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Maha Chohan      February 21, 2009

Beloved Maha Chohan
David C. Lewis
February, 21 2009  8:00-8:15 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

I Bring You One Key:
Be a Glowing Cell within the Great Organ of God's Heart

Blessed Students of the Path of Higher Love,
            I come to infuse the earth with the radiance of the spirit's grace as a blessing to each and every one committed to the path of divine beingness. This path is accentuated by your attention upon the heart, but it is also fully realized when you accept and know that there can be no dilution of holy purpose within your life if you are to remain in alignment with the will, wisdom and love of God.
            Much has been written about the spirit life of the adepts, and I come this day to remind you that you have the full capability of entering into a life of adeptship by your conscious choice. Few have made this conscious choice by employing their full intention and then their full focused attention. And so if you desire to realize your highest potential you must place the Godhead at the center of your life and allow the full radiance of the Spirit to guide and direct your course.
            Although God has always been in the center of your being, once you fully realize what this means, and then through a higher view of reality access all that the Spirit has to offer and would speak and co-create within your life, you will begin to sing within the celestial music of the spheres that is heard and known by the true adepts. You will hear through your higher hearing, and you will feel as we feel in our realms. Some who desire to be known as spiritual teachers claim to have accessed the divinity, but few have penetrated and brought forth the higher levels of light that the ascended hosts, one with God, have realized.
            When you commune with us, you tap into the higher resources that we have available in our lives and work. And you can begin to move into the fields of awareness of that divine adeptship that you seek. This communion is a day-to-day commitment, involving a great stream of connectivity and a deeper realization through presence that few are able to sustain in order to access and know that higher walk with us.
            Therefore, this day I bring you one key, blessed hearts. And this is that you may visualize and feel your spirit as a glowing cell within the great organ of God's heart. Through the combination of the higher feelings of your God Presence with the visual sense and sensations that you can begin to know through what I term a heart-eye connection, the cosmic pulsations and divine emanations of solar beings and solar worlds, all of whom have realized their divinity as spiritual adepts, may be yours.
            Saint Germain has most beautifully illustrated this dynamic of infusing your vision with heart-centered feeling, which scientifically and cosmo-magnetically energizes what you are imaging and imagining through your higher senses with an action of crystalline light. The divine energies that you access are actually the same spiritual substances that flow as a river of life from your God Presence through your crystal cord unto you, for this is the energy of creation itself within your own domain, the divine realm that you rule within your sphere of solar influence and conscious awareness.
            I have spoken of the electron and of your ability as a sentient spiritual being to influence its field of activity and its sphere of light-presence through your directed will, attention and focus. And within the electronic shell of your aura, you have the full dominion of all energy vouchsafed to you by the divine One, that of which your life is composed. Yet, mankind does not know himself as God yet, as a whole, and thus has only accessed the lower shells of electronic light through his feeling world, which comes woefully short of the mark of being wed to God's heart. But once your heart beats in unison with the divine heartbeat, blessed ones, a whole new feeling world of electronic light awareness opens up to you, and you can use this domain to energize your alchemical experiments, your eye-magic with the higher formulas of divine gnosis.
            Dearest ones, the philosopher's stone is a composition of crystalline light that is pure love, that is pure light, the light of the One. And the secret and sacred alchemical formulas hidden within the recesses of your higher mind for accessing all of the abundance and all of the truth that you desire may only be known within the laboratories of the higher adepts who have sublimated all to the will, wisdom and love of God in perfect symmetry through the synchronistic ideations of their higher mind in harmonic balance. Within the stillness of this cosmic progression of light, the soundless sound of pure being is heard and known and the allness of pure light may be realized.
            Truly, blessed ones, you may realize your divinity this day, your True Self through a new harmonic convergence of all the electrons of beingness within the perfect thoughtform of the I AM THAT I AM, your Solar Source, the divine ideal of your life. Through creative visualization and a rapturous spirit of Godly love, I urge you to become the adepts that you already are within the dimensionless expression of being who is and always shall be the Presence of God.
            I am the Maha Chohan. I have felt the creativity that you have expressed in the new song of your soul that is beginning to be heard within the realms of light by many great celestial beings who have patiently awaited your full God self-realization. Yes, we are silently watching that glorious metamorphosis of your soul and spirit as it gradually occurs day by day through a life lived unto God, within God and to the ultimate glory only of God. Keep on keeping on, blessed Keepers of the Lightning. Recharge yourselves in the new electronic frequencies offered by the universe itself unto you each day by maintaining your focused work through the Word who you are. And be free.
            I now create a ring of light around every heartfriend and their greater sphere of influence in the world of form. And I charge the electrons of your being this morning with a new frequency of the Spirit that I offer as a divine elixir of light unto each and every one. Through your presence, through your love you may drink in this light each moment throughout the day. Remember your holy calling. Remember that you are already whole in God. And be with me representatives of that great Spirit who I AM always within you. I thank you.


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