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Portia      April 30, 2009

Beloved Portia
David C. Lewis
April 30, 2009   8:22-8:30 am local time
South Africa Pilgrimage 2009

See and Envision with Us the Highest Possibilities for Every Nation in Africa

            I take my sword now and thrust it deep into the earth here in Africa for the consuming of ancient records of darkness. As you have called forth the violet light as forgiveness, mercy and justice, so there manifests now a spiral of cosmic activity whereby patterns of darkness are no more and a new investiture of cosmic radiance as holy justice may ensue. You have cried out, "Let my people go!"¹ And so I come with my beloved to unloose the bonds of darkness and the chains of inhumanity from those who would rise this day. Release them, O angels of the seventh ray! Free them from the unreality and the density and the shackles of the dark ones. Burn through now! Burn through now! Burn through now! They are released from this darkness.
            You will see, blessed hearts, in coming months and years a new wave of light. And as you continue invoking the light of the seventh ray consciously, fortuitously giving of your heart in greater and higher streams of divine activity, new inroads into the divine plan for Africa will be seen and manifest, nation by nation. You have completed the holy rounds of praying for every nation upon this continent. Now we, the ascended hosts, step up the action of that which you have offered unto us, and we take the spiral of cosmic activity of your prayer work on Sundays to a higher crescendo and an apex of light. And a funnel now descends around all of Africa of swirling violet fire to ensconce the evolutions here in this radiant joy of cosmic activity.
            Should you decide to continue to engage in this ritual, and we suggest that you do, there can be now a visioning for each nation for which you call at a higher level of what you would conceive and perceive of that can be achieved through the conscious efforts of spiritual aspirants. Therefore see and envision with us the highest possibilities for every nation. You have the history before you and the facts somewhat of what is occurring. But now project upon and over the globe focused upon Africa cosmic rays through your hands as each of you forms a circle of fire around Africa when you pray on Sundays and see the energization of each nation now in higher awareness. For ye are gods just as we are if you accept the divine calling.²
            This is my message and our collective directive unto the Brothers and Sisters of Afra and those who may wish to join with them in continuing the alchemy of your prayer work. For you see, you have carved a new niche of light through your efforts. But now we must move forward the divine plan to the next level and spiral, blessed ones. Saint Germain and I are grateful for the magnificent presence that each of you manifests. And we now drape around the Brothers and Sisters of Afra who have participated in this collective alchemy, new robes of righteousness based on the level of your givingness and your hearts' fire of love for this continent and her people.
            Ye are priests and priestesses of the Most High of the Order of Melchizedek with Lord Zadkiel at your lead.³ This I declare this day and through a new commission of light wield the sacred sceptor and sword of fire on behalf of all in this holy office, blessed ones. I thank you.

David's comments: This dispensation is granted unto those not only here who have participated but those back in the United States. And so Portia and her angels are draping upon each and every one of you now these sacred garments of light. They are colorful; they are majestic. There is gold and the most royal purple and violet and ruby colors, as well as blue and many sacred emblems woven within the strands of these garments that are composed of light. And that light comes from your hearts' offering, week by week, of your love.

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