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Lanello      April 30, 2009

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
April 30, 2009  7:32-7:39 pm MDT
Johannesburg, South Africa
2009 South Africa Pilgrimage

Know the Eternal Bond of this Sacred Brotherhood
Whereby all Hearts Truly Beat as One

            I am Lanello. And I come unannounced to bless you with the fire of my solar radiance. I am pleased with the level of love that you have entered into in magnanimity, one for another and another for the One. Nada's love now flows through your bloodstream. And this communion is more than the drinking of an elixir of the concentration of the berries of this world. It is the distillation of the very love of God vouchsafed to your heart.
            For when, beloved ones, you have truly entered love at this level, you enter through the brotherhood of life itself, the heart magnanimous of God. Prepare now within these 24 hours in consciousness for the Knight Commander and what he will perform as cosmic magic for the Earth itself on the morrow. Revere the heart of the master. Know his heart and discern moment by moment the intimations of what that heart will speak to you of the New Age and of opportunity for self-transcendence. If you would be leaders of the New Age, then you must know the heart of Saint Germain and Portia in a new and higher spiral of cosmic activity.
            [Lanello breathes deeply for 5 seconds.]  Purusha! May the Spirit flow through your being. And may the discernment of spirits, that by God's grace I was privileged to know as one of the gifts of that Holy Spirit, be yours each and every one, if you would have it. Know it and utilize this sacred gift to truly know all that is acting within the realm of your domain moment by moment. For thereby you will always be attuned to the voice of the Spirit that speaks; you will always know through this divine faculty what is acting within your world and the worlds of those with whom you work and communicate and live. And by this level of cosmic discernment your pathway will be clear and cleared for you by that Spirit of comfort that knows no bounds except the very edge of the cosmos itself.
            I am one magnanimous heart. But I would multiply myself again and again through yours such that all life would know the eternal bond of this sacred brotherhood, whereby all hearts truly beat as one. Bless you. Live in sacred love for one another always.

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