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Cyclopea      December 31, 2008

Beloved Cyclopea
David C. Lewis
December 31, 2008   10:00-10:30 pm CDT
2009 New Year's Conference
Dallas, Texas

In the New Age, Science and Spirituality
Merge as One True Science

With God's vision, the Earth will prevail in 2009 and beyond. And it will be so because you will focus the light of the All-Seeing Eye through your third eye, blessed ones. Therefore, I come and I place within the etheric blueprint of your third eye a crystal, an emerald crystal of light for you to focus an aspect of the All-Seeing Eye of God where you are.
            Dearest hearts, you have heard that without vision the people will perish.¹ But with vision, the people will flourish, I say! This is the corollary proclamation that I make. For as you know that the emerald ray is the ray of precipitation and abundance, so when many more among you can focus the light of that All-Seeing Eye of God and of the possibility for greater abundance in your life, then the flowering of the crystal ray of abundance may be yours and new opportunity as fortuitous events and a greater flow of grace and joy may be yours.
            Many of you have taken classes in the way of drawing down greater abundance in your lives. And therefore you have entered into certain rituals, building treasure maps, having pictures on your refrigerators and even on your mirrors, where you attempt to sustain something of a daily ritual that can bring through affirmation and visualization greater abundance into your world. It is mete for you to do this, blessed hearts, if it will assist you in focusing the light into a specific outcome that you desire, for what you place your attention upon, you become.
            I say this day, consider placing your attention fully upon God, for then what would you become, I ask? [Audience replies, "God!"] Yes, it is so. It is a simple equation. You know that what you ingest and you eat, you assimilate hopefully and you also become. So if you would become God, what must you eat, blessed ones? ["God."] God. How do you do this, I ask? How do you eat God? With your attention, with your focus. And so I have provided now this emerald light within your third eye to focus your attention with pinpoint accuracy, for that which you with a laser beam action of light focus your attention upon becomes reality for you.
            Some of you have understood the dynamic of using lasers in your work and of the ability of light rays through a concentrated action, almost as fusion itself, through pinpoint accuracy to do its perfect work to eradicate disease or to penetrate through substance itself. Consider now the optic nerve and the dynamic of sight itself, of light being refracted back unto that optic nerve through the lens of your own eyesight as it picks up the transmission of light of objects. When you understand this divine science, blessed ones, you always have an option through the lens of your vision as to what you take in and what you will focus upon, for this will be accentuated within your mind which is the great arbiter of destiny for you.
            There has been a consideration in recent years of concern for the debilitation of people's eyesight as a result of standing and sitting before television screens and computer monitors and of what this does to the physical eyesight. Well, I say that if you truly knew the science of what is occurring and of how this actually influences [both] your sight [and] your mind itself and the glands within your brain and all of the glands within the body that focalize the light of God through your chakras, you would do well to consider where you place your attention and attempt in some way to mitigate the harmful effects of these rays upon your person.
            Place your attention more upon the sun [and] be outside as often as possible and as your life and your responsibilities allow to drink in the light rays of the sun itself. For your vision may actually return in greater measure and your God-vision will increase when you understand the dynamic of the drinking in of these cosmic rays that come from the Sun-Source of your own system, blessed ones.
            It is not so, as some scientists would tell you, that looking directly upon the sun always will cause a debilitation upon the retina and the optic nerve. For as you know, the first hour of sunlight is safe and those harmful rays of the sun do not penetrate and harm your body. Therefore, consider in some way modifying your schedule to be outside to partake of the sun's direct currents and rays in the early morning light, even for a few minutes a day. For in many cases, blessed ones, this will heal your eyesight and bring forth the possibility for great spiritual wisdom to flow through your direct attention upon the Sun, who is within this solar system God himself/herself for mankind and for all of the evolutions within this star system.
            This is a simple example of placing your attention upon God that I offer. And many of you are gaining in an understanding of this ancient science of sun gazing safely such that you may come to terms with the reality of who you truly are as God-beings in your own right. When the full science is known—conveyed by adepts of the Spirit who have studied these higher sciences for eons—and transferred to mankind by direct gnosis and through controlled scientific experimentation and the application of these higher laws, mankind will understand that of which I speak this day. But there is, blessed ones, much misunderstanding and quasi-science that comes unto you in the guise of pure unadulterated scientific truth which mankind does not fully understand having not risen to higher spiritual climes themselves.
