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Arcturus      May 02, 2009

Beloved Arcturus
David C. Lewis
May 2, 2009  8:31-8:52 pm local time
Johannesburg, South Africa
2009 South Africa Pilgrimage

A Bedtime Story from Our Godparents, the Elohim

Understanding the Mysteries of Life by Returning to Your Childlike Nature and Spirit 
and Opening the Portal of Your Heart to the Heart of Elohim

Did you know, blessed ones, that the Elohim are your true godparents? And so you see, you have fourteen, and even more, godparents. And this night it is our desire to simply share with you a story. And therefore, first I tuck you into your beds in consciousness. And as you close your eyes, not quite yet, I transport all of you to the central altar upon my home star, Arcturus.
            Once upon a time, there was a child who yearned to know the mysteries of life. And so he would ask his parents many questions. And when they would answer, he would then often say, “Why?” And they would do their best to communicate the reasons for the answers that they gave, but at a certain point they could no longer share fully the knowledge that he sought. And so they recommended to him that he simply ask his heart the answer to the “Why?”
            And this little boy did. And you would be amazed at what he discovered when he performed this very simple ritual after his parents could no longer fulfill his need to answer every question. And so he would sit in silence and ponder the answer within his heart. And then later his parents would ask him what he discovered, and he would share with them the deepest mysteries of life that his heart conveyed unto his mind. And they were amazed at the inner knowledge that this little one received in communion with his heart.
            This went on for a number of months. And though at a certain point the boy stopped asking his parents the question “Why?” but still continued to ask his heart the answers to his inner questions, he continued to grow in divine wisdom and understanding. For the stream of divine radiance that came unto his heart because he was open to receive the possibility of an answer from within was great. For you see, because of his love, a portal from his heart was opened to the heart of Elohim.
            And we continued to allow the sacred flow of divine radiance and understanding unto this little one day by day, year by year. And at a certain point in his life, this little boy went on to share many discoveries of a spiritual nature with humanity that were very telling of the inner contact that he had at a cosmic level with the heart of God—and all of this because of the simple answer of his parents for him to ask his heart the answer to the “Why?”
            So, dearest ones, you as babes of the universe—for, yes, you are still living at a level of observation of the Cosmic Egg at the level of little children—can also instantly have the answers to your questions by simply asking your heart. When your heart is attuned to the heart of God, to the heart of Elohim, then each and every one of us will stream forth a ray of cosmic brilliance directly to you in the very center of your being to offer what we can at any hour of any day such that you may have all that you require to meet every need, to answer every question along the sacred trail of your life, lived to the glory of God.
            There are now many children upon Earth who have the inner understanding of their strong connection with the Spirit world who have the same capabilities that this little boy long, long ago discovered and attained to because he simply asked and listened and then smiled when the answer came quietly, lovingly from deep within. And these are the children that are creating the new age of divine brilliance in the violet light that we, the Elohim, hold in our mind's eye as already fulfilled in your dimension and plane of being—and yet which you each, as a child, must grow up into fully to live within a higher realm of light, within a higher space of divine love, in a new domain of beingness that the Elohim call you this night to consider abiding within.
            When a new level of Divine Presence flows through your awareness that is composed of the highest essences of holy grace and solar beingness, blessed ones, your life takes on new meaning. And the understandings that will come your way and the joys of the Spirit that will be yours will make every attempt to reach the stars and to access the sacred divine worlds that lie beyond your galaxy worth the time of silence and stillness whereby one day you will even hear the turning of worlds. Yes, you will hear the music of the spheres. And though not all may understand the spiritual world in which you live, the Elohim will know you and will have observed the new life that has dawned within your being.
            So you see, at this level it does not take so much time and space to create the change upon Earth that you would see manifest. For when you are love, Elohimic love embodied in form upon Earth, the level of cosmic transmutation that can occur through your heart and [be] offered to the world is tremendous. And so, the holy brother the Great Divine Director has called you to greater responsibility. And we say this night that this responsibility comes in the form of returning to your childlike nature and spirit, even that which many of you had even within this lifetime in your early years; where you looked at the stars and asked those deep questions of life, and God in his infinite wisdom sent a ray unto your heart that even now is opening and blossoming from within you to answer those questions.
            You see, dearest ones, it is often more about the question that you ask that is of deep spiritual value to your soul than only having a messenger or someone else to answer the question for you. For the discovery process is sacred; it is sublime. And within this experience, you rise through many supermundane worlds to touch the hem of the garment of Elohim, and in the process you are transformed.
            So this night, as we return you to your bodies in form, we also lend a momentum of divine love and transmutation to the continent that we love so dear[ly]. For long ago when the Elohim created the many and several worlds, including your own, we placed a sacred focus of our beingness over what you now call Angola. And we have held the flame of the seventh ray of violet-fire joy, mercy, compassion and forgiveness for all of the evolutions of Earth, back to the very earliest beginnings of life, even in the single cell of the first conscious sense of being upon this sphere. And we will maintain and hold that divine current until every sentient one has evolved to an understanding of complete union with the Divine and may transcend the need for a physical body temple and live forever within the light of the stellar worlds.
            Therefore, imagine this night as a child the most wonderful outcome for this nation, this people and this continent. And place your trust and faith in the Divine, as a little child who loves his godparents, for together we will recreate this world fully in God's image. And one day a new story will be told, [which] you may tell your godchildren when you have evolved to become Elohim.
            Hush, my little children, and go to sleep. For this night when you close your eyes and rest your head upon your pillow, we will awaken you into our realm, our domain of perfect love. Peace be with you and joy and the eternal light of violet love. We thank you.

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