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Omraam      January 02, 2009

Beloved Omraam
David C. Lewis
January 2, 2009   8:19-8:30 am MST
2009 New Year's Conference
Dallas, Texas


Consider Yourselves the Builders of the New Age

                                      Create a Communal Vision of Light and a Tangible Blueprint:
                                                                              Do So Swiftly

            I set before your eyes a vision of a golden-age civilization that could be. And now, blessed ones, we go back in time to see just how this civilization was built. You see those who laid, first, a spiritual foundation through the conscious application of many divine laws, most notably the harmonizing of their thought and feeling world with the essence of God-Good drawn from their Solar Source through the disciplines of the Spiritentered into daily through meditation and mindful practices of loving life, raising life through compassionate actionand through bringing the divine technologies of the Spirit into play in the affairs of mankind.
            This day, consider yourselves the builders of the New Age and that you are commissioned to go forth to provide humanity with the various means whereby every aspect of this divine society may emerge. In your discussions yesterday, one conveyed that in certain communities there were all the necessary skillsets in order to complete [each] unit. And so it must be within this plan that those of you who have the training, the expertise and the knowledge of those required avenues in this building process must take the lead, must no longer be simply observers, but must enter the scene where the rubber meets the road and where the building begins.
            We have called forth certain centers of light outside of the major metropolitan areas of this nation. And those of you who hail from other nations may also consider the viability of designing these centers—first within your minds and then as a blueprint. Visualization and a clear blueprint [are] required first, blessed ones. And we have even commissioned one among the heartfriends to set forth the blueprint of a golden-age city, and yet this has not come forth to date.
            First, in your mind's eye you must hold a firm field of awareness of this potential, and then, step by step, those who have accepted this commission [may] determine the long-range plan. And even if this plan is not fulfilled within your lifetime, blessed hearts, holding it as a vision will be key for its ultimate accomplishment.
            I have a plan, and I lay out this plan before you, for I have seen and been involved in the growth of a number of golden-age civilizations in the past. And the foundation that I laid and the teaching that was presented for fifty years remains as a testament to mankind of that which can be studied and then applied. Therefore, center by center, the teaching must first go forth, be presented and then, as you have seen in the example of Findhorn, those with very specific skill sets must come together in community to set forth their intention and then make it practical through work—the work of heart, head and hand. This will take sacrifice. This will take laying aside certain personal skills, certain personal desires, blessed hearts, to merge with others in this way. And yet it can be done; it has been done and you can, if you desire, surrender what is not always truly yours anyway in order to accommodate God in this great vision.
            Think on the formation of this nation and what it took in terms of enterprise, deliberation and sacrifice for the vision of the founding fathers to fully emerge, take hold and become a reality. Some of you were among them and held firm to your resolve to form these United States of America. This same level of God-determination and focus must begin to come forth through a number of hearts within this movement if these divine centers, truly sun centers of light, are to be formed according to the timetable to safeguard the teaching and the light within the hearts of those who can both maintain and deliver to mankind this level of beingness to sustain life as you know it.
            Do not wait for another to show you one vision, but create a communal vision of light. Set aside the time to enter into this community-visioning session and assign those who are capable of creating the tangible blueprint to do so swiftly. This we have asked your leadership to do now for quite some time, and yet there is still a certain level of miasma and consternation as to how it can come forth. The architects of the Spirit may overshadow in this process. And so call to Serapis, call to me, to Lord Ganesha, to the Great Divine Director to assist you in all ways, blessed ones, to bring this forth.
            Hearts Center by Hearts Center and nation by nation, the blueprint will be filled in through your prayers and efforts and physical work, but first you must have the clear vision before you. You may surmise much through a study of the teachings, but at a certain point, blessed ones, that study must be transformed into practical work, and this is where you become the adept. For knowledge unused, wisdom not fully applied does not bring the greatest God-development forth. But those whose hearts are put to the test, where the fire is kindled in the mortar and upon the anvil, are truly those who we now look forward to sponsoring and overshadowing to fulfill the Brotherhood's plan for this age.
            Each of you can do something. Each of you can develop skills or offer the talents that you have gleaned over this and past lifetimes. Consider this year what it is that you may offer in this way, and pool your resources, pool the talents and the skills that you have and begin the process, blessed hearts. You have had a Meru University class discussing components of community, but now this must proceed in physicality. Every heart's momentum of light is required for the civilization to be sustained and be victorious. Do not hide your light under a bushel, but let it shine forth to fulfill your reason for being upon Earth.¹ This is my message of today. I appreciate your hearts, your willingness to be God-taught, to listen and to fulfill this action plan of light for us.
            I am Omraam, and I bless you in solar radiance for your victory always. Thank you.

1. Matthew 5:15, 16; Mark 4:21; Luke 8:16; 11:33.

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