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Lord Ling      May 03, 2009

Beloved Lord Ling Discourse
David C. Lewis
May 5, 2009    8:10-8:50 am  local time
South Africa Pilgrimage


The Science of the Secret Rays

            Lord Ling would like to share with us that on Lemuria the action of the secret rays was known. And some of this understanding has come down through various sciences, one of which is the Eastern Chinese methodology of  healing through now what we have as acupuncture and acupressure and the use of the pulse and the understanding of the symbology of each of the five fingers and the five toes, the energy fields within the body, the harmonics of sound itself through mantrum. So there actually has been much of an understanding of the subtleties of the secret rays although we haven't called it that. We haven't necessarily understood it always.
            Some teachers have brought forth divine revelation that has activated the higher nerve centers in their disciples. And when an adept or an arhat releases this understanding, such as Kuthumi or El Morya, the beginnings of the activities of the higher senses begin to flow. And every disciple can attune to some aspect of these inner mysteries if they open up their hearts and their minds to receive them.
            You should not fear in any way when these crystalline energies begin to come to you for your utilization although they may be different, they may feel different, they may not be fully quickened within you. And so at times when something new begins to appear in your vision or in your hearing, you have to kind of allow [it] to take hold of you and experience [it] with the sure knowledge that God is behind the opening of your chakras and the subtle centers. And so long as you have your protection, then nothing evil can come to you when you are truly in the heart of God and open to this. So sometimes people fear the quickening and the awakening because they don't know what to expect. It's almost like going into a dark room.
            On the piano, or any instrumental keyboad, in the key of C major the black notes relate to the secret rays. They are notes placed between the seven notes of this major scale that allow many more keys, minor and major, to be played by the musician. These notes are mystical. They are more subtle. People are often not comfortable with their tones, which are half-step tones that aren't in alignment with our seven major chakras. And so we have to access something different within, a sacred place and space deep within. For some people this is uncomfortable. But when you have the mastery of these tones and these crystalline energies, an entire new world dawns and awakens within you. And it brings about a new harmonic equation within your being.
            A different type of alignment occurs with your five secret-ray chakras whereby your solar awareness, which is very subtle, begins to fully take hold of you. And you truly begin to understand what it was that Leonardo daVinci accessed when he drew the man who was in the form of the five points, who is called the "DaVinci Man." He, Leonardo daVinci, accessed some of that divine knowledge.
            So I think it would be incumbent upon us, if we can consider it, to be the forerunners of the shift that is occurring by, some time each day, even taking five minutes to be in silent meditation and to ask the angels and Mighty Cosmos and any master who you know is dealing with the five secret rays to teach you, to elevate you in spirit, so that you can have the subtle answers to very deep questions that others may have when they come to you for assistance, for aid. You can deal with children, with people who have emotional and mental problems or a disconnection between their lower self and their Higher Self or a connection that's not strong.
            What's called ADD today is really kind of a joke in many respects because sometimes these children are actually the ones who have the higher nerve centers open, but we haven't figured out how to assist them in bringing forth these higher principles and awareness. And so we dumb them down, we give them Ritalin or [other] drugs. And what this does is it closes those higher nerve centers. And it's a diabolical plot for the children of the New Age, the crystal children that you've heard of, or the indigo children.  So we have to come up higher in order to be able to deal with these children that have an activation at a higher level. And our educational systems are terrible in terms of not allowing them to fully have these inner resources blossom in their lives.
            So Lord Ling is a divine teacher, a way shower. And he continues because he has worked with Lanto in the past and Confucius and Lao Tse. And they continue to work in the higher realms to bring greater wisdom to mankind. He is one of the ones you can call to [in order] to help with the activation and the transfer of these secret ray qualities.
            The Promised Land is your own New Jerusalem that you access through your Higher Self. You create the sacred space of love through intention. Your aura itself is the envelope of your soul and your solar experience in evolution. And you can have your own Promised Land right within the flowfield of your life now. Although you may access and come to know the etheric realms of light and the mystery schools of the Brotherhood that exist in the subtle worlds, you do this through your own domain in the divine realm that is all about you within your life, your light in the here and now. Living in your Presence creates the space of love that is within the now a portal and an access point to the New Jerusalem, which is your own Promised Land, which is also, in Maitreya's terminology, the Pure Land of the Buddhas.
