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Solar Hierarchy of Aquarius      May 01, 2009

Beloved Solar Hierarchy of Aquarius
David C. Lewis
May 1, 2009  12:27-12:31 pm local time
Johannesburg, South Africa
2009 South Africa Pilgrimage

                  We Increase the Rate and the Frequency of Light to the Earth
                                    By a Certain Quantum of Solar Energy
                           Anti-Love Will Be Returned Instantly to the Sender          

            We are the Solar Hierarchy of Aquarius. And we have heard and felt the love of the God of Love to the Earth.¹ We honor this noble son, even as we increase the rate and the frequency of light to the Earth by a certain quantum of solar energy. This will result in a certain quickening of the hearts of the African people and then the hearts of all peoples upon Earth.
            How can anyone not respond to this heart of the Aquarian master, we ask, but to attempt in some way to honor his words by being true to the heart of love? Therefore, [as a result of] his prayer an additional action of light has been bestowed upon this continent. It is a pre-binding agreement whereby when any manner of hatred or anti-love is expressed, it will return quickly to those who send it forth by a factor untold this day outwardly. But I tell you it is sufficient; it is specific; it is considerable.
            Therefore, watch your words, your actions, O mankind. And express only Aquarian love, for thereby you will honor the Lord thy God in all of his creation and rise to meet your Maker in spirit.

1.  Saint Germain has also been called the God of Love.

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