            This is especially true where science has been bereft of the Spirit. And those who declare with a forceful affirmation that truth is truth based only upon scientific applications will eventually learn when they pass from the screen of life of the error of their ways and will then attempt to re-embody to in some way undo the wrongs and the errors that they have foisted upon mankind in their jaded views of life itself. So, in the new age science and spirituality merge as one true science, divine in its origin and sublime in its understanding, application and conveyance. Those of you who you are truly scientists of the Spirit know whereof I speak, for you have always attempted to pierce beyond the veil and to discern the higher science of the Spirit that is at play in the universe itself and of how you may access and truly know the inner workings of the universe itself.
            Dearest ones, for those of you who have gone on to higher fields of study in the colleges and universities of this world and done research yourself and attempted to go beyond the norm in penetrating to the great truths that the ascended masters would convey, you have reached beyond the veil of human limitation [and] that wall of darkness. And I say bravo unto those of you who would bring new understandings to mankind through the higher sciences that can be known, I say, through the All-Seeing Eye of God and through focus upon these truths.
            The truth of God is always self-evident, but it is self-evident through the divine Self, the real and true you and never through the lens of the not-self, the lower nature, the dweller on the threshold. Therefore, that which seems unreal to mankind often is true in higher spheres. And that which seems true to the human is not a part of the Divine in its pristine reality at the highest levels of beingness. You have heard that truth is often stranger than fiction.² And it is so. And that which science fiction has often brought forth through an ingenuity and a creativity of mindfulness, in later generations often comes to full fruition because of the vision and the visionary nature of science fiction itself.
            What you can imagine can be so because God often pricks your imagination with new ideations of beingness as a forethought and a pre-science before these come fully into play and into outer manifestation in the world of form. What a man thinketh, he may become.³ What a man or a woman conceives in purity may fully be embraced, cognized and then brought to bear in reality, in form-full-ness in time and space, blessed hearts. Think on the experimentation of those who tried and tried and tried again to bring forth some great new invention and only after hundreds and even thousands of attempts to fully manifest, it was the divine impetus conveyed directly to their mind or through accident whereby a great new God-discovery was brought [forth] that could alleviate pain, suffering and lesser human condition and bring forth comfort and an easing of mankind's living conditions.
            Blessed ones, the genius locked within your mind is always there for you to discover if you are open to new discovery, if you make your mind available to the Mind of God to ideate through and to create and recreate again and again new conceptualizations of this divine science of which I speak. Have you thought of yourself as a clear vessel, as pure film upon which God may write, visualize or create something of beauty, of grace and of a new culture of the Spirit?
            The platform for God's creativity is always locked within your heart. And through a heart open to divine possibilities, you become the chalice through which the flow and the tap is opened and these new conceptualizations may come into the world of form-full-ness. Many of you are studying the science of Buddhic emanation and desire to enter into formlessness. When you truly understand this highest aspect of Godly being, blessed ones, you will then be able and capable of conceiving and receiving original ideations of the Godhead that will bring forth divine form and structure within your world itself. Therefore it is a Zen equation whereby when you let go of form, the formlessness of the Divine takes effect within your world. But if you are attached to form, to substance itself, then that attachment is the block for the divine movement to manifest within your world in new and noble ways. This letting go process is all about acceptance, which is an aspect of pure vision. As you visualize and conceive in purity, so God sees and issues forth beingness through you.
            I am the immaculate beholder of perfection where you are. And as we enter a new year of opportunity and as a clear white page, be careful what you place your attention upon. Be mindful that every thought could be a thought of God and not of anything less. Every feeling could be an emanation of the divine heart and not stamped with human nonsense. Every conceptualization may be blissful in its desire, authentic in capturing something of God's beingness and essence and wonderful in its full flowering when it is put into play through mindful action, through conscious decision and through and by the grace of God.
            Dearest hearts, I have parsed something of the divine science unto your hearts this night for you to meditate upon. As you read the transcript of my message, you will find behind the words the very essence of my being and spirit. As you look upon divine thoughtforms, images of beauty, even within nature itself, these will allow you to hark back to the very vision divine that God held within his mind's eye before the first words were uttered in cosmos,  Let there be light!4 I say this night, let there be light within you, within your third eye and let that light grow and accelerate and be enfired by the vision of God, pulsed out in cosmic consciousness for this new year 2009 and forevermore, because you have accepted the All-Seeing Eye right within the domain of your own vision as a possibility and a reality this day!
            I AM Cyclopea and I see who you are always—and that is God. I thank you.

1. Proverbs 29:18
2. Lord Byron in Don Juan, 1823.
3. Proverbs 23:7
4. Genesis 1:3


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