            Christians and others have relegated eternity to a future experience—"after we die and go to heaven ..." as they say. This is a cop-out as we know it. So let us cop-in right now, right here by understanding that right within our heart God has placed a sacred sanctuary, the secret chamber of the heart, wherein the eternal spark burns. And this is the portal through which right now we can go to that Promised Land within and know God in the the eternality of the Spirit.
            Jesus said, "The Kingdom of God is within you."1 But have we fully understood what this means? The entire kingdom, the entire realm is within us. Have we discerned the bounds and the reference point of this eternal kingdom fully?  I think not, else we would be fully ascended in the light and free. And yet some of us are here to help others, and we have chosen to come back to assist Sanat Kumara to first awaken ourselves fully in the light and then to transfer the divine gnosis to others.
            So to do this fully we must enter the sacred sanctuary of Self within our heart, our personal Promised Land of beingness, in order to be able to transfer those light rays that bring the wisdom that are access streams for higher knowledge to be conveyed to our holy brothers and sisters upon Earth.  When each of us takes the responsibility to live in this new domain of light, moment by moment, by raising our consciousness and the vibration of our being to be able to feel what it is like to live as gods and goddesses in the highest sense—not out of the ego but out of our true nature, our Buddha nature—then this subtle world opens up to us, and the streams of cosmic activity that are occurring in every higher dimension plane of being are within view.
            We see the ascended masters and the angel presences, what they do, the subtlety of their actions and caring about the dharma of the divine world in higher planes. And we can, as we observe, hold and lock this within our hearts so we do not forget. And sometimes this occurs during our sleep time when we leave our bodies in our spirits and we can attend these subtle worlds and then remember the experiences to bring them back to help others.
            But we do not even have to wait until we go to to sleep at night. We can do what the adepts have done and learn  in our meditation to leave this lower vehicle and access through our higher vehicle these inner dimensions of being and to fully know what is that milk and honey experience which the mystics saw. The poets, the spiritual poets of the ages have used metaphors because many of them have seen into these realms. And so the words that they have used in their songs, such as Rumi, Khalil Gibran and  Rabindranath Tagore and others who have pierced the veil, pierced beyond the veil, and even John the Beloved and Saint Paul and others who have gone into these higher realms—they have to use terms that in a sense explain something but also hide the initiatic path to those whose minds and hearts are too gross and base to fully understand this higher realm.
            But it is time, blessed ones, that each of us begins to know and fully experience our own Promised Land in this way because there is no other way out but in. There is no other way to resolve the crises and issues of today with all of their abominable manifestations that we see in destruction and loss of life and wars and chaos and terrorism than to deeply go within, access the higher wisdom and then ray it forth in many ways day by day to counteract the darkness upon Earth and to manifest that light that we require for the change that is happening in spite of us and whether we are ready or not.
            God is saying to every soul, "Ready or not, here I am, O humanity!  Awaken! Be quickened to understand that the Kingdom of God has always been within you! Yet you have not listened. You have not obeyed the inner voice and  realized this. And so it is time, whether you are ready or not." The stars are shining forth upon the Earth. The shift is occurring. And those who are ready and make themselves ready by humility and by trust in God will receive these divine impulses and frequencies and can transfer that understanding and knowledge to others.
            Now, Moses was not allowed to go into the physical Promised Land at that time.  Why? We have heard [it was] because he had murdered the one Egyptian through temporary anger and wrath. And yet he was still the vehicle for the great miracles that occurred. The temporary binding law of karma can cloud the final initiation or the joy of victory for any of us. And so we have to be on guard to never misuse the power entrusted to us in these secret ray frequencies because they are so dynamic, they are so cutting edge, they are the laser action of light. And the lasers are powerful. And just a slight shift by a turn of one point or one frequency or one slight different angle can mean the difference between complete victory and total chaos. And so those who are trained in cosmic optics and the use of lasers have to have this mastery, in effect, of some of the secret rays in order not to be destroyers but to be creationists or to destroy with pinpoint accuracy a tumor or something that that laser is focused on and not the healthy cells.
