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Manjushri      January 25, 2009

Beloved Manjushri
David C. Lewis
January 25, 2009  5:58-6:18 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Advancing Into Adeptship
It's not About Doing, but About Being

Beloved Ones,
Adeptship is not for the weak-willed, the weak-minded or the weak-hearted. I come early this morning, even before the six o'clock hour, to see who is abiding in presence and to infuse you with a radiance of light that will be a boon this day if you have prepared a place within your heart, your mind and your power center for greater light. I AM Manjushri and I survey the scene of the earth And I impel those among mankind who are ready, by a focused attention and a specific intention, for a life of adeptship in God. What will this take, you ask? Will it require more of me? I say, only if you have not surrendered something of the lesser self. Do you have reason to fear that which is coming? Only if you have not let go of fear and embraced divine love. Will this be the end of me and that which I am accustomed to in my life?
            Who are thou? If thou knowest thyself O soul then thou knoweth that there can be no end to the spirit, but only the fulfillment of that to which you were called in the beginning. So how do we move more among mankind into greater presence, connectivity and the flow of divine energies that will mean a life lived to the fullest glory of God and to the end of the old man or woman and the embracing of the new Aquarian model? This is the conundrum of the hour and that to which we have set forth teaching, instruction and a way of inner development, O soul.
            Have you fully embraced the teaching of Mother Mary on nonviolent communication and back of this, a new model of looking at your speech patterns, how they flow through you, your heart and mind and the judgments that you often still allow to manifest through your consciousness of others? Have you fully embraced the principles of the Presence as it relates to meditation upon the One and the self-gathering of light within your aura, the surrender of the not-self and the flow of the secret rays through your awareness?
            Have you embraced the light of the Archangels and Archeiai and Elohim of the Five Secret rays and their divine patternings and repatternings of your soul? Have you drawn back unto you those lost elements of your soul and your Solar Self that you have surrendered during times of anger, unconsciousness and non-presence? Have you resolved the psychology of being through heart-mindfulness, embraced the three wise men and fully employed the solar sciences brought forth by the Master Omraam and others?
           These are all elements of this pathway that we have drawn forth to move each and every heartfriend and servitor of light into a greater self-gnosis of God within. And yet there is a certain element of spiritual decay that arises within you as a result of living in this physical body, of life on this planet that you call aging. But the aging of the soul is not so bad, you see, when this is accompanied by a greater gaining of divine wisdom and a greater empowerment through accepting responsibility and the causative nature of light within that moves you from a point of reacting to co-creating, from evolving from a human and physical standpoint to a greater involution into the center of the Almighty, the omnipresent and the omniscient One. 
Dearest hearts, you have read the lives of the adepts. Mentally you have accepted the possibility that this level of attainment and self realization may be yours. And yet there is still a block between this mental acceptance and the full inculcation of God within. I bring a seed of light to help you make that leap this day! And I plant it within your heart. And if you water it, through greater focused attention upon the divine through love-wisdom and through service, it will grow, it will flower. And in its blooming you will feel and know a new serenity, a new solar joy, a new God Self-realization, for the adeptship of your Higher Self will breathe through you, will sing through you, will muse and emanate through you. It is not about doing, but about being. This you know, and yet you still find yourself in the “do-do” consciousness. Therefore, replace this, blessed ones, with the “be-be” awareness of Spirit.
          I would release my book. And yet have you read my teaching and applied it daily. Have you re-listened to that which I released, meditated upon the seed within each word and allowed my spirit to cohabitate with yours? Have you elevated your mind to a new level of mindfulness in God? And is your way sure and clear before you as to what will transpire in each twenty-four hour cycle such that at the end of your days upon earth you will truly know the level of adeptship to which the possibilities of attainment are real?
            Dearest ones, there are adepts of the East and there are adepts of the West. In the West it is somewhat of a dilemma based on the level of mind-noise to bring those unto you, unto this community who can bring you into the level of presence and attainment that you seek. Many of you still cannot be still. [Someone in the audience moved around and made noise that was audible to the messenger and the master.] Case in point, even right now. Yet, dear hearts, justice is served each hour through your Presence and mercy is offered each moment through your Source. And as you discern the elements that flow of presence through that pure stream of your crystal cord and as you accept and employ the spiritual fires of creation through your heart-mindfulness you will access the adeptship that you desire based on your commitment, based on your joy, based on the mindfulness of each moment.   
          I radiate a frequency of Buddhic being to every heartfriend who is listening this morning. Because you have made yourself available and present early, I have come. Many devas and tertons have gathered. And there is a weaving of a coil of light that is a pathway of adeptship that you may ask to be superimposed around your aura each time you desire to access greater love, wisdom and power—which is the key to adeptship.
            Yes, the chick has hatched. And Gautama has given you this thoughtform. Have you discerned its meaning for you of what that chick is saying in its little peeping and the movement of its beak? 
Know, through the hatching of your own solar awareness, the voice of the Buddha within, of picture-perfect presence of the all-gracious One whose spirit moves and stirs higher beingness this day.
            I AM Manjushri. I am ready to tutor you again and again. Be present, be present, be present.

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