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Portia      February 28, 2009

Beloved Portia
David Christopher Lewis
February 28, 2009   6:45–7:00 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Get Real!

Embrace the Opportunity to Be God-Free

            The truth, blessed ones, is that you are already free, although you may not fully accept and realize it yet. This freedom flows from your Presence. It is God's free gift to you as opportunity to live a life of meaning and purpose. I AM Portia, and this day I apportion unto you, each one, an increase in the violet-laser-light frequencies of justice, freedom, liberty and opportunity to be God in manifestation where you are.
            If you can see yourself as a noble knight or lady of the flame with Saint Germain and me, truly one who knows with a certainty that you have a mission and that that mission is first to liberate the molecules and atoms of Selfhood within your own being and then to take that energy and to move it into new streams of opportunity to liberate others, then you can fulfill your holy office as that noble knight or lady.
            We have always seen you as God-free beings, but now it is your choice, it is your responsibility to take this ideal of God and to make it real right where you are. The teaching that Saint Germain delivered to Godfre seventy and more years ago is still as vital and real for those who would become Sons and Daughters of God in the highest sense. And this day the angels of the violet ray come forth and surround you. For where those who utilize the gifts of the violet-laser light come together in a holy purpose, we also come and lend the momentum of our fire from the heaven world to blaze forth that light into your consciousness, dissolving and consuming that which is unreal and liberating you to be the totality of the God-ideal that you may now hold within your vision and purview as true.
            Truth is the handmaid of justice, and the Goddess of Truth comes this day also to lend her momentum unto each and every one of you. Yes, Pallas Athena, as the great warrior of the Spirit, comes to deliver something of your reality unto each and every one of you now that you have received this teaching of the violet-laser light, which is a true and noble teaching for the entire Aquarian Age that must be known among all mankind if mankind is to egress to a golden-crystal age.
            The truth also comes with a sword. And it is up to you to wield that sword and to deliver that truth unto others with a surety and an assurance from us that we will be there to speak through you, to emanate light through your chakras, to raise your soul into the highest ideal of Godhood, and this all for the purpose of becoming one with your Source.
            Blessed hearts, close your eyes now and feel the new impulse of the Spirit growing within your soul as a spiral of light. This your sponsoring masters and personal gurus note, and pledge to work with you at inner planes for a greater God Self-realization day by day. You may work with your inner children, you may write your letters, you may use the various tools that we have given; but most importantly, blessed ones, it is your determination to once and for all be free in God that will move you into higher consciousness in the sense that nothing of the human will any longer dissuade you, displace you, dismember you or bring you to a point less than that which God would deliver to you.
            It is not the perfectionment of the outer personality that we see as necessary, but the perfection of the heart—a heart that moves and sings with the sounds of the Spirit, with the frequencies of the angelic choirs. And thus, where there is concern for your own soul, see light as the solution to your dilemma; see levity and joy as the new frequency of Aquarius that moves you beyond self-concern into the God-ideal of beingness in light.
            Truly, O blessed ones, in various past incarnations some of you have realized even more of your Christ and Buddha consciousness than you are outpicturing in this hour. And yet there is still opportunity for you to rise in this lifetime into a higher spiral of freedom through the winds of Aquarius, through the elements of divine alchemy that you may experiment with in the laboratory of your heart.
            Saint Germain has given you all the keys that you require for your eternal freedom, yet you forget them or you forget to use them. Thus I say, take now his miracle pouch; open it to see what he has offered, and day by day sprinkle a little bit more of that miracle and magic substance in all that you do. It is a cosmic fairy-dust blessing to all life. And if perchance at times it does not seem to work for you, then surrender it and ask for a new pouch, and my angels will come to deliver exactly what you need in that hour, exactly what your soul requires for your freedom.
            Yes, the dweller-on-the-threshold has gotten the best of you at times in this life. But I say, “No more!” if you choose not to dwell in the shadows, but to rise into the violet light of joy, of laughter, of spontaneity in the spirit and to glean from the higher worlds new concepts that will move you into a higher heartstream of blessedness and grace whereby everything is bright and new, all is facile, easy for you because you live in the light of violet-fire joy.
            Blessed hearts, if you knew just how much your angels are rooting for you, are coaxing you, you would never have a sense of despair, despondency or depression in your world, in your emotions. Get real this day, I say! Get the reality of your God-ideal. Hold onto it, even as you let go of the past, your problems and your sense of loss, and embrace the new sense of God-good in all that is available to you from this moment forward as opportunity to be God-free.
            I am there in the soundless sound of your meditation upon the violet light. I am there in the frequencies and currents that flow through your chakras and aura as you visualize and see the reality of freedom taking hold within your aura. I am there in the voice of the child with the simple giggle and the laughter that comes from deep within the soul. I am there singing a lullaby of freedom to comfort you in your hour of need.
            Yes, I AM Portia. And through the reality and the truth of my own being, one with God, you have access to who I am and who Saint Germain is as the God and Goddess of Freedom for the Earth. We are about our Father's business.1 It is the business of light—violet, transmuting, joyous, vibrant, cosmic light! See it as a God-reality within your world and it will be so, blessed hearts.
            Once more the Master comes to deliver to you an elixir of light, and so on an etheric platter, delivered by our angels, there is given unto each one a crystal goblet of this violet-fire elixir. Take it, blessed ones, even as you took your drink last night after the coming of the Queen of Light, and drink this drink with me. This is the sparkling essence of the light of freedom, concentrated for each of you. And as the substance of the Spirit permeates every cell and atom of your being, note the feeling and the divine quintessence that now energize your four lower bodies anew.
            This reality may be yours at any hour if you choose it. Simply call for the elixir of light from Portia and Saint Germain to be precipitated for you, and we will be there to deliver it at any moment, at any hour that you require this cosmic boost of light. We are with you unto the end of your human creation and unto the beginning of your divine reality, the new creation of youonce again in God's image eternal—for your victory, your freedom, your ascension, your enlightenment and your nirvanic journey to the heart of the One.
            Blessed ones, we thank you for your presence. We see your Presence shining brightly this day and we say, go and be that Presence fully and you shall be free. I thank you.

1. Luke 2:49.

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