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Peter Deunov      April 11, 2009

Beloved Peter Deunov
David C. Lewis
April 11, 2009   11:35
-11:53 am  PDT
Recreating Earth's Ancient Solar Civilizations
Phoenix, Arizona

Create a World of Solar Joy

Paneurythmy as an Expression of Divine Movement and the Music of the Spheres
I Return You to a New Co-creativity with the Divine One

            I give you a new command, and that is to create a world of Solar joy. What this world will look like is up to you. For as co-creators, you have within your heart and mind the ability to do this.
            Many have relegated their life on the rubbish heaps of what society tells them is possible. But this day I say that what is possible for you is far beyond the wildest imagination and dreams of most of humanity, but it may not be so for you. For as you have taken responsibility for the great family of man within your domain, so God gives unto you not only  the command to go forth and multiply, but to create with him this divine world in Solar joy.
            You have called me forth during this class, and so I come from the East and the mountains of Bulgaria, where I taught a number of disciples. And the one Mikhaël Aïvanhov carried forth my mission to France and to an entire world. And you have been the great beneficiaries of his masterful Presence—taking that which I offered to the next level— whereby the teachings of the Universal White Brotherhood would be spread throughout the world, heart by heart, family by family, community by community, until all could know the true nature of God as light and as that great Solar Presence within.
            Yes, I am Peter Deunov, speaking through this son of God for a short time in time and space. But I move in many realms of being and I coexist with many masterful presences who are discerning how they may bring the greater truths of the universal brotherhood of man unto mankind to be applied in new realms, in new divine vistas. And so, we live and move and have our being through those who first accept and resonate with our message and then will be obedient to the divine voice within to move it forward through the music of the spheres and through the dynamic that we have offered of Divine Presence as light and Solar joy.
            Your Master Morya El has assigned you to envision the new world, your world, that you seek. And so I come to augment his message and to tell you that it is not only a meditation practice that you must enter into but a definite and spirited work, that day by day this new world [may] emerge through your consciousness attuned to the heart of God and through your own co-creativity merged with many others who resonate with this mission. This divine world of Solar joy will descend from etheric octaves to precipitate within the world of men and women so long as there are those who hold the divine field of its possibility and work the works of God day by day to make it so.
            What I brought forth [in the dance form] I have called Paneurythmy is an expression of divine movement coupled with the music of the spheres, which through the meditation and the movement itself weaves strands of light, as cosmic ribbons of sacred energy, [a] creative process in which you may engage. When you fully understand the science behind this movement, you will know, just as Shiva knows through the dance in which he is eternally engaged, the movement of the spheres themselves and how life itself is born through that movement and through the soundless sound behind that movement.
            Gracious hearts, I urge you to study my life and the life of my premier disciple, the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, for you will gain a great understanding of certain divine principles that many of you in the West have not fully discovered or understood at the level that you could in your spiritual life. And as you move with greater numbers of those who have both studied and mastered the principles that I brought forth, augmenting your own spiritual path, you will be raised into a new field of activity that will draw forth greater God-energy that you may focalize in the creative work at hand and before you.
            Isn't it true, blessed ones, that when you travel to other cultures and experience something of the divine world within the peoples and the lands that you navigate that an essence of the very suchness of that society enters the atmosphere of your own being, your aura and life? And from that day forward, something of that essence is astir within you and magnifies your own God-mastery such that you, through this experience, may manifest a greater connectedness with all life, with more among mankind who dwell within the various cultures upon this Earth.
            And therefore those of you who partake of these pilgrimages and sacred journeys gain great understandings, and the value is more than you can humanly know. For we see the strands of light embedded within your causal body itself that begin to flower from new levels of awareness. As [God] originally seeded [them] within you, [with your attention and devotion] they begin to sprout and grow and flourish within you. So do not discount that which the messenger and the greater entourage of disciples of the Spirit have engaged in within these sacred journeys. For although it takes much of your supply and your time and energies to plan and to participate in these divine adventures, blessed ones, you are participants in the great transformation of the planet itself through your journeys and your time in holiness together.
            So I give the world a spin this day in Solar joy. And this joy is fashioned from the great causal-body essence of each one of your Solar Presence[s], as a new conflagration and reflection of the light of Helios and Vesta and of great God beings who dwell in cosmic Solar consciousness.
            So I return you to first principles and a new co-creativity with the Divine One. Once you step forward as gods and goddesses in your own right and determine that nothing will tear you away from the pathway of light set before you, then there is no longer the abasement of that divine light within you in any way, shape or form, and all that you do resonates with the holy frequencies within the divine world, which in and of themselves, when assimilated by mankind, will raise this earth in sacred fire.
            So I have come at the request of one, and you see how dedication toward and an assimilation of one teaching moves that one up within the hierarchical chain of life. For as that one ascends, many are drawn higher and all become the beneficiar[ies] of that one's greater attainment and joy in Solar Presence.
            I bow to the light that is birthing within you, each one. This is the Christic Presence of Solar joy that you may know always in your life. And even as you bow to the light of God within one another in a sacred cherishment of that light within the eye, within the chakras, as Spirit energy, there is a transfusion, as cosmic blessing, that occurs between ye all within this holy family of light. May it always be so that you have this time of sharing, for there is the greater bonding not only of your hearts with one another but with many on the spiritual plane who listen intently to your voice, to your heart, to your soul.
            I am here for you as a servant of light. Call to me from this day forward, if you desire, and I will bring you all that I can bear within the realm of my own understanding of God [of] that nurturing spirit of divine radiance and Solar joy,  [which] may be yours for the asking and for the sharing with each other.
            Now prepare, blessed hearts, for the coming of a master known, but often unknown amongst greater numbers of mankind, the Master Igor himself.

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