, Gautama Buddha, Santa Kumara's plan, for the victory of light. So what is 1.5 divided by 24 in terms of the percentage of our time? Maybe somebody can do the math. I would take 90 minutes divided by 24 times 60. So this is not even a tithe of our time is it? It's not even our tithe of our twenty-four hour cycle.
            I'm not asking you today to make this commitment because it's a personal matter that you have to really go deep within and consider. But for many of you that are either retired or have the time and do not have a family or other major, major commitments in your life—long job responsibilities—and even for some who do have these, if we could consider assisting the Lord Zadkiel by beginning to fill the ranks on the Earth of this holy order, we could see a tremendous acceleration of world transmutation and the positive effects it will mean, nation by nation, for the continents and for the Earth.
            Some of you were in those temples on Lemuria and Atlantis, and you invoked the sacred fire day and night. And the violet light became a part of your very body and essence. And we have heard of the blue and the violet races and those who embodied with so much light of the violet light that it actually became a part of their countenance, their skin. Did you know that the evolutions on the Violet Planet have a tinge of their skin tone that is violet? It is beautiful. And the ruler of the violet planet, Omri-Tas, magnificently exemplifies all of the virtues of this level of cosmic alchemy.
            If you desire to know what it means to be an alchemist and you desire to precipitate more abundance in your life, which I think everyone does, consider that Saint Germain is able to do what he does because he made that commitment long, long ago to serve in this holy order. And in every lifetime, no matter where he was evolving in time and space, he spent at least ninety minutes of his day in prayer and meditation and in contemplation of God. And because of his consciousness, one with God, he accessed realms of light that were in the violet sphere of his own Causal Body and that of his teacher, the Great Divine Director, and Lord Zadkiel.
            So who desires more abundance? And who desires to be able to precipitate quicker and more fully in their lives? Just about everybody raised their hands. Maybe some of you are already masters at this. It's just a slight shift in awareness to consider how you could actually fulfill this vow. It's a huge commitment. But with technology, with little IPods and stereo systems, maybe in your restroom, in your cars, in your kitchen, you could be playing the music and the simple, less complicated prayers to the violet fire that you can hum with, sing with and speak as you are moving around and possibly, if you desire, fulfill this vow as well as taking concentrated time [for] prayer work.
            You can be decreeing while you are exercising on your stationery bike and have your IPods with Earpods when you go for walks. You can hum the tunes to the violet flame and no one will know what you are doing. I think that we can be creatiuve in this day and age with the technology that we have. And we can also do what Mother Mary did, which was to create canticles, ourselves and be creative in any way we desire—to create new prayers, new mantras, use "I AM" statements to invoke the violet light.
            I love it when people are creative spirits and take to heart what I've done and what many of you have started to do, and that is to take personal responsibility to be the messenger that you are and to create new things—new images, new songs, new dances, new movement, whatever it is, utilizing something of the violet ray.
            Weaving, crocheting, sewing, using violet fabrics, in yarn and thread, macramé; teaching children to do the same. Getting violet stationery or construction paper, and cutting out pieces and making découpage and other things. And while you are doing this, having the music playing of the song to Arcturus and Victoria and humming with it. There are all kinds of creative things we can do to bring the energy of the violet ray to the earth. Growing violets, honeysuckle and flowers and plants outside that have the violet in their décor.
            Let us fill the Earth with violet light in all kinds of ways that bring Zadkiel's dream as an archangel with Amethyst into our realm. I think we can do it. We can if a few of us here and there are inspired to do it, and then we inspire others and document the ways that we creatively are fulfilling this. It will be tremendous for the Brotherhood and the masters.


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