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Metatron      January 16, 2009

Beloved Metatron
David Christopher Lewis
January 16, 2009   7:20-7:40 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through the Wellspring Retreat

                                          Transcend into the Meta World of Divine Beingness in God
                                                Attune to the New Blue Frequencies of Divine Light

Gracious heartfriends who are diligent in the invocation of light, daily. The ascended masters have invested much in their disciples and it is incumbent upon each and every one to understand the dynamic of light as it is represented within the work that we are about and the flow of radiation that is necessary to sustain a world. Much hangs in the balance in this hour for Earth. Great changes and a shift in consciousness are occurring at many levels of society. Although this emanates from a greater planetary and solar progression that if you could fully understand it, blessed ones, would give you pause to
fully know yourself within the context of our greater mission.
            I take you up in consciousness now, far above the earth to see the interactivity of many planetary homes with their suns and these suns within their galaxies. The intensity of cosmic light that is at the core of these galaxies is great, and the pulsation that occurs to sustain all solar worlds and their families around the galactic core is based on a divine science that you see reflected in the microcosm of your world and deep within you at microcosmic levels.
            There is an evolution of light and of all life that occurs within the various microcosmic worlds, and when you are affinitized to this evolutionary process you may tap into the great flow of the Spirit that is manifest and move on in the stream of awareness that permeates all life. This ritual to the Holy Spirit in which you have been engaged¹ is partly for the purpose of attuning you to the great solar cycles of light radiation and evolution that is occurring upon this sphere, for many are lagging behind in consciousness and know not of their own great Solar Presence which is part and parcel to this evolutionary progression.
            What is occurring on your world, blessed ones, is reflective of what is transpiring in many solar systems that are a part of your galaxy. And each lifestream at the soul level is feeling this gradual shifting into a new awareness that when all is outplayed will result in a certain harmonization and an acceleration and frequency that simply must manifest and be outplayed in the ascension of your world. Those who attune to these frequencies will move on in their evolutionary process and those who, for whatever reason, cannot sustain a certain momentum and expression of the divine radiance within their own lifestream, having received opportunity again and again and yet not embracing their own Godhood will, unfortunately, suffer the consequences of their human choices to live outside of the divine realm which is manifesting right within their worlds and all around them. This is not a threat, dearest hearts, but a simple reminder of the equation of divine beingness that has always been possible for each and every one of you as co-creators in your domain with the Divine Spirit.
            When you enter into the ritual of light as you do in these sessions, you attune somewhat to the frequencies of which I speak. And yet there must be a greater inculcation within the deepest portions of your soul of that Divine Spirit if each and every one of you is to fully embrace and flow within this cosmic stream that is moving your world literally into higher consciousness.
            I am the being that some have called Metatron, for I am manifesting metaphysical awareness that goes beyond the physicality of life, outplayed only within the earth body itself. When you understand the science of the Spirit, blessed ones, you can move within that Spirit to dissolve age-old concepts that no longer work within the context of the being who you are in this moment. And, therefore, I impress my Solar awareness through the earth and through the devotees within this activity of light to bring them to a new level of understanding and into the very present reality of what may be for you new opportunity in this year to embrace higher concepts, to live in Solar Presence and to transcend the physical into the meta world of divine beingness in God.
            You see, blessed ones, as you transcend cycles, the law of the One enters the equation, and there is no longer a certain complexity that revolves around the human mind. There is a unity of the Spirit that is embraced and flows through all, and the oneness that you feel with all life and all co-creative spirits and multi-dimensions and throughout the galaxies is stupendous. There is no more division but there truly is a multiplication of light.
            Some have discerned the inner cyclings of the spirit through their study of the stars, their coursings and the interactivity between planetary bodies that you have called cosmic astrology or the science of Solar cycles. I do not downplay the truth of the forces that are at play in the geometry of the heavens that occurs as the movement of these worlds in relation to each other occurs. However, know, blessed ones, that you may be at the center of the sun in consciousness at all times, not responding so much to the interplay of these worlds from the point of reference of your physical body. You may be the great cosmic conqueror within this unified field of Solar beingness that no longer experiences the tug and the pull of these astrological influences upon your emotional and mental bodies such that you react and do not fully master the initiations that are outplayed through the karmic and magnetic forces that you experience when living from this point of reference. Take to heart the message of the Master Omraam and understand the divine science of Solar emanation right within your own world. For when you embrace this divine science, you will master all forces, forcefields and the outplaying of energies within your own world and within all worlds, blessed hearts.
            The cosmic connectivity of our hearts that sustains the cosmic web and the warp and woof of the entire creation hangs upon the sustainment of light within each Solar cell, Solar being and Solar world. Charge your batteries! Do this invocation of light and through meditation upon the Sun Presence of the Divine daily, hourly and moment-by-moment  realize your full potential to assist the Brotherhood of light and the galactic way-showers in moving forward the evolution of all unto the One.
            I AM THAT I AM here and now, without beginning or ending of days. And living in the eternality of beingness I express light and love within the center of being for all. Live and move and have your being in liquid, living, crystal light and know God fully within. I am Metatron. I have come. I have emanated the frequency of the New Blue here for you, each one, and I return into the cosmic vortex of the All-in-all within the Great Silence of the heart of God. I thank you.

David's comments:

[Thank you blessed hearts. I will be out of the area with my beloved wife for a few days. I may or may not be available for live dictations during this cycle and have instructed John to please replay dictations from the New Year's Conference if necessary. I thank you for your receptivity, your great hearts of fire. I think that this is an incredible release from the master. I have seen this name before. We have never received a dictation from Metatron. The artist Marius or Marius Michael-George has a beautiful image of Metatron that you may want to consider having in your home, now that you know that he is a viable and an official master of the Brotherhood. He says that his name is more of a title than a name, just as the Great Divine Director is a title rather than a name. Although I had not fully understood what Metatron or who Metatron was, I now, having been the receptor for this release, do understand the magnificence of his cosmic beingness as a Solar being in his own right. He embodies the Tree of Life in its highest aspect. He is the Kaballah. He is androgynous in his appearance. I use the word “he” but he is beyond male or female and his essence, as you could feel it during this release, is so stupendous that he is at the core, I believe, of this shift that is occurring as he sustains the turning of worlds within his own being. So you may desire to “Google” Metatron and learn what you can of the initiatic science and the occult or the inner teachings that some have conveyed and take what you read with a grain of salt. Discern the astral or the cosmic sciences behind who this great being is. God bless you. I will return you to the service so you can do the Rosary and fulfill your spiritual practice for today. God bless us all. Bye bye.]

1.  Devotees engaged in a 33-day vigil to the Holy Spirit, giving prayers and singing songs to invoke the living Presence of the Holy Spirit within and throughout the Earth. This vigil included the giving of prayers 30.011 and 30.008 as well as the singing of song 93, O Holy Dove.

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