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Lanello      February 26, 2009

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
February 26, 2009   8:01-8:30 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Lanello Comes to Deliver a New Mindfulness of the Spirit
from the Elohim of the Second  Ray

A Cosmic and Holy Essence of Divine Wisdom Is Released
It Is up to Mankind to Accept the Truth Which Will Make Them Free

Entering into the divine heart is a sacred experience that I offer you today, blessed hearts. For in the magnanimity and the glory of the Immaculate Heart of the Almighty, the ever-present and the omniscient One, all is possible, all may be fulfilled right within the context of your life as a sentient being. I am Lanello, and I would discourse with on the eternal verities of truth [and on] that within you which may emerge as that truth of your own being.
            I have stoked the fire within my retreat and invite each of you now to abide on the carpet in this fireside chat together. Long, long ago in an area of Europe that is now called Germany lived a couple, a holy man and woman who were determined to leave a legacy of light, and so they entered into the sacred science of invoking the light day and night. And though their work was unheralded and unknown amongst the population in that hour, such a momentum, a forcefield, of sacred energy was anchored through their hearts that it left a permanent point and portal of light betwixt heaven and earth in that space. And upon and around that area eventually was formed in the heaven world what you now know as the retreat of the Elohim of the second ray.¹
            Great wisdom teaching has been brought to the earth through that retreat of Apollo and Lumina. And all sacred knowledge delivered to this earth comes through a dispensation of light from the mind of God, distributed first through the Elohim of wisdom's fire [and then] branching out through many conscious adepts, teachers, messengers. And this ancient wisdom is emerging in a new sphere of influence even in this day and age through the few and through the many who have embraced higher truth, who would know God fullyand that first within. Every avatar, everyone who comes in the name of the Lord, the law of the Word, the great I AM THAT I AM has received from this cosmic mind emanation the pulsations of divine wisdom as a cosmic flow of divine instruction, supernal knowledge, holy gnosis of that which is within God's heart and mind.
            I come this day to tell you, blessed hearts, that you have access to all the wisdom teaching that you will ever need and require in your life, in your mission, if you will accept first the possibility and then the full reality that this divine radiance may be yours for the asking when, through humility, you enter into the mind of God for the purpose of raising life, glorifying God and bringing light to a darkened world.
            When each aspirant, disciple and Christed or Buddhic one determines, like this couple, [to] anchor within the world of form the formless divine radiance such that this world will fully become all that it is destined to be, then there will arise, heartfriend by heartfriend, servitor by servitor, in many spheres and locales across the planetary home those anchor points, those nadirs of light whereby the crystal-golden age of illumination, enlightenment and freedom may fully manifest.
            Each of you in some way has determined to be a servant of light, a light-worker, a light-bearer, a light-sharer. But, blessed ones, greater radiance may be yours when you understand the heart-mind connection [within] you, as [you live as] a monad of the One, as an instrument for blessing and boon. And so long as you maintain a certain radiance within your aura through your daily spiritual practice, bearing and blazing forth that light, the stream of divine wisdom may continue to flow through your crystal awareness of divine Selfhood as a sacred blessing to life within your domain of light, within your realm of sacred fire.
            So now there is the delivery to this planetary home from the retreat of the Elohim in this hour a new mindfulness of the Spirit, a new wave of golden radiance whereby the minds of mankind may be illumined to higher truth, to ancient wisdom made practical in this day and age. And so I, Lanello, as a messenger for Sanat Kumara and the hosts of the Lord in this hour, raise my arms and [release the light of this] delivery vouchsafed unto me and to the Mother:

            Blaze forth that light now into all arenas of education! Blaze forth that light through those whom God has chosen in this hour to deliver this golden, liquid fire! Blaze forth that light around the world in a 360-degree action and a focalization of the light of the Elohim in this hour! Blaze forth that light! Blaze forth that light! Blaze forth that light for the cleansing of the minds of mankind of age-old patterns and perceptions of the ne'er-do-well human-ego awareness.
            Burn through now out of the minds of mankind dark concepts woven [by] the machinations of the godless ones through the educational systems and through the media. Burn through now! Release the light for a new focalization of this golden radiance from the Elohim. Burn through! Burn through! Burn through, O sacred fire and elevate the consciousness of mankind through the holy teachings of the Age of Aquarius and the Everlasting Gospel as it being delivered through the conscious ones throughout this planetary home. Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire and consume these patterns of imperfection within the minds of men and women everywhere, within the holy children.    
            Release now new educational methods and divine systems unto those who can receive the new thought and the ideations of the mind of God in this hour. Bind now the interlopers within the educational systems who have held back the new truth from arising and emerging in all realms. Bind now those fallen angels of Jophiel's band within the media who have only acknowledged the darkness and do nothing to bring higher consciousness and awareness through all outposts of the media. Burn through now, O sacred fire! Bind now death and hell within the minds of men and women and children.

            I establish a firm link between the heart-mind connection of every light worker in all true activities of light and between the Buddhas and divine bodhisattvas of wisdom throughout the etheric plane of this planetary home. There is a great inrush of light and sacred flow now authorized by the Elohim [and] the God and Goddess Meru. And new wisdom teaching will be forthcoming through Meru University and other distribution points in coming months and years that will allow the ancient truths to be brought forth to the masses and those whose hearts and minds are open.

            Burn through now! Burn through now! Burn through now! Clear the cobwebs of the old ways and allow the crystal patterns of perfection, through mindfulness, to go forth in all realms, O angels of the sacred fire, O angels of the golden Buddhas. There is a new descent in this hour by dispensation of grace and through my causal body and that of the holy Mother unto all children of the light, even as the Everlasting Gospel is delivered through the little books here and there as focal points of these teachings of truth. Burn through now! Burn through now! Burn through now! 

            The action is complete now by the hand and through the radiation of ten thousand legions of golden light [beings.] The cosmic and holy essence of divine wisdom is released. And now it is up to mankind, through free will, to accept the truth which will make them free.
            So, blessed ones, thirty-six years, from the time of my ascension, I have worked in higher planes to continue to bring the wisdom teaching of the ascended masters and the Buddhas of light to mankind. It is a divine cycle around the cosmic clock thrice. And we enter a new cycle now of cosmic co-creativity whereby through the balance of love, wisdom and power fully, there is a new empowerment of that Mother Light arising within you; whereby as it is sustained in your crown chakra, the Mother herself will continue to deliver that teaching at etheric levels of awareness to all who are receptive to her word.
            [Lanello chants for 69 seconds.]
            I have enfired within [you], the remnant of light upon Earth, the impressions of Elohimic wisdom within your mind, within your heart. Now go and be, with Gautama, teachers and deliverers of truth and this holy wisdom for the salvation of all, the self-elevation in light of all who are being called unto their ascension and the freedom of earth itself in the light.
            I am your Lanello. My magnanimous heart is ever with you. And I seal you in the eternal love fires of magnanimity and joy forever. I thank you.

1. The retreat of the Elohim Apollo and Lumina is located over Lower Saxony, Germany, in the etheric plane.

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