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David Lewis      May 01, 2009

David Christopher Lewis  (Inspired by Beloved Saint Germain)
May 1, 2009   7:30-7:53 pm  local time
Michael Mount Waldorf School
Johannesburg, South Africa

              The Origin of The Hearts Center Dispensation and David's Anointing as an Amanuensis
                                                    Saint Germain and the Violet Laser Light

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for coming and taking time out of, I'm sure, your very busy schedules as conscious spiritual beings to participate in what we have to offer you tonight. A number of us have come from the United States, and we are on a sacred pilgrimage to South Africa. And we have first come to Johannesburg and we are going tomorrow to Cape Town. You have a beautiful nation, beautiful people. And it's truly an honor to be in your presence as spiritual aspirants on the path of light.
            My name is David Lewis and I'm the spiritual director and founder of The Hearts Center movement, which was begun in the United States in a little town called Livingston, Montana. And we have, in the last five years—not quite five years—formed a number of Hearts Centers throughout the United States and the world. And what is this activity about? And what are we speaking of tonight? Well, you came, most of you, I presume, because you saw an advertisement in the Odyssey Magazine. Is that correct?  Did most of you see that? Any other ads or word-of-mouth or anything? Most of you saw that ad. Well, just the very fact that you read that magazine bespeaks the fact that you are not only a seeker of truth and of divine wisdom but a finder. And you found something real and tangible within the various articles that you've read within that magazine that speak to your soul.
            And I pray tonight that the ascended masters who sponsor The Hearts Center movement will also speak to your soul in a new way that maybe you had not previously learned of or possibly augment what you already know. Nothing that I will say tonight will truly be new to your soul because in your Higher Self you already know everything. And what is occurring now upon the Earth is simply a re-awakening of all of us to the higher truth that, at a very deep, deep level, we have always known in all of our embodiments. And now it is time to fully self-realize who we are and become the fullness, the God Self, our reality in this age and this time. So you have, each and every one of you, done something in your life to participate at this level of beingness whereby you live in the essence, the Presence of God, of your true nature. And something is occurring within you that is beautiful. It is a metamorphosis of your spirit fully so that you can emerge as a Christed being, as the real you.
            Saint Germain is the Master of Aquarius. And how many of you know who Saint Germain is?  Just a few. You saw his picture within the advertisement. He is the angel, the Seventh Angel, mentioned in the Book of Revelation who comes to finish the mysteries of God. How does he finish those mysteries? He comes anointing us with the violet light, which now, in its accelerated action, we call the violet laser light. Why is it laser and what is a laser? It is light amplification stimulated by the emissions of radiance. And what does that mean? It's an acceleration of light often through crystal or through a means whereby that light has a direct impact, and it is focused for a purpose.
            The violet light is the seventh ray. It's the light in the rainbow spectrum that's the highest frequency. And Saint Germain taught, early in the twentieth century, a man named Guy Ballard, whose pen name was Godfrey Ray King. And he founded what was called the Saint Germain Foundation of the I AM Movement in the 20s in the United States, and it spread throughout the world. And within the books of that movement was revealed this gift of Saint Germain that is the violet flame. This light has the ability to transmute on contact darkness, karma and the lesser manifestations of life that we have participated in in the great drama of our lifestreams that has limited us up to this point.
            Now many of you meditate. And in your meditations you visualize light and you see that light in your heart chakra and all of your chakras. And you see it expanding and radiating and blessing life and doing its perfect work. When you add the component of the violet laser light, or energy, it allows a greater activity of cosmic understanding that not only amplifies every possible good thing that can come to you, but it shortens the days for the elect. Have you heard that in the Bible—the shortening of the days of the elect? What does that mean? It means the quicker transmutation of our karma.