            The light and sound ray and the frequencies that will be used in the Golden Age are far beyond the very base systems that we have on Earth today with vivisection and surgery that cuts open human bodies and does not do justice to the cosmic surgery that the angels can perform. As we master these frequencies, very subtle understandings of the use of sound and the technology of crystals and of vibration, we'll be able to perform cosmic surgery and healing without opening new cavities into the body but simply by harmonic resonance and the understanding that every organ has a frequency, every system has a vibration.
            The blood cells themselves are little suns that we can have very healthy and vital within our blood stream by right diet and by right thought and by right breathing and pranayama. So there is so much to science of Spirit that is even within our body temple that we do not know. And yet, those who have studied these sciences have begun to penetrate to the higher truths that are right here within us, our own Promised Land.
            Our aura itself is a divine mystery and the ever-changing frequencies and subtle colorations of our aura are our responsibility to maintain in a balance and in a harmony, based on our thought processes and our feelings, that we can raise to be truly of God fully. Did you know that as you feel so your aura looks? As you think so the gradations and the sharpness of the color frequencies appear within you?
            So, if you want a crystal-clear aura that is able to be utilized by the higher angelic presences and the masterful beings to shine light through to humanity in crystal clarity, then continue to work on yourself. For what you are doing then is you are shining the light of the Solar Presence into your own personal domain, into your own Promised Land such that one day it will be as clear and pure as that Sea of Glass upon which the Holy City resides. It will no more be clouded by the astral demons and the darker forces of your electronic belt and your lower nature, but it will be free and clear as the sky, the blue sky on a picture perfect day.
            As we take personal responsibility for our domain, which no one else can do but us, we become Godly beings because God said, "Multiply and take dominion over the earth."2  He was talking first about the earthiness of our own being, our own body temple. When we take dominion over ourselves, then, in effect, we have cosmic dominion over all of the earth. But we cannot expect to have this level of self-mastery until we take that accountability for what we place into our body, what we allow to focus itself through our consciousness, through the vision of what we behold. And so it takes a time for each of us to go within and be out of the world in order to go within and discover the new world that God has ready for us to know within our hearts and within our personal domain of love.
            You know all of what I have said. You have experienced it. It rings true because you have always had this command of the Most High to be gods and goddesses, to be, therefore, perfect even as my Father in heaven is perfect,3 as Jesus said. It's not the perfectionment of the lower nature or the outer man, but it is in allowing of the frequencies of holiness, of wholeness to take possession of us so that nothing of the demon and discarnate world can possess us at all. 
            Would you be so whole that not an ounce or a smidgen or darkness can live within your aura at any time?  The ascended masters have taken that level of accountability such that nothing of the shadow world can exist in their domain. They are fully light. They are completely living in and as the solar awareness of holy presence. It takes discipline, but most importantly love as that holy discipline, to reach this level of cosmic accountability which brings joy.
            Joy is the thing that Moses needed to develop and fully become in his final incarnation. And that joy came as the result of surrender and acceptance and the putting aside of a certain coarseness of spirit, a certain friction that can occur when our words are not spoken with the subtlety of nonviolent communication that brings harmony and balance and love into every situation and equation.
            So master the science of holy communion and communication, and thereby you will have joy because you will know what to say in every situation with great joy. Pause for a minute before you speak about anything and find the perfect words that emulate, that raise, that stimulate higher awareness within others because you honor the Christ, the Buddha, the Mother within them rather than attempting in some way to be thought of better and, from a point of a holier-than-thou approach, demeaning or debasing the light within others. It's a very subtle thing. Especially those of us on the spiritual path who think that we know a little bit more than others and who have these mystical experiences to not fall into the trap of pride and at times speak to others as if we know more because we see more, because we think we have an edge on spirituality.
            True humility maintains the clarity of the white light within our auras so that we never fall into the trap of pride. And the most wonderful and humble people are those who often are the most spiritual because they do not allow the ego to get hold of them to keep them from their own Promised Land of this state of inner tranquility and peace that maintains that balance come what may upon the Earth. The New Jerusalem is the new peace—salem ... shalom ... salaam.
            We want this new peace to abide within us always. So allow the tranquil waters of the Spirit to flow through you, and you will live within that domain of the New Jerusalem, the Promised Land always, blessed hearts.

1. Luke 17:21
2. Genesis 1:28
3. Matthew 5:48

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