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Lanello      March 13, 2009

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
March 13, 2009   1:14-1:35 pm local time
Precipitation of the Golden-Crystal Age:
Aquarian Teaching on the Abundant Life
Umeå, Sweden 

                                                            Love Is the Key to All Divine Wealth
                                                Levity Is Another Key to the All-Abundance of God
                                                       I Offer You a Tangible Witness of My Love

Most Beloved Heartfriends of Sweden,
            It is my great joy to be in your presence, for I feel the flow of light through your own connection with your God Presence. And in that light, to which I bow, I sing and I speak.
            I am the master whom you have known as Lanello, and I enfold you in a new radiance of light. And within this still presence, I expect that together we will have a most glorious weekend of communion heart to heart, new friend to new friend.
            As we speak on the law of abundance, which is rightfully ours—is it not?—that which God has vouchsafed unto us as the all-in-all of beingness and which together we may glory in and share anew, we will sing, we will dance, we will make divine merriment; but most of all, we will love each other anew. For love is that key to all divine wealth, and when we are attentive to that which God speaks within our hearts, we have access to all that we require to fulfill our divinity, our very beingness, life itself within.
            In honor of your coming, many ascended hosts, angelic presences and higher beings have gathered the richness of the Spirit that abides within your Oversoul, that which you have garnered over many lifetimes of divine wisdom, truth and the higher way of light. All this you now have access to as your reality glows in the presence of each other and in this space made holy by our divine togetherness.
            There is a hush in heaven as the voice of the I AM speaks. And, blessed ones, though the language of this messenger may not be your natal tongue, what is stimulated within your heart is the same in all cultures: that which is true, that which is born of divine intent, which is love. Look now around the room and see in the eyes of each heartfriend the living witness of this holy truth of love.
            In a new conflagration of sacred fire and in the presence of the Holy Spirit, the effervescent, ever-present one, I come. And in a sacred anointing of holy light whereby cloven tongues of fire descend upon each one—even as in the Upper Room experience that the Master Jesus, through his representative, offered to the early disciples in that dispensation—I offer unto each one of you a tangible witness of my love, of the fire of my magnanimous heart, which may ever be yours for the asking each moment.
            Love is ever abundant within every molecule of space, and you may draw forth from this God-ness within the universe to sustain you, blessed hearts. We will increase the fire of love's reality this weekend. And as you accept every possibility for greater attainment and self-elevation, the ascended hosts will guide you, will lead your pathway home unto the heart of your Beloved.
            We, as your elder brothers and sisters, are here in divine service to you. It is our great gift and joy to lay down our lives again and again unto mankind in this way. We have never left the earth, though we vibrate at a frequency beyond the sight of most. What is sight? What is hearing? What is feeling, touching or knowing, sensing through smell? All of these are meant for you to experience life, God.
            This weekend we will accentuate the higher senses through the distillations of that Spirit that we offer. And if, through divine joy and a certain cosmic expectancy, you desire to have the allness of love fulfilled within you, then it will be so by your intent, by your word.
            I am that love of God suffused within all life, infused within every heart. And I am not a recluse or one who refuses to allow the voice of God to speak within, and therefore I offer you the allness of my heart. And in a holy embrace and a kiss of peace, I greet you, each and every one, O holy sons and daughters of Scandinavia, and even a heartfriend or two from North America.
            In the joy within this room, I enter the scene. Now let us move together to receive something more, something of levity—which is another key, through harmony, to the all-abundance of God.

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