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Lady Kristine      April 11, 2009

Beloved Lady Kristine
David C. Lewis
April 11, 2009   9:08-9:29 am PDT
Recreating Earth's Ancient Solar Civilizations
Phoenix, Arizona

Taking Cosmic Accountabilityon Behalf of Generations to Come
I Place a Seed of Grace within Your Mind This Day

Seven generations I see before me, a new generation of light within each one. And within my focus I hold the space for grace, for the fulfillment of the divine plan within all evolving through these generations.
            Blessed hearts, I am Kristine, and I bring pristine light to play and dance within you so that you may understand, through the nexus of the heart, that which God has placed within you both as opportunity and responsibility to focus the light of your Solar Presence within your world and domain. Those who have taken full accountability for the future, act within the Now, within that frame of reference of cosmic responsibility not only to do no harm, not only to reverence life, but to honor, through integrity, all generations to come, all co-creations of every sentient being [so] that there may be a glorious platform upon which life may evolve and may continue to manifest upon our world.
            Those who have relegated a certain accountability and responsibility to others [to do] decision making are not providing the open door to the future that your children and your children's children may walk through such that they may experience higher consciousness and the way of light. And therefore you see all about you the crumbling of systems and societies that are archaic in their thinking, not holding these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and that the Creator has invested within them certain inalienable rights and that these—life, liberty and the pursuit of God-happiness—create a framework by which all decision making and cosmic accountability flows within life.
            I have taken the full responsibility upon myself for the [bestowal of the] flame of grace upon earth [so that it may] arise within the hearts of mankind. For I have incorporated the Christic essence of the Divine into all my affairs and into all that transpires within my world. And you also, blessed hearts, may consider how the gifts and graces that you bear to this earth, as that divine talent, as that mission and holy purpose, may arise and manifest to the glory of God, toward the fulfillment in all succeeding generations of the light purposes of heaven for the greater family of mankind whom you serve and who serves you.
            When you take the hand of brother or sister and speak with intention and with grace, there is the flow of the Spirit that manifests within the sacred aura of light of the cosmic connection between you throughout the entire hierarchical chain of life. And when you feel the pulsation of the grace of God manifest through this connectedness, then you cannot help but allow the Source to guide you in all your affairs and activities, whereby every decision is made with the understanding that it will affect seven generations to come, and more. And therefore wisdom flows, divine consequences are seen and the karmic patterns of the past dissolve [so] that a new view may be had and understood by all.
            Respect and cosmic accountability, as tenets or foundational principles of life, should guide all aspects of your society within the affairs of mankind. And this must come especially into play within the interactivity of various cultures and peoples in their communication, in their education. For when, blessed ones, this foundational principle is present, grace moves in and secures the highest outcome, the most blessed and fortuitous approach, and the means of heaven enter the equation such that there is divine resolution, harmony and cosmic grace active.
            I take you up now in consciousness to attend a session of the Darjeeling Council, whereby you may be observers of the interactivity of the masterful ones who move forward the divine plan of humanity from a spiritual level. You [may] see these principles in action and how we are very careful to note the current structures at play within society upon earth and that which God himself desires to have fulfilled through spiritual evolution at all levels of society. So we take note of where mankind is and yet see the future possibilities for great God consciousness flowing within the consciousness of mankind, raising what you call the mass consciousness into higher presence and cosmic productivity whereby solar joy and the currents of love-wisdom, outplayed at all levels, bring about those divine channels of cosmic activity in your world.
            There is a great God-desiring within the hearts of the ascended hosts to assist you at all levels of being. And yet mankind en masse does not yet look to the Divine fully for his sustenance [and] his support and attempt to live within the stream of God's awareness of perfect presence. But when you, each one, provide an example, a medium of divine exchange for these accelerated currents of consciousness to flow into the minds and hearts of mankind, then, blessed hearts, there can be the raising of the entire mass consciousness of humanity whereby this new level of cosmic accountability is no more forsaken but is embraced with grace and joy.
            Therefore, look first within and see what aspects of your life you have relegated to others' responsibility and [where you have] not taken fully to heart that which God has vouchsafed unto you as divine beingness and as your mission, [which] can only be fulfilled fully by you. When you take back to your heart and to your soul those elements that you have strewn throughout the cosmos in unconscious moments of nonpresence, then you will have the magnet, the motherlode of fire whereby the Divine may fully appear within you and the light may blaze forth through your heart and through your mind to raise all life.
            Therefore I place a seed of grace within your mind this day. And as this seed grows through the generation of light flowing forth through your consciousness and through your children and [your] children's children henceforth and unto the fulfillment of its eternal principles in seven generations, it will bloom into a true Tree of Life itself, as grace, whereby that which I seed this day may eventually be drawn forth as the fruit of your own co-creation with God. It may not be that you  [will] fully enjoy this fruit in this lifetime, but you will revel as an ascended one in higher consciousness that you nurtured that seed, that you watered it, that you cared for it such that that fruit may be both eaten and assimilated by your divine offspring far into the future. And you and your light will live within that divine fruit and therefore live within those who partake of it, blessed ones.
            Every prayer offered with intention, conscious awareness and presence oozes of this divine grace of which I speak. It circles the cosmos and returns to do its perfect work in many realms of being, in sacred spaces of light. Therefore never discount how in the moment, in the richness of the now, the seed light of your cosmic purpose may go forth to create that new world of light that you seek.       
            I am Kristine, lady of light, daughter of grace. I have brought a new essence of the Spirit for your nurturing and your nourishing. Enjoy this divine fruit, blessed hearts, and know once more that which the Lord offered in the Garden of Eden, that it is acceptable to partake of.
            [Lady Kristine chants in an unknown tongue.]
I have washed this fruit in light. Now eat and know God as grace within. I thank you.

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