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Buddha of the Ruby Ray      May 04, 2009

Buddha of the Ruby Ray
David C. Lewis
May 4, 2009   8:48-8:58 pm  local time
South African Pilgrimage

                      A Ruby Fire Blessing to Comfort Your Hearts
                                                  I Come to Instill a New Level of Ruby Love Within You

Dearest Buddhis, 
            I come to instill a new level of ruby love unto those in whom I see ruby love glowing already. For you would not be here this evening unless you had the ruby love of service, sacrifice, surrender and selflessness burning within your heart in great measure. You have understood the purpose of this pilgrimage—to serve sentient beings within Africa. And as you have prayed each day, done your spiritual work and traveled, I have seen all. And I have emanated directly to your hearts this ruby radiance of Buddha love. At times, when you feel so much for life, such as when you have observed the pains of others as you have visited the shrines to those who have been incarcerated or [to] the memories of those who have been slain for their stand of freedom, it has been as if a sword has pierced your heart and emptied a certain quotient of that love within you as compassion for others.
            So this day I come to reinstill within you that which you have felt of compassion on behalf of others and gently heal the wounds within your hearts that have occurred, the pains that you have felt, the burdens that, through entrainment, you have borne for others. You see, blessed ones, there is a time to feel deeply the pain of others, but there is also a time to go within, to know that this pain is not yours to keep and maintain, burden[ing] your heart for long periods of time.
            Therefore, I lend a ruby fire this night to your hearts such that you may always have a certain inner sense of joy and levity in your life, even as you maintain your bodhisattva vows and continue to serve others—keeping your heart open for them, not closing it off [so as not] to hear their needs or their requests but knowing that just as the heart has its chambers, which open and close as the blood flows into and out from those chambers, so you, too, must have a time of replenishment of the sacred flow of light unto your heart after you have given and given and given again and again unto life.
            So as you come forward and honor the talismanic light that I have placed within this heart, know that it may always be your gift to simply whisper a prayer to me to receive that essence of ruby Buddha love to heal the temporary pangs of pain that come your way as you empathize with and attempt to nurture others who are in pain and suffering.
            You see it is not the Buddha way to ignore the cries of humanity. For did not Gautama come back from his enlightenment in order to serve mankind through the teaching of the Middle Way and the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path? So it is with each of you also—that you are and will continue to make yourselves available to many souls who need you and who need your love and the love of your own Buddha nature stream that flows through your heart. I lend you this momentum this night, and it will sustain you so long as you maintain a certain level of harmony and compassion within your heart for the duration of this lifetime of service. It is a sacred spark that will be conveyed, allowing you to maintain a rhythm, a pulse of divine compassion within you always.
            This is one of the purposes for which Saint Germain and Afra and others sent you to Africa—to experience life as it is lived here, the people themselves, the pains that they have undergone and how, by the grace of God, many have moved beyond that pain and sorrow to accept the possibility for greater brotherhood and peace. We, the Buddhas, cherish every heart upon Earth; and through your kiss in the taking of this heart to yours, this cherishment may always remain as a permanent remembrance for you, each one, blessed hearts.
            So come forward now and receive my heart-fire through this heart.


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