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Manjushri      January 13, 2009

David C. Lewis Discouse (Inspired by Manjushri)
January 13, 2009  7:35–8:10 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Merging with Your Buddha Nature
It Is a Conscious Choice to Live in Presence

             Are you comfortable with yourself? Can you maintain a spiritual practice of presence throughout a twenty-four-hour cycle? If all the trappings of your possessions were to disappear, what would remain of you and how would you sustain your life? What is the purpose of your being? Why are you here? Where are you going and how are you getting there?
           At times it is mete for us to consider what life will be like when our final breath with the physical body is taken and exhaled. What will become of our spirit, and how will we as an individual soul and spirit be sustained in other octaves and regions of the universe?
           We can meditate; we can contemplate the Divine; we can muse on the ascended masters; we can study their teachings; we can serve life; we can fulfill our dharma; but the essential nature, the Buddha nature, of who we are is indestructible, is ongoing—simply is, and is our true being.
           As we access and allow the very essence of Spirit, of who we are, to move through us, to animate our lives, to activate what we do with intention, with blessedness and with that presence of beingness, then our life has meaning. We are not so distracted by outer things, we are not so reactive to the world at large, but we become a causative essence, a co-creative activating light-energy principle/being that can help to sustain the cosmic flow of the entire uni-verse.
           A part of us is God always and has been and always will be. That part of us which is not resonating fully with the God-essence of our reality has accumulated an existence outside of the true circle of being of our Buddha nature, and it is incumbent upon us to let go of all these things that have not led us to the fount of perfectionment but have burdened the divine activity of [the] pure energy of who we are.
           This may seem like an ideal state. When we are in need of food, clothing, shelter, water and love, we may forget temporarily who we are, what we are, why we are and, in a sense, where we are because we are in the process of fulfilling those human needs and sometimes the wants and the desires that also become attached to those needs. The Buddha said that suffering resulted from attachment, from desire and that there is a way out of suffering and that the Four Noble Truths provide a teaching and a way, the Middle Way, out. And he emerged from his meditation to understand how all sentient beings may benefit from this understanding, which in itself is a portal to divinity.
Every Buddha being, every enlightened one, every liberated spirit, by the very merging process of that one with their divinity, creates a portal for other souls to rise. For the record of their ascent and their liberation remains in akasha. And that record and the beneficence, the flow, the energy of their ascent creates this portal that many may also follow in their own self-elevation, their own salvation, their own liberation.
           As you are conscious daily, you are creating this portal for others to ascend. It is a process. It is an [awesomely] beautiful energetic patterning that is precipitated in many dimensional planes as you are in the merging process with your divinity. The ascension is a process and not a one-day event, although there is the finality of the final opening of that portal whereby you slip into the Divine fully and are completely merged and subsumed into light. [This process is completed] over many lifetimes and many conscious, awakened energetic states and moments. And day by day through your devotions, through your conscious activity and presence, through your meditation practice, your stillness and everything that brings you into a greater connection with your Source, this is naturally unfolding like the flowering of a rose, the opening of the petals of that rose to the sun.
           This is occurring for you so long as you can maintain a certain level of presence. And at the point where the flower of your selfhood is fully opened and you are fully illuminated and actualized, there is an explosion of light as the true you is there. It's like the point in the science fiction movies where you leap into warp speed and you are catapulted beyond this dimension and plane of being and are sent into infinity and beyond.
           This explosion of light, as a cosmic nirvana experience, is what occurs and what you can experience during the dictations of the masters when you are conscious and present and still and mindful. It can occur at any point when the true you is aligned where you are as an individual monad, or soul, and you are not attached only to form but you enter the formless state through consciousness, which has no outer form; through awareness, which is expansive and not a definite shape; through beingness, which is an essence of light that transcends all form. Whether you call it satori or nirvana, enlightenment, liberation, whatever, this divine experience may be had again and again as an upsurge and a rush of the Spirit through your being.
           The Holy Spirit lends you a momentum of the spiritual fire and radiation of every ascended being because [they] all are subsumed into this universal consciousness and awareness and light-energy. And as various beings do ascend, there is a greater momentum in a greater causal body of the collective awareness of all [as] an opportunity [for you] to understand and to merge into. You can merge for a time in consciousness with the divine world and yet you still have form in this body, and therefore you don't leave your body fully to exist in that world forever so long as you have this form. A part of you exists in that world, your Higher Self, constantly, and yet a part of you is still in this domain at a lower vibration in physicality.
           How can we as conscious ones become adept at living in the world and yet not be of the world? How can we bring this greater presence of light and energy and awareness into this dimensional plane such that greater numbers of mankind can be illumined and transported higher and fulfill their reason for being? It is a conscious choice that we make to live in presence. It is not something that simply [occurs] by happenstance or by chance, although the Spirit moves where it listeth.1 And if we are sensitive, we will feel the influx and the radiation and the expansiveness of that Spirit and the attempt of the Divine to merge with us, even as we seek the merging with the Divine.
           Now, God is not really attempting anything, because God always is, has been and will be and is always present where we are. It is [we,] through identification with duality, who have allowed the part of us that exists in this plane to not be fully present and subsumed in that light, fully knowing, fully experiencing the oneness at all times.
         If we take even a few moments every day to be still and to simply allow pure beingness to be where we are, seeing the light as fully present, and we consciously ask the Divine to flow and be where we are, [through a simple act of grace,] the miracle manifestation of miraculous light [simply] is. And we can receive that inspiration, that guidance, that blessedness, that grace and we can offer it to all of life through the joyful [aspects] of our Buddha nature where we [now manifest] in some glorious way through the gifts that we have developed and that we have brought.