            Now karma, as most of you know, is the law of cause and effect—what you reap you sow. Do you all believe in karma? [David laughs.] You wouldn't be here if you didn't. And, of course, this understanding from the East is written in the scriptures in different ways— "Whatsoever a man soweth, he reapeth."1 But it's the only thing that makes sense to explain life—why some people are born crippled and others geniuses, why some people's lives are cut short and others live to be over 100. I grew up Catholic. I just couldn't understand certain things that the Catholic Church taught without the understanding of karma. And when I read Edgar Cayce's books, it all made sense. And I'm sure for you, that first understanding of the law of karma was the key to explain so much in your life. And because you have that foundational understanding, now you can use the laws of cosmos and of higher physics—cosmic physics, astrophysics—to explain what is going on in your world. And the ascended masters do this beautifully.
            So Saint Germain is the master alchemist. He has had many illustrious embodiments. Some of you know them. He was Saint Joseph, the father of Jesus; he was Samuel the prophet; he was embodied as Christopher Columbus; he was also embodied as Roger Bacon. And then his final incarnation before he ascended was as Francis Bacon. And it is our understanding that he was the true author of the Shakespearian plays. He used the name Shakespeare, "shaking the spear."  It was a coded name because he was a devotee of Pallas Athena and she holds the spear. But only a genius like Francis Bacon could have composed and authored such illustrious, providential and wonderful works as the Shakespearian plays. Not this guy that was untutored, William Shakespeare, who didn't have the knowledge or the capability.
            So Saint Germain ascended in the 17th century, and then he came back and was known as "The Wonder Man of Europe." And he appeared all over Europe, attempting to create a United States of Europe and have peace and harmony reign amongt all the nations, moving them from monarchies to a more democratic and representative type of government whereby there could be a unity of nations, intercourse between nations, divine commerce—maybe not quite what has occurred in the European Union but something a little
better, a little more noble. Many of you have your origins, I presume, in Europe, your ancestors either coming from Holland, from Germany, from wherever—some of you from eastern Europe. I have my origins in Germany.  I'm three-quarters German. And my mother's maiden name was Schneider. So for those of you who speak Afrikaner or German or whatever, I resonate with you.
            In any case, Saint Germain is this wonderful master. He is truly the avante-garde master of Aquarius. Just as Jesus was the wayshower for Pisces, Saint Germain is the avatar of the Aquarian Age. His entire being emanates divine love. And by God's grace I have been able, because of a very wonderful dispensation, to communicate with the ascended masters. They communicate with me. I never expected this to happen. But about four and a half years ago I had a mystical experience when I was in a church service and we were singing a song to Jesus and another master named Kuthumi, or K.H. And I was taken up in consciousness to a very high state. And I was beyond my body and the Masters Jesus and Kuthumi communicated to me at a higher level and asked me to be able to receive what they call dictation as an amanuensis for them. I did not know what would occur fully; I just knew that I had this mystical experience, and I didn't know what it would entail in years to come.
            But the next day I began by simply writing what I thought would be my own personal spiritual experiences—and this was June 6, 2004—and Jesus basically dictated a message to me and then the next day Kuthumi and then it went on and on. I was a member for over three decades of another organization that some of you may know of called The Summit Lighthouse, and I still hold very dear the training that I received directly from Elizabeth Clare Prophet. And many of you may have read her books, which are beautiful. I never met Mark. I came into the teachings of the ascended masters in 1974, the year after he passed on and made his ascension. But I served directly with Elizabeth Clare Prophet on the staff for over 21 years and did a lot of different jobs in the organization, both in Colorado Springs and California and lastly in Montana.
            So I've been a member of a spiritual community for that time. I am married and have three children. I grew up in the Chicago area, and I found the teachings when I was eighteen.  I had been searching from a very young age. Growing up Catholic, I was very devoted to the Blessed Mother Mary and I prayed a lot and I used to fast when I was twelve years old. And I had a mystical experience with Jesus when I was twelve after a seven-day fast. I've always felt very close to the spirit world and that really there's more to life than just physicality in this body. There's a lot more.
            I feel that I received the gift of the Holy Spirit when I attended a service in Chicago directed by Kathryn Kuhlman. I don't know if any of you have heard of her, but she had very Christian-oriented Holy Spirit services in Chicago. And when she walked on to the stage, my whole body was alive and on fire with the flame of the Holy Spirit. And since that day, by the grace of God, I have had a certain anointing that I kept private for many years. But when this more recent initiation occurred with Jesus and Kuthumi, it was very holy and personal. And I didn't really want to tell anybody. For a number of months, I pretty much kept the writings that I would receive as an amenuensis private. And finally one day they said that it was time to deliver them to the world.
