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Serapis Bey      January 09, 2009

Beloved Serapis Bey
David C. Lewis
January 9, 2009   4:30-5:15 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through the Wellspring Retreat 8:24-8:37 am MST

Become a Proving Ground for God
Change is the Order of the Day


Blessed Ones,
            It is time to become a proving ground for God. In short, it is time to be real. But this reality springs from your true inner sense of divine attachment and the final abandonment of the ego. To let go of what is no longer fully required for your ascent is a most liberating act, for you thereby release the karmic ballast that has held you back, held you down, held you in human form rather than divine formlessness.
            Although we, the ascended masters, champion free will we admonish you to wed your will to God's this year through divine abandon, where you know and expect that God will meet every need, that God will deliver what you truly require, that God will move you into position through the most mysterious and incomprehensible ways and means to experience the fullness of your divinity.
            When Jesus surrendered to the divine will in Gethsemane the ensuing walk was humanly treacherous, trying and extremely difficult. And yet the end result of his path, through the fulfillment of the most sublime act of sacrificial giving to humanity, resulted in a new blessedness that came to earth on Easter morn that was and is truly miraculous. And many ascended masters today owe the acceleration of light and their own victories to this sublime example of surrender and the abandonment of the lesser self that Jesus so nobly and beautifully demonstrated.
            Beloved ones, as you begin to prepare during this new cycle of the year through certain internal work on your psyche and spirit for a resurrection of consciousness during the Easter season know that the seeding of your identity with God—with God's thoughts and ideals—always results in a better harvest when all is fulfilled through the cycles of life. Therefore if you make your goal the ascension—and I urge you this day to do so—then each day something of that doleful and dour human will, human mindlessness and human love must become dislodged from your core identity where it has magnetically become attached through your attention to the ego and your inattention to God and it must be surrendered into the eternal fire of divine transmutation.
            This fire will never burn up what is real but only that which binds you. And in the process the sacred flames cleanse and prepare you to live as the true fiery beings that you are in reality. The processes during which this divine science is employed in our sacred laboratories of the spirit above Luxor may be experienced by your soul, your finer body during this inner work during meditation, prayer and while your physical body is in repose in sleep. And the acceleration in consciousness that you may feel may be accentuated and felt more tangibly this year, blessed ones, if you will accept that this is occurring even during what you may regard as times of outer discomfort, change and the temporary challenges and testings that you experience in the outer world.
            Change is the order of the day. And yet that change is not chaos toward your dissolution but transmutation toward the resolution of all within so that God's light may fully inhabit your life through pure beingness. Many of you have been dismayed at the accelerating pace of change in your world and yet the processes of God are scientific and exact. And if you dance within the flow of the sacred river of change then you will not experience suffering through ego identification.
            When change is accepted as a divine constant and as a divine catalyst then you see the opportunity and the beauty within the self transformation process that the divine has wonderfully constructed within the sacred Law of the One, of the circle which you know as karma or the law of cause and effect. And when you enter the center of that circle then you see how magnificent is this divine processioning of cyclic experience within life, and you no longer grieve through what you experience as loss but you witness to the divine intelligence in action within your life, throughout your world.
            Every ascended master came to the point in one way or another of complete identification with God and was thereby able to surrender lack and accept the abundant life. This you may also do in some way each day, blessed hearts, through an attitude of gratitude of what is and through focusing your attention on perfectionment and divine grace rather than any limiting concept, condition or cause.
            Blessed ones, we are here to help. And when called and called joyously our rays and our divine fire may be yours to have and to use in the alchemy of this process of internal change that I say will be ongoing during this period of travail, which for many of you will be the rest of your human lives! Surrender fear and embrace our love. Surrender lack and embrace our gifts of the Spirit. Surrender sorrow and embrace the joy of our divine currents of happiness in the Spirit!
            I am Serapis Bey and I identify with the sun. And in its supernal love-wisdom I live and move and have my being in ascension's fire. May you go and do likewise today! I thank you.

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