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Godfre      March 01, 2009


Beloved Godfre
David C. Lewis
March 1, 2009   10:00-10:10 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through Austin, Texas


You Must Take Personal Responsibility for Your Own World's Freedom!
A New Energy of God Freedom Released in the Lone Star State


Blessed Students of Higher Truth,
        I Am Godfre. And I place my Electronic Presence within the very center of the capital building in Austin, Texas this day to release a new energy of God-Freedom within the Lone Star State and within America as a whole. This day I come to tell you, each one, that in this age and in this hour you must take personal responsibility for your own world's freedom. And by your world, I include whatever these words mean to you—your personal aura and life, that of your family and community and that of your nation, planet and the cosmos itself, if you choose.
        I have taken responsibility for the God-freedom of every electron of beingness within my world and therefore God has given me the title of Godfre. And this day I transfer a new energy of that God-beingness to you so that you may feel the weight of spiritual light and fire, a new cloak of responsibility to your peers and to the entire lineage of lightbearers and divine heartfriends above and below. Within this mantle of light are the blue-fire impulses of initiatic fire whereby your mission may be fulfilled this day and for the rest of your life.
        Note, blessed ones, that the Alamo itself was a fort but it was also a mission. This word has power and when you fully understand what took place on this soil, which was the standing firm and true to the very last man within that compound for the light of freedom, then you may understand your greater spiritual mission as relevant to every decision that you make, how you use your time and energy, where you place your attention and most of all how you will use the resources of the Spirit vouchsafed unto you by God for the upliftment and ultimate freedom of all life upon Earth.
        You have read the story of Davey Crockett, of Jim Bowie and of all of the rest of those who decided to take their stand here. And I say that there are even a few of you within this movement in this hour who were within that fort on that fateful day, blessed ones, drawing forth your inspiration from each other and from the spirit of freedom who was verily the Goddess of Freedom herself in that hour. So I come with her and with Beloved Saint Germain and Portia and the Goddess of Liberty to say that, although there has been much chicanery within the outplaying of events within the capital of this state and nation in these two hundred and thirty and plus years, yet the true-blue ones remain who understand the sacrifices required for a people and a nation to remain free. And I expect that you, each one, will count yourselves among this holy host of light.
        Dear ones, you have also read of my vision and of the three perils that would come upon America's soil and of the appearance of that Godly being, the Goddess of Liberty, to me. It was not just an etheric vision but it occurred in real, 3-D glory right before my eyes and the impact it had on me in that hour was so great, that every day from that day forward I spent time on my knees in prayer for the mission of God to be fulfilled through me and through my men and eventually through the government that we founded for these United States of America.
        Some have had their own personal experience of knowing the import of this very hour today within the context of the history of this nation under God. And you would not be listening in this hour had you not come to your own conclusion that you must sacrifice something of your own time, your own resources, to pledge your life to God and to the Knight Commander and his holy consort, Portia, to assist in the fulfillment of the great mission of America, the I AM RACE, before us.
        I was privileged to be that one through whom the Aquarian Master released his stupendous teaching of the violet flame to the world in this age. And I ask you, blessed hearts, to reconsider today, in this hour, what this dispensation truly means for us all and for the destiny of this nation. If you will fully utilize this gift from the very heart of God through Saint Germain and employ this dynamic cosmic eraser daily, not only will your own soul benefit but the very light of Freedom will blaze forth in all its glory to an entire nation, people and world through the added momentum of all those who have ever invoked that light!
        Therefore, I announce to you today with Lotus at my side that whenever you give your calls to the violet fire and to Lotus and me, we will add the momentum of our fiery love for America to your prayers and invocations. And when you say the name AMERICA we will energize your chakras and we will empower you through your Divine Presence to be those arbiters of the spiritual destiny of this nation that WILL make the difference!
        Thus, I say, BE that light of God-Freedom where you are! Be that divine instrument day and night for the delivery of the New Blue energies of the Spirit to all lifewaves upon Earth! Be that glowing heart of love, even roaring with Lanello and me, that will tip the scales for the light and assist us to move mountains of human creation into the eternal furnaces of the Spirit whereby the entire astral plane of darkness upon this Earth will be consumed and this planet will once and for all be God-Free!
        I have declared it! Saint Germain has seen it! You may fulfill it, blessed ones, if you choose. So be it, I say! And I thank you!

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