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Paul the Venetian      January 28, 2009

Beloved Paul the Venetian
David C. Lewis
January 28, 2009   6:00-6:16 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Art of Divine Love

Blessed Hearts,
           Today we begin a new training exercise in love. You thought you knew of what love is composed and, yes, you have embraced divine love. And yet we would have you embrace it again and again in a higher manifestation and a more glorious radiance within you. Self-love as the love of your God Self is the highest form of love that may be known at a certain point in your evolution, dear hearts. And unless and until you embrace this aspect of godly intent to fully wrap yourselves around the Divine, it is difficult for you to make the leap into the next domain of ascended master consciousness.
            What does this love look like in its practical application within your life? For if it is only embraced in thought but not fully present and resident within your entire being, then that love may not work its perfect work within you of divine Self-elevation whereby the co-creative principles of life itself move through you, emanate and charge your being with light.
             I am Paul the Venetian and I come with a palate for each one of you upon which I have placed divine oils drawn from the essence of your causal body, each one. For you see, blessed ones, these are what you have gained of an understanding of God and light and the very center of all that you have won within the realms of your evolutionary path as grace and boon, blessing and bounty of the spirit. And I have mixed within these oils something more of the essence of your Presence that I offer unto you to paint a new picture of who you are this day and this year, represented by the new you who may live within cosmic love, divine harmony and the beauty of the soul.
             I have meditated upon the soul of each and every one of you. And in the awe of the allness of your Presence manifest through your soul, I welcome you to my heart and to my classroom. So, each is given an easel and a canvas and three brushes. And drawing forth from your threefold flame in the primary colors blazing within your heart, you may paint upon this sacred framework each day something new of that love spirit that you would have embodied within your life.
            Much has been spoken of love, and yet love is very personal to each one, don't you think? For how one experiences God within cannot fully be conveyed or transferred to another, for the experience is often unspeakable and the radiance is unknowable except by that glory of God that is divine Selfhood which knows all, which is all-powerful, which is all-loving.
            Each of these sessions in which you participate may be a new divine experiment of the spirit in which you employ these oils in a new way. And I will be standing behind you urging you on, gently guiding you and at times even holding your hand to show you how a simple stroke or an embellishment of the brush and the paint may bring forth a new nuance of the love spirit that you may express most majestically.
            In every retreat of the Universal Brotherhood of Light, there are sessions where I have been invited to show the expressions and the wonders of divine love as represented in various forms of art, of music. And many students come forth to show just what they have co-created and drawn forth from the universal fount of love. It is the work of lifetimes; it is the work of the soul merging with the Spirit Most Holy.
            Each creation in which you engage and complete hangs in your own personal salon of the spirit in the mansion of light that you are building in the heaven world. And one day, when your personal retreat is opened, you may invite your divine heartfriends to come and see the many wonderful offerings that you would share of what the spirit has moved you to express through the oil of love, through the light of grace and through the various composites of the many virtues that you can draw forth from your causal essence.
            So, dearest hearts, take heart this day that God may love through you in a new and noble way every moment as the many wonders of the spirit unfold right before your eyes and the naturalness of life as it is lived through you. Embrace now your Presence by wrapping your arms around your Solar Self and drawing near unto this great sun of being. From the point of the reality of the true you, love emerges and a new artwork is born. 
            I am Paul. And in the Veronese spirit of Venus, I emanate double love, the love of God as Above, so below within you.

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