           Now, many different teachers are saying the same thing in many different ways, and there are many rivulets of the great pathway of the river of life that we may take to get back to the Source of all. So long as we are moving in the stream [and] we are not attached to form or past [moorings] to the shoreline that have kept us temporarily stultified through belief systems, paradigms and the trappings we simply feel that we need to have in order to maintain an existence—so long as we maintain this objective view and enter into the reality of the stream of God consciousness that is moving within the world, through the world, around the world, then we can access this higher consciousness and truly be in that flow of the Spirit. [And it is that Spirit that] will grace us with greater opportunities to know what we need to know, to meet who we need to meet, to be where we need to be [and] to have all of our needs met in the physical. And we will not be attached to name, fame, game, shame, blame and all these things that have led us astray.
           Manjushri came yesterday and delivered a short message, [which] was actually an introduction to the book that will eventually be published on his mindful moments of meditation with us that occurred in September of 2008. This discourse today is a corollary and an epilogue to what he conveyed and may be transcribed and added to that publication so that we can gain from the wisdom teaching that Manjushri gave, and we can make it real in our lives, and we can move on.
           The Hearts Center movement is here for you. The Spirit moves through the messenger and through each one within this movement to replenish us, to nurture us, to give us constant blessing and boon so that we will move forward, we will maintain our spiritual path and accelerate in consciousness, and we will fulfill our reason for being and fully merge with our Buddha nature.
          Everything that we do within this movement must be for the purpose of bringing greater grace and presence to life, [of] bestow[ing] blessing, [of] hold[ing] a field of reverence for life such that those souls who are ready for this level of spirituality and of presence may come to this fount and be nourished. There are movements of light whose radiation and level of acceleration and energy [are] lesser, in a sense, if you go simply by the vibrational rate. And there are many individuals [across the earth] whose rate of vibration and acceleration [are] much higher than those within this movement. There are those in the Himalayas and who are meditating who are maintaining a great and intense level of cosmic consciousness far beyond where most of us within this movement are.
           But we, under the tutelage and the sponsorship of the ascended masters, have access to their teaching, their energy, their love, their radiation as a daily stream that we put forward through the teachings that flow [to and through us.] We have our daily newsflash as a short synopsis of some little twinkle of joy and mirth and teaching that may come through this dispensation. We have many, many volunteers who feel something of that Spirit and thereby [very graciously] have entered into a practice of giving of their hearts, their time, their love to assist in the maintenance of our website, the work at hand [and] the putting on of events; and [we have] those of you who physically come here daily, and those who attend on the broadcast. All of this is a part of this great circle of connectivity and the antahkarana of our movement that is bringing greater presence, greater joy, greater teaching to humanity.
           Whether you know it or not on the outer, every conscious and beautiful word that flows from your mouth lends itself toward the sustaining of the momentum of light that we collectively offer. And as you maintain presence, there is a greater upswell within this movement, an opportunity for greater abundance to flow. When you come to those points of a dip in consciousness, where you are not so much vibrating with the highest reality of who you are, then there is a downsurge and we don't have access to the greater abundance, receptivity of light and that which may come to humanity through our collective consciousness.
           The Hearts Center community is a collective. It is not a humanistic, communistic, top-down control organization. But at its core it is a sacred circle of oneness of many, many hearts who beat in unison with the great One heart at some level, else you would not feel the affection for others within this movement, else you would not feel a resonance with the message that is coming, else you would not be here and participating and contributing in some way.
           Yes, we have our business plans, which are being finalized and formulated. And they are a formula, an algorithmic, scientific formula, that a number of the leaders of this movement have come together to co-create [and] that we desire to alchemically energize through our work, our service and that which we contribute as light and energy through our words, our decrees, our prayers, our meditation and the ongoingness of our work. It is one formula, and it is a beautiful formula, but you also have the formula of your own soul. And as you see opportunity manifesting, you can lend that formulaic momentum to the greater collective momentum of this community of hearts. And if you resonate with that which we are doing and you continue to contribute in ways great and small—financially, with your time, your prayers, etc.—we can allow this formula to work its work and to sustain the activity of light that the ascended masters have graced us with, which is a dispensation and it is a grant of energy, a thrust for a purpose, and we can move forward to the next and the next level and rise in greater rings and widening rings of light in our service.
           So today's discourse is just a reminder that even one or two can hold a certain balance. There are only two souls here outwardly in form today, although many of you are participating—and maybe William can tell me how many are on the broadcast, how many streams are listening. Well, if you are listening today, email us at our email address and let us know who you are. Let's say there are forty or fifty or sixty listening. Send an email to right now, if you can. Tell us who you are. Give us a message of what you are experiencing, what you like about this movement, what you would like to see expanded within this movement, even if it is one sentence, two sentences. Tell us who you are, because we never really know. We feel your presence and the connectivity, but we do not outwardly know all of who you are. And let this day be a day of transition to the fulfillment of this new formula for the year that we together are creating and reformulating and outpicturing.
           So Manjushri is a happy Buddha. He is happy in wielding the sword of the Spirit to carve away unmindfulness, anti-wisdom, nonpresence, lack of surrender, attachment and the veils that have surrounded us. And when he delivered yesterday a thrust of light near the end of the dictation, of the message, it was to free us and to bring us into higher presence.
           You can ask any ascended master, Buddha being, cosmic being, angel to do this work if you feel at any time a certain disconnection, a lack, a need. And if you simply meditate and allow the blessed beings of light to be present and to meet that need directly, it will be so by your attention, by your request, by your command—not the human command but the divine command of your I AM Presence. So do not forget to speak the word and to command ye me, as it says in the Bible, and to allow God to be, through his great hosts of light, present where you are to fulfill all that you require.

1.   John 3:8: “The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.”

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