            So we began a movement called The Hearts Center because Elizabeth Clare Prophet has retired. She has alzheimer's, and we don't expect her to be on  this planet many more years unless some miraculous healing occurs. So she's living in Bozeman, Montana near where I live. I was a devotee and I have read just about all of the books published by The Summit Lighthouse and I accept her messengership fully. I'm not trying in any way to displace what she does. But what happened was there was no one who came forward to carry on her message and her mission fully as a messenger because she was training her daughter; her daughter didn't do it. And the ascended masters want to communicate continuously with mankind through amenuenses, through those who can hear the divine voice and relate it to us.
            More than just delivering a message, what occurs in the transmissions—which I do not call channeling because I do not like that term because I am not allowed to be a medium in the sense that I take messages from discarnate entities, only ascended beings—is that I, of course, silently challenge the being that comes to make sure that it is the true master because there are imposters of the ascended masters who attempt through chicanery to fool devotees of the Spirit. So it is a very delicate fabric of light that is woven through my consciousness, and the ascended masters speak beautiful words. But more important, as I was saying, than the words they speak is the light and the spiritual radiation that they emit and that flows through my chakras, the chakras of the master that overshadows me. And really everyone in the audience is an active participant with the message that is conveyed because the masters activate your chakras and pour light through you. And this is what is beautiful about the messages that I receive.
            So, back to the violet laser light. Please look at this picture that we have that we call "Your Buddha Nature Chart," which was done by the same artist, Tom Miller, that painted what was called "The Chart of Your Divine Self " in The Summit Lighthouse. You see the violet color radiance and energy field as fire around the lower figure in the chart, which in this representation is kind of in the lotus posture. This violet energy is wonderful. How many people have ever visualized violet in your meditation or use already the gift of the violet light or flame?
            So, I invite you to experience just for a moment what this may feel like. Please uncross your legs and just sit up straight so that your chakras are aligned. Your hands may be cupped before you upon your lap. You can close your eyes and see the auric egg, because the aura looks like a giant egg around you. See it brimming with violet light. This energy is actually the seventh ray action of the agency of  the Holy Spirit. The gift of tongues is a gift of the Holy Spirit. And the cloven tongues that descended upon the disciples in the Upper Room after Jesus passed on is an action of that Spirit that also can be represented in violet. Some of the saints have seen the violet light in their meditation and in their prayers, and it has caused an acceleration of consciousness whereby they were able to perform miracles, such as Padre Pio who could bi-locate, who could read the thoughts of the people that came to confession. He could see into the future; he could perform miraculous healings. Many of the saints, East and West, through an accelerated understanding of light, have actually seen this violet energy.
            So we'll give a very simple mantra, "I am a being of violet fire. I am the freedom God desires."  And we're going to say this kind of as an Eastern mantra in a monotone. And if you would like to participate, I invite you to because where we have many hearts and souls doing it together, the energy field that's created is magnificent and more powerful than if only one person does it.
            But we're going to use this for a purpose. First we're going to see our own auric egg filled with this light; then we're going to expand that field of energy through this entire room and auditorium. And then we're going to expand it out to all of Johannesburg. And any situation that you are aware of that needs the application of light and forgiveness and mercy and love, see that violet light going to and touching hearts and transmuting burdens and simply offering itself as a way out. Then, as you're able to expand your awareness, you can see it going to all of South Africa, all of Africa and then the entire planet. So we begin first within our heart, expand it to our aura and then gradually outward. We'll do a little bit of deep breathing. [David takes a deep breath.] Take in the prana within the atmosphere that is already activated by the energy field of our collective awareness of light and love.
            [David takes more deep breaths and with the group offers  the following mantra together, repeating ten times, "I am a being of violet fire. I am the freedom God desires."]

[David's lecture continued on after these prayers were given.]

1. Galatians 6:7

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