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Nada      April 30, 2009

Beloved Nada
David C. Lewis
April 30, 2009  7:11–7:29 pm local time
Johannesburg, South Africa
2009 South Africa Pilgrimage

The Education of the Heart and the Mind

I Would Bring Back the Mother's Love and Light
to the Equation of Education


Gracious and Beloved Ones,
            I would speak on the education of the heart and mind. Without the equation of light within education wherein the heart receives attention, there cannot be the highest representation and conveyance of the flame of illumination. For you see, the solar electricity and radiance first sparks the heart to beat before the brain with all of its faculties begins to fully function. The heart as the central chakra of your being receives the first impulses of the Spirit, and then these create a portal through which a sacred flow of light is expressed unto the whole being of man, woman and child.
           You know that wisdom without love is void of the feeling by which divine gnosis may be understood through personal experience, which [in turn] creates the chalice wherein illumination's ray may continue to blaze forth. Intellectual knowledge [in and] of itself cannot be fulfilled [or realized] except through movement, through the action of life itself manifest of and by experiential flow. The way of service through teaching allows for a conveyance of understanding within the laboratory of life, where the rubber meets the road, where meaning and purpose are fulfilled in the truths that are discovered only by direct and personal revelation.
           Every true teacher knows with a surety what he or she speaks of only by this self-application of the knowledge conveyed first by his or her own teacher. And every higher revelation comes through the stream of love-wisdom that involves both the heart and mind in a unified field of activity where the logic of the heart and the compassion of the mind are equally yoked.
           Beloved ones, much of what is conveyed today in Earth's educational systems does not speak to the entire man, woman or child and therefore cannot bring about the highest opportunities for the changes that you seek and see as necessary upon Earth to bring in a new age of divine love-wisdom. If only the brain is activated in learning, a pitiful and limiting result will ensue. But where the heart is activated, there is a natural outflow of knowledge to the entire being; and the heart itself will activate all of the other chakras in this learning experience, which is and always will be more about self-discovery from within, where the student himself or herself learns from the inner teacher.
           Dear hearts, native peoples naturally know this way of learning and this level of experiential knowledge which is passed from generation to generation by way of the engagement of the heart and mind, often through the conveyance of cultural lore, stories of grandeur, dialogue and the personal training from the guru to the disciple heart to heart. If you could move back in time and space to see how this divine relationship of the teacher and the student has been at the core of the conveyance of all wisdom teaching, back to the very beginnings of the cosmos itself, you could begin to understand how this understanding must come to the fore of mankind's consciousness in order to move all into the new age of divine reason.
           So now I take you on a sacred journey of light into a humble hut in the wilderness of this great continent. And I show you how one particular mother is conveying unto her child the essence of beingness, first by nursing that one and expressing through the milk itself the divine knowledge of God's reality. The flow that the child imbibes contains the very spiritual essence of that mother, who has attuned herself through nature to the rhythm of the cosmos. And this child, both in its outer waking consciousness as well as during sleep, receives a stream of the mystery of life through this conveyance.
           As the child grows, there is, through an attentiveness to the mother's voice, movement and rhythm of life through her work within the household of that tiny, humble hut, a deep, deep knowledge conveyed. For that child is pure of heart and mind and receives the stellar emanations of the cosmos itself, often outside, partaking of the natural grandeur all around. Now this child grows, and through an acceleration of the passing of time through space, you see the evolution of this one unto truly a God-man in his own right. For he contains within his soul the very essence of that Mother flow and of an understanding of the highest nature of life, of the principles of the cosmos and of the divine activity of the movement of all worlds within his being.
           In the educational systems of today, blessed hearts, there is the disconnection between the heart of the child and the mother. The child leaves home and learns within a classroom only what is conveyed, often in a rote way, but not with the full employment of that nurturing spirit of the mother that is wise beyond words and years.
            So I would bring back the mother's love and light to the equation of education, whereby life experience may be known in simple and humble ways as conveyed from the mother's heart to the holy child day by day. Is not the mother the greatest teacher of all to the youth? And are not the first few years of life itself those in which the child learns the vast majority of what he or she will actually learn within a lifetime in terms of being able to move bodily, a language itself? Yet there is much more. And we as ascended masters are inspiring many to return to the divine basics of higher education as we know it and as mankind may be able to receive and then convey it upon Earth.
           As you go about your day and see those of African descent who serve you, very humbly, I must say, make sure, blessed ones, to convey something of the spirit of the Brotherhood within this circle of fire to each one—whether the cook, the cleaning lady, the usher, the one who brings your water—and look deep within their eyes to see just how wise they truly are, as in service they also serve the universal awareness of mankind through you.
           Even in their humble mien, there is the fire of wisdom at a certain level, [which] you often overlook in your busy schedules and days. When you can revere the light within even the humblest of the humble and those who serve in every which way your soul and spirit, then you honor the least of the brethren and thereby honor the Christ and the Buddha within all.
        I am Nada of the rose of God's heart and the fire of true beingness within the divine heart-mind connection, which increases through the law of service and ministration to the flame of divine brotherhood everywhere. Now, blessed hearts, take the hand of the one next to you, and in this true brotherhood and sisterhood of the Spirit, feel the cosmic pulse from my heart, [which] I convey at a new level that is possible for you to sustain through your own service to life in whatever way that may look.
           Ta-thump, ta-thump, ta-thump, ta-thump. Do you hear my heart beating within your own now? [Audience responds, "Yes."] Ta-thump, ta-thump, ta-thump, ta-thump, ta-thump. It is a rosy heart—ta-thump, ta-thump, ta-thump, ta-thump—and not a chicken heart.¹
        Blessed ones, I am with you always in the love fires of service to life, your Nada, lover of your soul.

1.  Beloved Nada brought some levity to this heartstream, as prior to it as the pilgrims were traveling through the city of Johannesburg one of them narrated a Bill Cosby comedy routine from memory about a chicken heart!

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